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Artist, sculptor, oddity.

Male, 33, United Kingdom

Playstation veteran of over 15 years....artist, sculptor, photographer....creator of some pretty odd stuff, and not as good at Driving in games as I wish I was. Avid, if not outright voracious reader......and antisocial rejector of most multiplayer gaming.

Sat 2nd March, 2013

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Munkyknuts commented on PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Would Be Impossi...:

I'm happy with this being a 3rd person shooter. It doesn't need to be bleeding edge just needs to tell its story very well and suck my into it's world. Narrative is the most important aspect to me. Being able to immerse myself in a period as deep and varied as the Victorian era is enough to ensure I want it at release...barring the game crashing and burning at the 11th hour and turning out to be a broken thing shuffling along under the weight of expectation.



Munkyknuts commented on Wait, People Are Still Going on About the Infa...:

It's crazy this is still going on....I wasn't really affected by it and I enjoyed my free copies of Infamous, Dead Nation and Wipeout. I'm sure some people were seriously effected by it, I've been hit by fraud before when some quality member of society tried to empty my bank account in £500 chunks...but I doubt an old ps3 is going to make much difference to anyone who suffered from the Playstation network breach.



Munkyknuts commented on August PlayStation Plus Update to Boast Eclect...:

I've been ok with the PS+ offerings on the PS4....even if I do just give the games a go and then put them aside....I had enough of Strider when I was a child and Doki Doki Universe made my brain feel funny. However a bigger game would be good now would make a plus subscription feel more worthwhile to those who only have the PS4. I'm used to getting major titles via plus on my PS3. I never played Knack it wasn't really my thing but I'd give it a fair go if it was a plus title....I'm not really into fighting games either but I'd not complain if injustice was thrown in the mix.



Munkyknuts commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.74 Improves Your System'...:

Doesn't seem like an update worthy of being teased and announced by Sony. Surely there must be a more substantial one coming as well. I'm not dying for lack of any features in particular but times ticking on and some features announced at launch are still lacking while Xbox gets what seem to be substantial updates each month.



Munkyknuts commented on PS4 Firmware Update Details Right Around the C...:

I never found regular updates annoying....buying a game on day one and having to update it right away was is putting an old game in for a quick play and finding out it needs updates, but system updates didn't fuss me, I liked getting them it made it feel like my PS3 was cared about and being refined and retuned. With the update features of the PS4 being so much better regular updates would work just fine.....can't be having XBox one getting key features that the Sony system lacks. 3D blu ray/ DVD would be nice as I got a 50" super HD 3D smart TV when I got my PS4 and it would be nice to use the 3D sometime.



Munkyknuts commented on Feature: The PS4 Destiny Diaries - Day Two: Th...:

I do dearly love environments to explore...I hate multiplayer gaming usually but I'd be willing to over look that for this game. I'm all about the beauty of decay and dereliction so it's likely I'd be distracted by the composition of the clouds padding over the ruins of buildings or the prettiness of weed infested rusted war machines as my allies are's a very very pretty game. I'd often stop to admire the sunlight streaming through the broken window and catching on dust motes in somewhere like a ruined factory in Fallout 3 or watching a stormy sky over the mountains in Skyrim.



Munkyknuts commented on PS4 and PS3 Survival Horror The Evil Within Wi...:

The dirty rusted visuals and 'wtf is that' look rather like Silent Hill....and that's good as I loved SH1, 2 and 3...before it all went so very wrong. Looks good, but there has been a drought of horror games to play and suddenly they're building up on my systems again. Outlast: whistleblower DLC....dead space 3, lone survivor, and more horror incoming. I always loved horror games and it's a good thing they are getting a strong showing again.



Munkyknuts commented on This Tacky The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Is Ex...:

That is immensely awful....the game is loaded with gorgeous vistas of sunlight falling on greenery shrouded ruins and lush visuals and the best they can do is something that looks like a work experience kid has been messing around on photoshop....ugly as a clickers mushroom loaded arsehole.



Munkyknuts commented on So, Does Destiny Look Any Good on the PS3?:

The PS3 version looks solid enough to me and I've never been about graphics anyway. It looks like PS3 owners are getting a solid respectable game that isn't so far off the PS4 version. I have both systems so I'll go for the latest gen version but I'm impressed by the PS3 version as long as it performs well. We live in an exciting time of new franchises :)



Munkyknuts commented on Globe Trotting Uncharted Movie to Start Produc...:

@Holydiver85 I thought Fillion and Drake were strikingly similar right away too. looking at how Fillion acts in Firefly, his wise cracking, roguish charm, looks, and his Drake like style of combat that seems mostly to be making it up as he goes along and improvisation to win. Drake is not a stereotypical hero and it needs to be an actor that doesn't tick the obvious action film boxes to play him....Wahlberg and his ilk are as generic as action stars come.



Munkyknuts commented on How Is the PS4 Controller Used in The Last of ...:

Some nice little features....the auto play of audio recording is neat but also to be expected of a controller with a speaker built into it. I'd not buy the game again but I envy the gamers who will be experiencing TLOU for the first time on PS4.



Munkyknuts commented on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Didn't Look Like T...:

@tenderbeefcake My girlfriend didn't hate it, she was just baffled by it all really lol. It was an incredibly immersive world and the whole experience was something each player experienced differently...I still have fond memories of some of the events of the game that were a random occurrence rather than plotted narrative.



Munkyknuts commented on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Didn't Look Like T...:

I never experienced most of the game breaking bugs on Skyrim when I played it on PS3, and I clocked well over 250hrs in the game. I still remember being in the depths of a Mage haunted castle and noticing how my dark elf companions eyes sparkled in the light of the magical death balls raining down around us and deciding to ask for her hand in marriage.....ah I slaughtered those wizards with such glee after she said yes. Recounting this all to my actual girlfriend at 3am as the sounds of combat awoke her wasn't met with equal hindsight I possibly played the game too much :p.
.....but anyway, I have friends who had awful experiences with the game...some found it unplayable. I was very lucky. I wasn't as lucky with Fallot: New Vegas, broken piece of behemoth dung.



Munkyknuts commented on This Is How Sony's Going to Promote PS4 Port T...:

Improved graphics alone aren't enough for me to buy the game again, it was hardly ugly on the PS3. However I know people who missed out on TLOU by their previous affiliation to Xbox, and they should be immensely excited for this.



Munkyknuts commented on Sony: We Won't Close the Door on Crash Bandico...:

Seems petty to keep hold of the rights to the game when there isn't anything being done with them. Personally I never liked CB but there are masses of gamers of a similar age to me who would love to revisit PS1 days with new entries or reboots of the old franchises. I'd quite like some new Jak and Daxter.



Munkyknuts commented on Weirdness: What if Animals Got Infected in The...:

I just assumed that much like the Rage Virus in 28 Days Later that the virus in The Last of Us only effects people...I got the vibe from the game that nature was taking over again and the world would just continue on after us. The element I've always liked of post apocalyptic/endemic films are the images of nature reclaiming the urban landscapes....unless the post apocalyptic landscape is in Adventure Time, then the best thing in it is Marceline :p



Munkyknuts commented on Natural Doctrine Brings Tactical Monster Mashi...:

I don't really have my finger on the gaming pulse so this game is news to me. As an arty chap myself I enjoy seeing artful things in games (hence my love of indie games) and even if that box art isn't indicative of how the style of the game itself is, that is a very pretty box none the less.



Munkyknuts commented on Bungie Blows a Hole in Destiny's Out of This W...:

I have high hopes for this franchise...I love first person games but can't stand the military FPS games like battlefield and CoD. The first person perspective puts the player right there in the world and able to really lose themselves in the experience. Having a narrative and a deeper feeling to it all would be a wonderful thing, something more than shallow gunplay. If that estimated sum does cover the investment in an ongoing franchise then it doesn't seem so outrageous.



Munkyknuts commented on Review: Sniper Elite III (PlayStation 4):

Oh goody another gravel voiced protagonist....Batman gets away with it because it's deliberate to mask how he really sounds but really they need to get that having a hero rasping cliches and being all moody is old now, as is the identikit shaven headed 'Jason statham' look alike look of them....they all make Nathan Drake look all the more suave and charismatic in comparison.



Munkyknuts commented on Sony Spends More on US TV Ads for the PS4 Than...:

I've being seeing far more of the **** XBone commercial here in the UK with Jesse Pinkman (I know that's the characters name not the actor) managing to utter a 'Yo' that he's clearly having to force himself to say...even his no doubt substantial pay check making it only bearly bearable...knowing he's never going to get past that role.. 'XBox, the meth heads choice, yo.'



Munkyknuts commented on July's PS Plus Update Slashes with Strider and...:

I loved Dead Space 1 and 2. I played a demo of 3 and wasn't a fan of the changes made to the series. However I'll give it a shot since it's on PS+
I remember playing Strider as a child so I'm interested in playing the new version. I've little knowledge of the other games but I'll give them a go. I need to be more ruthless with what I get from Plus and the PS store as my backlog is getting ridiculous....still haven't touched Puppeteer yet.



Munkyknuts commented on Weirdness: Here's What Grand Theft Auto V Woul...:

I love having the option to switch between 1st and 3rd person. In the Fallout games and Skyrim i almost always stayed in the 1st person as it added into the immersion into the game world. The only time I'd flip out of 1st person in GTA would be while using a vehicle. I definitely think more games should have the option to choose.



Munkyknuts commented on inFAMOUS' Standalone DLC Store Page Sheds Some...:

I enjoyed both my good and evil play through of Second Son. However it's world and it's characters didn't have much of a lasting effect on me I'm afraid. I doubt DLC will lure me back into it all, I've already moved on to other things. First Light does look good for those who want more conduit fun tho.



Munkyknuts commented on Rumour: Batman: Arkham Knight Is Stepping Out ...:

I hope it's February. I have high hopes of this being the game that allows me to fully live out my Batman fantasies and put aside my homemade batman outfit and cease creeping up on chavs in the local park and and rasping 'I'm Batman' in there ear before lurching off before I risk being punched.



Munkyknuts commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Ditch E3 Stage Show...:

I like the live format but the shows have become more monstrously misshapen and bloated than something you would see lurching towards you in a survival horror game. I think I'd like to see a hybrid of live and pre recorded....the live atmosphere is a good thing to maintain, but painfully socially awkward fellows (like me) coming on stage and bumbling thru statistics are never going to blow the roof off the place. More killer less filler.



Munkyknuts commented on PS4's Resogun Rescues a Free Update Tomorrow, ...:

The appeal of Resogun was honestly lost on me when I played it but that's just me. Update sounds good maybe I'll try it again. Does it name and shame the cheaters so they can be lined up in the streets and whipped with a flail of PS4 charge cables? :p



Munkyknuts commented on July's PlayStation Plus PS4 Freebies May inclu...:

I tend to not buy indie games and lower priced games like strider when they release and rather wait for them to pop up on PS+. I wanted Puppeteer when it came out but waited and sure enough it came up on PS+ too. I'll still buy bigger games like watchdogs at release but as much as I love indie games I'll be pragmatic with them. Apart from Entwined, I bought that right away :)



Munkyknuts commented on Grand Theft Auto V's Long-Awaited Online Bank ...:

I never played GTA online...I'm not a team player. I hoped planning robberies and bank heists would be a bigger element of the single player game, not just part the narrative but that there would be optional jobs to do...casinos and other banks, jewellery stores etc around the map that could be scoped out and the jobs planned and carried out with the crews that were built up.
I can see the attraction of having bank jobs in the online element of the game, but not as such a late on addition. I too think it will be a feature released alongside the next gen version.



Munkyknuts commented on Sony: PS Vita Will Play Host to Fewer First-Pa...:

Never been a handheld gaming fan. If I'm at home I have my ps3 and ps4, if I'm out and about or I've been forced into a unwanted social situation like a birthday party then the games on my iPhone are enough to pass that time. I also just can't imagine being comfortable carrying the vita around with me....I'd feel awkward...ok I always feel awkward, it would make me feel even more awkward. And increase the chances of my being mugged. Again. I am interested in the Vita TV tho...access to the vita games but on my TV :) where I don't have to be around people....



Munkyknuts commented on Review: Murdered: Soul Suspect (PlayStation 4):

Sounds alright but less than I hoped it would be. Can't help but compare it to Heavy Rain as it too was an interactive story about a serial killer...I suppose it is also quite like Beyond: two souls with it's supernatural element...and the evidence gathering seems reminiscent of L.A from the review Mutdered: Soul Suspect seems less than the sum of these parts taken from other titles. Shame, I had an interest in this title.