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Fri 29th Mar 2013

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redd214 commented on First Impressions: Dragon Quest Heroes PS4 Is ...:

@rjejr I feel the exact same. I love Dragon Quest and my boys are genuinely excited by the gameplay they've watched but having to pass the controller between the 3 of us may be a drag. This seems like such a perfect local mp game shame they didn't include it



redd214 commented on Review: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PlayStation 4):

Can't wait to get this!! Won't be getting it anytime soon with Destiny, Borderlands, and Project Cars taking up most my time but it seems as though this is a can't miss title!! Hope you day one peeps enjoy it tom!! Thank you for the great review



redd214 commented on MotorStorm's Wombat Wheely Will Be Making a Ca...:

@blah01 yeah knack is great for kids! My sons (5 &6) are probably on their 15th play thru. They love it!

Anyways on topic, looks ingesting but hopefully they make some actual offroad courses not just have buggies on the tracks we've been doing for 6 months. Drive club is a real gem though highly recommend it along with the season pass



redd214 commented on Is Port Specialist Bluepoint Working on an Unc...:

I tried my absolute hardest to like these games but I just couldn't. Played thru 2 and 3 start to finish but they just never clicked with me for whatever reason and I got very bored by about the midpoint.. But this is great news if true especially for the Xbox converts that never got to play them!



redd214 commented on Talking Point: Are You Spending More Money Tha...:

I'm mainly digital on the ps4 and I love it! I have about 50 games this far and only 6 are physical mainly because that's the only options and great sales. 2 skylanders games for my kids and some I got with b2g1 or bogo deals. The convinence is huge for me personally and I don't really care about having a shelf full of games to show off. Glad every game (for the most part) is available digitally this gen.



redd214 commented on Ubisoft's Going to Put More Modern Day Stuff i...:

@sub12 I gotta agree. The only AC game I have played was black flag and the modern day parts were just the worst. One minute I'm a pirate sailing and looting in the Caribbean, next minute I'm in some frickin office building. Was by far the worst part of the game IMO.



redd214 commented on Feature: 10 PS4 Firmware Update Features That ...:

Folders is my main gripe as well as removing old betas and demos. There is no conceivable reason while the Destiny Alpha and Beta should still show up in my library when there both been long deleted and replaced by the digital version of the full game



redd214 commented on Feature: Five Ways Call of Duty: Advanced Warf...:

Looks like fun, glad they went kind of off the reservation of what they normally do. Cod and MP fps in general have never really been my cup of tea but I appreciate what they have done. Destiny and Borderlands with scratch my fps itch but hopefully this will rock for people that enjoy it!



redd214 commented on Whoa, 10 Million People Have Cringed at Border...:

Loved the characters and voice acting personally. While it wasnt Oscar worthy stuff, I still found the humor to be a lot better than most games. Kind of a negative yone to this article. Perhaos have someone else on the staff write borderlands articles as it seems you have a bit of distaste for it.



redd214 commented on Talking Point: Has Watch Dogs Hacked Your PS4'...:

Game has me hooked so far. I play tons of driving/racing games so it doesn't take me very long yo get used yo driving in games like this. So far its not that bad IMO. Story is decent, the progression system seems pretty robust from what I've seen. I don't preorder many games because the usually aren't worth it but this one seems like its gonna take a LOOONG time to 100% which is fine by me.



redd214 commented on This Slick PS4 Controller Is for Professional ...:

I will certainly consider it based on price and also if the improved the flimsly rubber on the analog sticks. The left sticks on both of my DS4s probably wont make it another 3 months at the rate they are deteriorating.



redd214 commented on GRID Autosport Puts the Brakes on PlayStation ...:

Dammit!! I am a car nut and obviously racing games are my favorite genre. My ps3 died shortly after getting my ps4 so NFS has been the only racing have I have played for months. Was so excited and was totally expecting a ps4 release of this game. Disappointed..



redd214 commented on Soapbox: Assassin's Creed's Modern Day Compone...:

AC4 is the first game of the series I have played. And yes I agree after killing some red coats, wheeling a boat thru a bay, and wandering around Havana, the next thing I know im in an office building. Was one of the most harring and unexpected things ive seen in a game in a while. Really killed the immersion.