Sony has announced in a press release today that, as of November 2nd, the PlayStation 3 has reached a total of over 80 million combined worldwide sales. That's right, our beloved black box has finally caught up to its competitor; the Xbox 360 reached this momentous milestone last month. Not content to rest on its 80 million laurels, the platform holder has quickly pointed to the venerable system's vast holiday lineup, with titles like Gran Turismo 6 on the way.

Finally, the press release emphasises the huge existing catalogue for the console, noting that a massive 4,332 retail titles have been released since the console's launch way back in November 2006. This number excludes digital offerings, which total a staggering 72,000 pieces of content.

Are you excited for the PS3's holiday lineup? Will you be ditching Sony's third home console in favour of its newer sibling? Feel free to leave us 80 million comments on these incredible numbers.