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Artist, sculptor, oddity.

Male, 33, United Kingdom

Playstation veteran of over 15 years....artist, sculptor, photographer....creator of some pretty odd stuff, and not as good at Mass Effect 3 as I wish I was. Avid, if not outright voracious reader......and antisocial rejector of most multiplayer gaming.

Sat 2nd March, 2013

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Munkyknuts commented on Weirdness: Sony's Snazzy 4K Media Player Looks...:

Looks designed to be a companion piece to the PS4, it's a similar rather than identical certainly wouldn't look out of place standing next to it's console brother. It wouldn't be standing next to my PS4 as I don't care about 4K but hopefully it will give Sony some cash.



Munkyknuts commented on Wait, Did Housemarque Just Announce a Sequel t...:

I was absolutely baffled by all the praise for Resogun...didn't see the reason for hype or any of what everyone seemed to see in it. However as I'm clearly in a vast minority I'm sure plenty of folk are interested in more Resogun in either DLC or sequel form.



Munkyknuts commented on Now The Last of Us' PS4 Port Has Appeared on t...:

I've got no interest in playing/buying PS4 versions of PS3 games....certainly not ones I've played so recently like The Last of Us and Tombraider...I can see the benefit of it when it comes to Playstation 3 exclusives that people newly converted to playstation may have missed like Uncharted, Killzone and Infamous 1 & 2...but I'd certainly not rebuy games just because they have better graphics.



Munkyknuts commented on PS4's Enormous 2014 Lineup Looks Even Better i...:

I've always been waiting for certain games to arrive...the current line up is far from packed with titles that excite me but I knew the big titles I'm after would eventually reward my patience. Infamous 2nd son already has. The indie offerings intrigue me the most, they are where the chances are taken, experimentation and innovation. Some of my most satisfying gaming experiences of the last generation were the indie titles. Excellent video.



Munkyknuts commented on Grand Theft Auto V to Expand with Exciting Sin...:

I was really surprised there were not more heists in the single player would have been nice to have some that were just to score goods or cash rather than just furthering the narrative...I really thought there would be more of all that.



Munkyknuts commented on How Do Watch Dogs' Visuals Fare on Actual PS4 ...:

I don't care about the graphics...I cared about the potential the game had, it's open play style and the ability to effectively create your own experience based on choices made. It always seemed to be a massively ambitious affair and certainly would have fared better if it had focused on next gen systems. As it is the graphics look fine to me, certainly not achingly beautiful but they work well enough. It's the game I wanted the PS4 to play...I hope it turns out to be worth playing.



Munkyknuts commented on PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Powered Up ...:

I like the paper trail mission stuff so far. I had some issues with the parts requiring going off onto the internet to take quizzes and such, but it's all quite intriguing and it's adding depth to the whole affair....and apparently I'm 90% likely to be a masonry conduit...which is nice :p



Munkyknuts commented on Sony Would Like to Publicly Thank You for the ...:

I got my PS4 for Christmas...loved the machine but I couldn't engage with Killzone and a nostalgic replay of flow and flower only took so long. I enjoyed OutLast but I still didn't feel like I was bonding with the PS4 like I did the PS3. That changed when I got Infamous: 2nd son...oh yes now I'm engaged and some very cinematic and bad ass use of superpowers got me hitting the share button for the 1st time. I don't begrudge being one of the 6 million anymore :p



Munkyknuts commented on Batman: Arkham City and Mercenary Kings Lead t...:

I already have Arkham City and I hate Football so either sucks for me. However I used to play the Sly games back in the day so TiT interests me as does Mercenary's not the strongest European release we've had but it's ok with me...I've got too big a back log of games to play as it is.



Munkyknuts commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Will Be on Your Syste...:

Navigating Netflix/Lovefilm by voice would be nice...however I have a Geordie/NE England accent so any voice command working is iffy. The update seems ok to me...most of it doesn't fuss me apart from being able to dim or turn off the light bar. I'm sure any sensible gripes folk have with the system will be addressed in time.



Munkyknuts commented on You'll Be Able to Turn the PS4 Controller's Li...:

Both the shadows cast by the light bar and it's reflection in the TV annoy the hell out of me...this is welcome news. I wouldn't always turn it off but the light has ruined the atmosphere in some games I've played. A nice option to have.



Munkyknuts commented on Review: inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4):

I played infamous 1 & 2 twice to experience the good and bad choices to be made...I like the clear cut options act as a paragon or a rogue, as I did in the mass effect games. It gives me incentive for replay and see changes a chosen course of action leads to. My only point of concern is the size of the seems small and I like space to roam. However if that space is well used it isn't as much an issue to me. I'm expecting this as a birthday gift and look forward having a reason to have the PS4 turned on for more than Netflix.



Munkyknuts commented on What Does the PS4 Controller's Light Bar Add t...:

It's an interesting use for the light bar but there still isn't anything about it to make up for how distracting I find the shadows it's casts on my walls or how how irritating it's reflection is in the TV screen, particularly in darker games like outlast and metro:last light.



Munkyknuts commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (Pla...:

What's the UK price for this? If it's about the same as DLC usually costs I'm somewhat interested. It's really just like paying for DLC before the main game comes out rather than after. If it's more than £10 there is no chance I'll buy it.



Munkyknuts commented on Feature: Five Badass Things You'll Do in Batma...:

Origins didn't do it for me....prequels never really have, and there were elements that were not as sharp as they should be. I'm quietly optimistic about this game. I'll wait to see more of the batmobile and how it works. I am pleased it's a focused PS4 release and that it will have all that extra bang because of it. The same franchise fatigue I got with Assassins Creed is starting to set in with the batman games. If this is the series closer I think I can suffer another visit to Gotham.



Munkyknuts commented on Resogun Developer's Dead Nation: Apocalypse Ed...:

I got it free after the hacking incident...played it over and over again. I think dismissing it as just a twin stick shooter is selling it a little short. It won't rock your world but it has a lot of nice touches and does a good job of making feel like you're up against a zombie horde...and worse.



Munkyknuts commented on Oh Boy, Petrifying PS4 Survival Horror Outlast...:

It wasn't all that scary barring jump scares...and the section involving the Doctor but it's atmosphere and the tension it built is superb. I think I'm very very close to the end of the game...I had to pull myself away from it at 12am to get some sleep.
While the whole camcorder/night vision thing works well in the main game I hope it isn't forced into the DLC, and they flesh out the narrative with some good spoken dialogue as it seem it's set before and during the fall of the facility.
Outlast is the best horror game I've played in a long long time.



Munkyknuts commented on You'll Use the PS4 Controller's Touchpad for M...:

It was a surprise to me that the touch pad couldn't be used to navigate the web browser since it works much like the pad on a laptop. So far all I've really used it for is commanding the drone in Killzone and zooming the camera in Outlast. It's true that any button could be used for sending the morse in the order but at least they are using it for something interesting. It could well be that the touch pad never has anything more than a gimmicky use...I hope it's not the case tho.



Munkyknuts commented on Microsoft Just Made Sure You Won't Be Playing ...:

Gears of war never intrigued me...not really fussed. I've never touched an xbox and as others have said- you don't miss what you never had. It would have been nice if all the people who switched to the PS4 and left the Xbox 1 alone could have been able to continue to play the series.



Munkyknuts commented on Europe's New PS Plus Instant Game Collection F...:

PS+ just keeps on giving. I already have a huge backlog of PS3 games from it and now it's beginning on the PS4 too. I'm busy working through Borderlands 2 and have a stack of games to play after that. Metro: last light would be a sweet addition to the stack



Munkyknuts commented on You're Not Going to Be Able to Watch EastEnder...:

I don't have a vita, held held gaming doesn't appeal to me beyond an excuse to not make eye contact with anyone on public transport. That said it seems silly that the most isn't made of the vitas entertainment potential. It's screen is large and sexy enough to play PS4 games so it would be just spiffing for catch up TV or on demand movies.



Munkyknuts commented on Hideo Kojima Took a Break from Metal Gear Soli...:

Knack got hyped up more than it ever should have. It's a simple old school style platformer... It was never going to stand up to all the attention it had on it. Perhaps DriveClub and Watch dogs dropping from the launch line up also added to the scrutiny knack was given....whatever the reason, I think the critical mauling it received was harsh.



Munkyknuts commented on PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Honks Its Horn at ESRB...:

Driving games repel me....always have. However I hope DriveClub turns out well, both for those who are excited about it and to add to the consoles line up of titles. I love the ps4, love turning it on and the user interface....but I'm waiting patiently for a game that excites me and gives me more of a reason to power the sexy black machine up than the watching of Netflix....I know DriveClub will do that for a lot of folk.



Munkyknuts commented on This Rumoured EU February PS Plus Lineup Looks...:

@SuperSilverback it's a beautifully designed game but some element of it i can't quite define left me cold; perhaps it's that it feels a bit smug and self satisfied. It could just be that I loved Rapture, Big Daddies and little sisters so much in the original Bioshock that the style of Infinite couldn't compare to it. It's still excellent if it really is going to be on Plus tho.



Munkyknuts commented on This Rumoured EU February PS Plus Lineup Looks...:

I didn't jump on the Bioshock: Infinite bandwagon right away, bought it later on and was still not totally sold; however it is awesome for anyone who doesn't have it yet. Metro last light has been on my 'To buy' list for ages...if that really is coming to Plus I'm excited for it. I'm also up for some quality survival horror as well....fingers crossed x



Munkyknuts commented on Sick of Your PS4 Controller Running Out of Bat...:

I always alternate between two dual shock 3s on my PS3 so one is always fully and ready to go. I only have one controller for my PS4 and I forget to charge it....I only get time to game in erratic spurts so a flat battery is an annoyance. If the battery pack thing doesn't add so much weight that it makes the pad heavy, awkward and unwieldy I'd certainly have one.



Munkyknuts commented on Warner Bros Melts Secrecy Surrounding Batman: ...:

I'm still trying to finish up the main game....damned thing seems to never end. I got to what I thought was the end only to have all hell break loose at Blackgate prison, it certainly feels like I'm getting my money's worth.



Munkyknuts commented on Soapbox: Why There's No Real Rush to Upgrade t...:

I managed to grab a mega bundle from game last week...which was a shock. I never intended to buy a PS4 near launch....out of a combination of few of the available games on the new console interesting me and having a huge back log of quality PS3 titles to get through....and a desire to be careful with my money. However when the magic 'in stock' appeared near the image of the PS4 on my phone screen, my gamer core overthrew my self control and I pounced on it. My sense of satisfaction was quashed however when I found out that my parents had spent the day hunting in local supermarkets and had managed to grab the last PS4 to be stocked at a local ASDA. So there you go, I scored two PS4s in one day and managed to ruin my parents surprise Xmas gift to a complete tit. I do still believe the PS3 is strong enough to quell the need to upgrade to the PS4.



Munkyknuts commented on The Elder Scrolls Online Will Consume Your PS4...:

The game being MMO was off putting to me already...I game for alone time not to be sociable. I get plenty of socialising in the real world and at work....I don't need to be mugged by some chavvy player driven Orc in a game I can get that experience by walking to my local Asda. The subscription fee totally killed off any interest I had remaining. I'd rather replay skyrim.



Munkyknuts commented on You Can Substantially Speed Up Your PS4 by Swa...:

I'd happily have paid more for a higher memory option of console. I'd have to pay for a replacement hard drive and I can't be arsed with switching in the new one. The beefed up PS4 could have shipped with the boast of having more memory than the XBone....I have an old chunky 500gb PS3 and didn't bother with extra memory till recently.