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Thu 3rd Jul 2008

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CanisWolfred commented on PS4 Pro Doesn't Appear to Have a 4K Blu-ray Pl...:

@stevie85 - I have, but only because my PS3 makes weird noises whenever I put a movie in it - game discs are fine, but movies always rattle. I don't know why.

Anyways, I got a brand new smart TV back in February, but without the 4K (it cost over $400 already, 4K would've doubled it! It's just a TV, no way am I paying that much), so unless they don't make a PS5 until 2025, this has no effect on me whatsoever.



CanisWolfred commented on PlayStation Plus Price Won't Increase in Europe:

Oh, so it's just the US and Canada? That's good to know. Meanwhile, I got a spare card waiting in the wings...if I see another card with the old price tag later down the road, I'll grab that too, get myself a little stockpile...gotta wait until after I'm done paying off my credit card, though...



CanisWolfred commented on Review: The King of Fighters XIV (PS4):

Rush mode? That might actually kill this for me. Is there a way to filter/restrict that function in online lobbies?

EDIT: Well, after doing some research, it sounds like it might not be that bad, though I might do it by accident sometimes...I know that ruined quite a few of my Persona Arena, though they were even easier to trigger there. Unless your button is sticking, you shouldn't be mashing your light punch like you're playing SF2 guess I can overlook that. Even graphically, the game mostly looks fine. It's just that the first 15 or so characters they introduced had really bad facial animations - lot of uncanny valley **** goin' on with Terry, Iori, and especially Kyo and Athena. Don't even get me started on Mai and Angel, I still have the nightmares.

They slowly got better after a while, though, and it's mostly just them having to adapt these anime-style characters who have already gone through more art style revamps than I can count. The new characters they introduced look great, and I hope they redo some of the character models at some point, at least for the Super Move cutscenes. That's where the Uncanny Valley reared its ugly head the most...



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Titan Souls (PlayStation 4):

@MatGrowcott But they're not the same challenge. They're not even the same genre. The skills and reflexes aren't really that similar. Stealth Inc is a puzzle platformer. This has puzzle elements, but is much more action-based. It just doesn't work as a comparison, nor does it work as a recommendation.



CanisWolfred commented on Star Wars: Battlefront Force Chokes Single Pla...:

@themcnoisy Galactic Concuest wasn't a campaign mode - it could be played with other people, IIRC, and it was more fun in multiplayer, to boot. It really was just the standard maps with a different structure (a good structure, mind, but one that other games nowadays use as an actual online multiplayer mode).

And really this is the point: They said there's no CAMPIGN mode, yet they still confirmed that there's still solo play to some degree. There's Singleplayer. It's just that there's no Call of Duty-esque story missions, and there might not be any Battlefield-style 'glorified tutorial' bot matches disguised as a campaign mode.



CanisWolfred commented on Star Wars: Battlefront's First PS4 Trailer Is ...:

Well, it's nice to know the engine allows for some nice cinematics. Would've loved to see gameplay, though.

Also, why would they use an AT-AT in a thick forest? The thing can't even menuever. That's what the smaller walkers were for. I'm not even a big Star Wars geek and I know this. :/



CanisWolfred commented on Star Wars: Battlefront Force Chokes Single Pla...:

...Battlefront 1 never had a singleplayer campaign, and campaign missions in Battlefront II were botmatches capped with exposition summaries. I didn't play Renegade Squadron, but for the most part, this is more than what we usually get from this franchise. The fact that you guys expected more just shows that you have no idea what this series or even DICE studios is about...



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Jamestown+ (PlayStation 4):

The forced backtracking could be annoying, but it's as simple as trying different weapons and seeing if you can beat your high score.

What kills this game is that it forces you to play on higher difficulties in order to access half the game. That's just unfair.



CanisWolfred commented on The JRPG Galaxy Awaits With Star Ocean 5 on PS...:

I was excited for this, especially after they put out Star Ocean: The Last Hope and it seemed like they learned their lesson from SO3.

Then I saw they're promising to take extensive inspiration from Star Ocean 3 and undo every single step forward they made with The Last Hope. Now there's no hope. Not for this game, and certainly not for Tri-Aces.



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Gundam: Battle Assault 2 (PSone):

Tempted to see if I could pick this up somewhere, but I'm sure it's mad expensive. Still, nice to know this was as good as my child self hoped.

Also, needless to say that top bannar is making me squee every time I see it.



CanisWolfred commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Ended up playing an iOS retro platformer called Tiny Dangerous Dungeon. It's pretty fun, but I'm stuck trying to get the final key. It's a grueling guantlet you have to go all the way through and back with no save point in between...



CanisWolfred commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Wii Sports Resort for the most part, until I'm ready to move onto something more substantial. I was planning on spending this whole weekend drawing, but I got sick. I'll still try to draw, though, just not as much as I thought I would...


I got into Suikoden late last year, and it was first time in a while that I really got sucked into a JRPG. It was fantastic, and I can't wait to play the rest of the series when I'm done (got stuck on a boss so I lost momentum. I already beat the boss, though, I just need to convince myself to pick it up again).



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PlayStation 4):

@ShogunRok - How would you compare it to Crisis Core? That's the benchmark I'm using.

Otherwise, this sounds great to me. I don't personally hold the FF games to high standards in story-telling (But then again, I still find it hard to believe FF13 is considered pompous, yet BioShock Infinite is held as grand storytelling in gaming...). So long as there's more gameplay than story, and the gameplay is good fun, which your review seems to emphasize at every corner, I'll be fine.