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Artist, sculptor, oddity.

Male, 35, United Kingdom

Playstation veteran of over 15 years....artist, sculptor, photographer....creator of some pretty odd stuff, and not as good at Driving in games as I wish I was. Avid, if not outright voracious reader......and antisocial rejector of most multiplayer gaming.

Sat 2nd Mar 2013

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Munkyknuts commented on Shuhei Yoshida Confirms Bloodborne Expansion D...:

Even just a new area the size of Cainhurst Castle would add a huge chunk of gameplay. Personally I'd like something like a small creepy fishing town or village and enemies from the water....I always found elements of Lovecraft involving the deep ocean to be the creepiest. A kraken inspired old God style boss and minions perhaps.
I'm ok with no more chalice dungeons as they didn't do it for me at all....but whatever comes it's very exciting



Munkyknuts commented on PS4, PS3, Vita Prices Plunge in Fab NA Flash Sale:

Lack of similar sales in the UK are quite a huge kick in the teeth. I really really don't need more games so I guess Sony are saving me money....I just have impulse buying Lego and comics from Amazon to worry about.



Munkyknuts commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I'm playing Murasaki Baby on Vita...I find the control system really annoying as I do the sounds and animations of him/her/it so I may not complete it. I'm playing Assassins Creed Unity on PS4. I picked it up once it's price dropped and its issues had been patched up. I'm enjoying wandering around Paris and collecting cockades and assassinating my foes. No chance of me accessing the multiplayer elements tho.



Munkyknuts commented on Holy Money Spinner, Batman! Arkham Knight Seas...:

I love Batman and I'm hopeful of the new game meeting expectations....however I most certainly will not be buying the season pass...I'll save that and use it to buy something cool at London Comic con in a few months.



Munkyknuts commented on Soapbox: Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Play B...:

I'm a casual gamer...always have been. I don't play games to be punished by the brutal difficulty. Coming to Bloodborne was out of character to me but I did based on its design and its homage to Lovecraft. As someone who tried 30mins of Dark souls 2 and gave up I was certainly not prepared for this game. I died many many times just walking onto the 1st street. But despite the loading screens and my mounting despair is wasted £50 on Bloodborne I kept at it....I got better, I survived longer and learned to run away when needed. The game is mostly fair in its punishment and if I died it was because I needed to get better and I did. It's a beautiful looking game with superb combat and I couldn't be happier I gave it a shot. Right now I've hit a wall and I get murdered no matter which area I try....but I'll get better.



Munkyknuts commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I'm deep deep into the Lovecraft flavoured world of Bloodborne. I'm currently wandering the forbidden forest and loving how the game looks and sounds. It's brutal and unforgiving at times but my deaths usually come fairly. Apart from booby traps, they teeth grindingly, controller throwingly annoying. I've also dug out my omnibus editions of H.P Lovecraft to further my need for tentacled horrors and humanity hating elder gods.



Munkyknuts commented on Bloodborne Gets an Unintended Easy Mode:

The bosses are brutal...I only beat the cleric beast because I summoned help and the Hunter guy has kicked me all over 4 times now and I've yet to beat him...however Id still rather not use a trick/glitch/cheat like that. I don't mind dying, other than the load times, because I love the setting and how the game looks....I've not enjoyed sight seeing in a games realm so much since Dishonoured. Admittedly in Dishounered I was a teleporting murder God...not the chew toy of unholy beasts from the unfathomed depths of hell. It will take me a while but I'll beat the game as intended.



Munkyknuts commented on So, This Dude's Way Better at Bloodborne Than ...:

Pretty much everyone is better than me at Bloodborne. I've not ever really done Demon souls type games before and the difficulty is kicking my a*se. I've had to watch some tutorial videos to just get past the 1st area....brutal stuff but I love the look and style of the game. I can see the Lovecraft influence.



Munkyknuts commented on Some UK Schools Are Cracking Down on Children ...:

I work with primary school age children and I don't find 7yr olds sitting talking about shooting people in the face in CoD or how many people they ran over in GTA or what they called someone over the mic particularly appropriate as even if their parents do allow them to play the games it's exposing other children around them to language and imagery they are kept away from. Schools calling in outside agencies might be heavy handed but games are age rated for a reason and parents continue to ignore it. Games are immersive in a way films and TV are not and their is the matter of kids becoming increasingly desentisized to violence and blurring fiction with reality...not in a sensational horrific news worthy way but lots of smaller mundane ways of them losing empathy for others. Parents should be trusted to monitor what their children are allowed to see or do but some parents do a rubbish job at it.



Munkyknuts commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

In a frenzy of geeky purchasing after attending a comic con today I bought Bloodborne (and too many Batman tee shirts). Punishing games aren't usually my thing but I can't ignore its visual style and Lovecraft influences.
I'll also polish off Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the Vita at some point.



Munkyknuts commented on PS4 Will Now Automatically Search for Updates ...:

@get2sammyb Eurogamer gave Bloodborne a glowing review and got me interested in the game for the 1st time...I hadn't realised it was so influenced by the Cthulhu mythos and the work of H. P. Lovecraft. However I'm holding off on buying the game until I've seen the review on here and input from fellow gamers.



Munkyknuts commented on What a Load of Rubbish: BioWare Can't Say When...:

Petty childish nonsense....and I know petty childish nonsense when I see it, I work in a school. You can't have this content until we say so isn't much different to a kid snubbing another from their birthday party because they said their drawing of a panda was rubbish...other than the kid with the party doesn't pay a sh*tload of money to bar the other one from getting in and getting any of the cake.
I may or may not get the DLC when it releases it depends on the price and what it gives me in return. I'm not hugely into DLC...I got the Bright Lord extension to Shadow of Mordor for free and I can't really be bothered with playing that.
As others have said, timed exclusivity is rubbish no matter who does it, but at least Sony set an end date on it for the likes of Destiny. However Timed exclusivity would be better off just being stopped altogether.



Munkyknuts commented on April's PlayStation Plus Freebies Will Be Anno...:

For the Plus lineup this week I'll just have a 32gb memory card for my vita? I have an 8gb and it's useless but I refuse to pay the extortionate price of a larger capacity one, thanks! I'm expecting a selection of indie titles for my PS4 and Vita....don't mind what comes out on PS3 as my backlog is so big on there that I won't be adding to it. Something meatier on the PS4 would be a nice surprise...knack or Rayman Legends perhaps.



Munkyknuts commented on Sony: PS4 Remasters Help Us Open the Door to F...:

It's remasters of games that came out recently on the last gen console that irritate me...but not enough that I can't just ignore them. The remasters of games that were Sony exclusive last gen serve the purpose of introducing them to those that missed PS3 releases. The remaster of GTAV was just pure money making and the price charged for some rereleased titles is too steep. As I'm sure some others will have said the remasters wouldn't rankle as much if the new games coming out recently hadn't so often been lacklustre and/or late. I have most of the remastered games on the PS3 and the new titles I bought the PS4 to play keep disappointing or keep having release dates Arkham:Knight (again).



Munkyknuts commented on Review: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (PlaySta...:

The level design isn't as sharp as the 1st game but I really like the cast of characters. The level/area called 'into the pit' was horribly designed ugly/ the point of seeming glitchy and laid out (to me anyway) and I was pleased it was done. The wider open areas can certainly be unfair...on at least one level I repeatedly got ended by offscreen bullet fire. The art design and the soundtrack are still excellent and it's been fun banging around on it on the Vita.



Munkyknuts commented on For the Love of God, Don't Let Your PS4 Contro...:

@sinalefa It does seem more and more to be the case that we are part of the testing process...early access is a more blatant use of gamers being used in such a way...but I think that's more of a PC thing. I tend to wait a little while before I get a game so nasty bugs and glitches...and in some cases huge disappointments happen to others rather than me.



Munkyknuts commented on Review: Limbo (PlayStation 4):

It not being cross buy seems quite mean spirited...if it was Id perhaps have dipped into once more. As it is I played it over and over on PS3. It's definitely worth playing for anyone who hasn't yet and who isn't tired of puzzle platformers.



Munkyknuts commented on Review: Zombie Army Trilogy (PlayStation 4):

This isn't for me in so many sounds narrow and repetitive, I'm tired of rejigged versions of old games popping up and I'm incredibly done with zombies...oh and I dislike co-op lol. It's like my anti game...I'm sure it has fans and that I'm standing against the tide in my loner gaming preferences as social gaming gets ever more prevalent....but I'll always prefer experiencing a games world by myself and I miss when CO-OP was tacked onto the solo missions rather than co-operative being the focus like in this.



Munkyknuts commented on Sony: We Want Project Morpheus to Be Social Li...:

I've no interest in VR and I'm still sceptical of Project Morpheus being successful....I'm inclined to think it will go more the way of 3D TVs and last as a fad for a while....I'm happy to be proven wrong and see what Sony can do with it and what software is released in support of it tho.



Munkyknuts commented on Talking Point: Is This the End for the PlaySta...:

The PS3 will fade out gracefully in a slow decline....but such is the way of things. Many gamers still haven't transitioned to the current generation so they will make use of the PS3s huge library of games which continues to be bolstered by the PS+ line ups.



Munkyknuts commented on Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Are Working Toge...:

It's excellent to see the companies coming together to address a problem they have in common and that effects gaming as a whole. Now if they can further the alliance and pool money together to hunt down the little Ddos bags and end them that would be swell.



Munkyknuts commented on The PS2 Rises from the Dead as Retailer Accept...:

I tend to give away my old consoles to those in need. My PS2 went to someone I knew who was in bad times and the console helped give them something for their kids to 1st chunky PS3 started to wheeze and when I retired it it went to a new life of mainly playing dvds and blue rays.
The PS2 was/is an excellent console and it helped define a chunk of my life...I think I was at university doing art at the time.



Munkyknuts commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I'm into Uncharted: Golden Abyss and enjoying it as it's the only one in the series I hadn't played. I'm still used to some of the control quirks of the vita but it's fun.
I might try getting into The Evil Within again as I was loaned it by a friend, but honestly it's just not clicking with me.



Munkyknuts commented on Apparently, People Buy PS4s Over Xbox Ones and...:

I bought it because I've always been Playstation since the PS1 when it 1st came out...I've never had a reason not to be. I wanted to be able to continue following franchises I've loved through previous generations like Uncharted and God of War. I can't say resolution was ever a thing for me, despite places like Eurogamer making such a big deal of tech comparisons.



Munkyknuts commented on March's PlayStation Plus Freebies Will Be Anno...:

I don't have any expectation of what I want from PS+. I just see what comes up and sometimes get surprised by games I've no knowledge of. I loved Transistor when I tried it....did two playthroughs almost back to back in a day of abundant free time. I couldn't be bothered much with Rogue Legancy...too much of a throwback to my early gaming life, but it was still worth a go on PS4 and I might play it more on Vita now that I have one. Lots of games I couldn't be bothered with on the PS3 or PS4 are perfect for it....I'll just wait and see what we get.



Munkyknuts commented on Review: AeternoBlade (PlayStation Vita):

Having just recently joined the PV Vita owners club I'm on the look out for decent games for backlog of PS+ games I've been collecting will only go so far. It's a shame this game didn't end up better as its premise was promising and I like games like Braid that mess with time.



Munkyknuts commented on Uh Oh, The Last Guardian's Trademark Has Been ...:

I gave up on this game a long time if it ever releases and comes close to matching the humongous levels of expectation heaped upon it I'll be pleasantly surprised. My concern now is the production of Kingdom Hearts 3 becoming as torturous.



Munkyknuts commented on Talking Point: How Important Is Game Length?:

For me shorter length games need to be cheaper or pack in a lot of replay value. I have very limited time to game most of the time but that doesn't mean I prefer a game I can blast thru in a few hours....I got DA:I At Xmas and the 113hrs of gameplay I got out of it was done over about 5 weeks of play.
I love games with a strong narrative and that is what I look for most in what I choose to play, followed closely by open worlds to explore. If it's true The Order lasts so short a time then it's not going to be worth the money for me as I buy a game every month(or two) and need what I choose to buy to last. I avoid games like CoD because I know the single player campaign is short and the multiplayer doesn't interest me. Quality is better than quantity but the best games strike a balance between both.



Munkyknuts commented on We Need Different Types of Games, Says The Ord...:

Quality over quantity is important...having both is better is possible tho. If what has been shown and said of the games length is true then I just can't justify paying such a high price for so little content....other AAA games like CoD or destiny may have short campaigns but they have the multiplayer element....I've played some short but wonderful single player games but they were indie titles that asked a quarter or less of what this will be selling for.
I don't buy games often and I have other things to use my money on. As such I have to consider what I'm getting out of games I buy.....I buy one game a month, less sometimes and The Order isn't going to keep me busy for more than a few days.