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Artist, sculptor, oddity.

Male, 33, United Kingdom

Playstation veteran of over 15 years....artist, sculptor, photographer....creator of some pretty odd stuff, and not as good at Driving in games as I wish I was. Avid, if not outright voracious reader......and antisocial rejector of most multiplayer gaming.

Sat 2nd March, 2013

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Munkyknuts commented on Minecraft: Story Mode Is the Latest Episodic A...:

I don't play MineCraft, but I thought the allure of it all was that there wasn't a narrative just worlds to alter and shape as the player wishes to? Putting the game into a story driven structure just totally goes against the grain....I'll have to ask my girlfriends 10yr old niece what she thinks of it to get a super fans perspective.



Munkyknuts commented on Review: Destiny: The Dark Below (PlayStation 4):

The DLC would have to be a whole lot more than it is to be worth £'s a shockingly high price for shallow content...the stripping down of exotic weapons to start all over again and the locking certain things to those who didn't buy the expansion are just more slaps in the face to gamers. I'd imagine at this point Destiny is only relevent to hardcore fans who love the grind and to those who are still enjoying the crucible....personally I'm happy I've moved on to better things, like the Lord of the Hunt DLC for shadow of Mordor ( sold at a reasonable DLC price), but I'm still annoyed by articles I read about Destiny and the choices being made with it.



Munkyknuts commented on Store Update: 17th December 2014 (Europe):

It's a huge list, but the only thing of interest to me is the Lord of the Hunt DLC for shadow of Mordor. Happily I snagged the delux version of the game during the sales and it included the season the DLC and from the 1st mission I played it seems pretty awesome.



Munkyknuts commented on Review: Adventure Time: The Secret of the Name...:

in the screenshots it looks like the last Adventure Time game....can't remember it's name. That game sucked and didn't capture the feel of the show at all, so I'm pleased this game gets closer to it. I only ever played the last one because it was a well meaning gift from my Girlfriend who knew I love the show, I think the only reason I'll play this one is if the same happens again.



Munkyknuts commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I'm lopping heads and making Uruks flee in terror in Shadow of Mordor....about 10hrs in and I've barely touched the main missions...I'm currently planning how to take down the bane of my gaming life, a weasely little Uruk with a poisoned bolt spewing crossbow....can't remember his name but I'll be separating his head from his shoulders before I go to bed....or having him kill me for the 5th time. The nemesis system is awesome.



Munkyknuts commented on Soapbox: Destiny's Progression System Is Destr...:

I agree...I've left Destiny in the past and because its look was so well designed and the combat was so fluid and so well presented I put well over 100hrs into the game despite the mind numbing grind and all the other flaws. I got to level 29 and couldn't take it anymore. Destiny could have been a universally adored game, a title held up as a true masterpiece if different decisions had been made. Instead it's the divisive love it or hate it thing that it is. Clearly there are gamers that love the grind and defend Destiny saying haters just don't understand MMO games...but are other MMOs as mean spirited as Destiny? Others say other MMO games were as flawed when they 1st started but Destiny had the mistakes of others to learn from. I won't be putting any more time into the franchise but I'll be watching how it all progresses with interest.



Munkyknuts commented on Sony's Not Too Happy About All The 20th Annive...:

The consoles are gorgeous and if they had been on sale in regular stores even for a very limited time Id had got one...I've been Playstation since they began, even put up with the ridicule of everyone I knew at school when I sided with Sony and they all went with Sega. It would be nice to own one of the anniversary consoles.



Munkyknuts commented on Weirdness: Alright, These PS4 Face Plates Are ...:

If I was into customising my console I'd rather have a metal cover plate with the design cut out of it...then maybe some small light source fitted inside...a nice blue light. As it is my PS4 is tucked away and can't really be seen so the standard version suits me. Customisation options are always nice tho.



Munkyknuts commented on Final Fantasy VII Is Limit Breaking the PS4 Ne...:

If I want to play FF7 I can plug my PS1 in....Id rather not have the nostalgia trip of feeling like I was 16 again tho. Honestly don't see why another port of the game is so exciting, but I'm not big on replaying games from the past usually.



Munkyknuts commented on No Man's Sky Scores Another Soaring and Specta...:

I'm interested in the game...and exploration without a greater goal doesn't bother me, but it would be good to get more info on how it all plays's almost certainly a purchase for me anyway, it really seems like my kind of thing.



Munkyknuts commented on EMAGON Is Not the PS4 Exclusive You Were Hopin...:

A tantalising trailer for a game that never was...a disappointment similar to seeing a trailer on TV and thinking, wow what film/show is that? Then realising it's just an advert for car insurance or whiskey or whatever.
It's good that it's raising money for a good cause tho.



Munkyknuts commented on Batman: Arkham Knight's Latest PS4 Trailer Twi...:

Trailer isn't anything special but the idea of a Batman game set in a hunk of Gotham big enough to need the Batmobile to get around is amazing. I would likely choose to still get around on foot as really the vehicle combat looks like it could get old fast from what I've seen....but really, this is my most anticipated game ( I'm just slightly fond of Batman :p)



Munkyknuts commented on Just What the Heck Is PS4's EMAGON?:

I'm intrigued....hoping for something emotive and elegant....probably end up being an always online multiplayer shooting game with the twist that, in the full trailer, some sweaty Steampunky super soldier stands on the shoot just after it sprouts, as smoke billowing warmachines fly over head and it incorporates everything I hate in one game :p

I don't think the footage is filmed/real, but I don't think it's game level CGI seems higher quality.

I'll be interested to hear more.



Munkyknuts commented on PS4 Loses Black Friday Battle, Research Firm C...:

I didn't get involved in Black Friday here in the UK but I noticed some stores were offering far better XB1 bundle deals then they were for the PS4...the deals Game offered on the Microsoft system were amazing compared to the PS4 package offered at the same price....I've been with Sony since the PS1 but the amount of stuff offered in the XB1 was enough to have me briefly considering an impulse buy...
I'm no analyst and I didn't see all the deals offered everywhere but what I did see showed Xbox One deals offering more bang for your buck.



Munkyknuts commented on Has Assassin's Creed Unity's Poor PS4 Framerat...:

I doubt I'll ever bother with AC:Unity....a broken game raggedly patched together doesn't entice me to the franchise. I was sick of Assassins Creed until I played Black Flag, my interest was rekindled and now honestly I find Rouge and its narrative far more enticing.



Munkyknuts commented on Injustice, Secret Ponchos, and Hitman Headline...:

A strong showing on PS3...I really liked the last Hitman game and I never played the earlier games so that will be interesting...and never played Deadly Premonition.
Secret ponchos won't be my thing if it's mainly multiplayer so I'll likely skip that...and I have limited interest in fighting games so Injustice won't get much playtime beyond me being Batman, still certainly worth getting tho.
A really strong showing on PS+ this month and it's nice to see the last gen getting some love.



Munkyknuts commented on Feature: Five Reasons Why You Should Buy a PS4...:

By next year there will be further price cuts to what the system costs while I agree a console is a long term investment, if there isn't any software attracting buyers now they might as well wait and take advantage of what new deals the ongoing console wars bring in time for Christmas 2015, and some high profile games will be released reviewed and gamers opinions of them noted...instead of anticipating games worth playing on your new console only for them to be delayed or fall short and disappoint on release.



Munkyknuts commented on Amazon UK Black Friday Discounts Hook Up Watch...:

@Jonny Watchdogs was the game I wanted a PS4 to play but I realised it was falling short when it got delayed...still enjoyed the imperfect end product tho. I have a huge backlog of games myself so I know how it is. I have games I bought as well as games from plus that I need to get around to. Just not enough time in my life to play them all...being a grown up just sucks lol.



Munkyknuts commented on Amazon UK Black Friday Discounts Hook Up Watch...:

@Jonny Watchdogs is more than just a GTA clone, so is sleeping dogs, they just suffer from the obvious comparison of being city based sand box games...if being that is all it requires to be counted as GTA wannabes then I guess they can be counted as such, but I think it's unfair to everything else that went into them. If Watchdogs drops to a low enough price Id recommend giving it a shot...I really liked its murky tones and the feel of the world it presented.



Munkyknuts commented on Delve into Destiny's Dark Below Expansion Pack...:

@ZeD I finished Venus and then played about 20-25hrs of doing the same stuff over and over before I started the Mars missions, just to stretch out the paper thin bored of the repetition and finished the story. Wasn't worth the wait.



Munkyknuts commented on Delve into Destiny's Dark Below Expansion Pack...:

Way too high a price for far too little new content. The main game only had ongoing playability if you had a taste for repeating the same stuff over and over again for the chance at new make doing the same stuff over and over again a little different, or if the competitive multiplayer continues being fun for you...and I can see why the competitive element would continue being a draw, it is excellent. I just sucked at it. I recall reading the expansion will also herald the arrival of new items and stuff for, more stuff to grind around collecting.
That price is shocking tho. I got Alien: Isolation on PS4 for only a little more than this expansion costs. I'm glad I got rid of Destiny.



Munkyknuts commented on Review: Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX (Pla...:

I saw a Vs video of this being played on Achievement Hunter and it really didn't seem like my kind of thing at all...just not my kind of game really, tho I did quite like PixelJunk Shooter. I have to admit that while I love indie games, I'm getting bored of the pixelated retro look so many are going for...the PS4 is capable of producing glorious visuals, and even the PS3 was no slouch...more Indie titles with some visual ambition would be nice....Limbo, Journey, flower, the unfinished swan, Valiant Hearts (not an indie, but has many indie sensibilities) all went for a different kind of look.



Munkyknuts commented on Weirdness: What if You Could Play PSone Games ...:

I had a Double Dragon watch, I'd totally forgotten about it until I read this article. Games on a smart watch just seem like a rubbish idea altogether really...but then smart watches themselves are only going to lead to folk being more tech addicted and insulated than they are's bad enough having to control my slap reflex when talking to someone and they are messing with their phone all the time without having them staring at their watch all the time.



Munkyknuts commented on Collect Your Own Precursor Orb from the Naught...:

It's a cool enough looking thing, reminds me of 1st playing the game way back when I was about 16yrs old....also reminds me of trying Jak & Daxter: the precursor legacy as part of the HD collection and just not enjoying the game any where near as much. It's a lot of money tho and these are tough times....if have to have way way more disposable income, but even then there are other geeky things I'd buy 1st to decorate my home.