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Tue 8th December, 2009

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belmont commented on Talking Point: Would You Buy PlayStation-Theme...:

I went to a local store to buy an amiibo or two. But I bought nothing. This amiibo figures look like badly painted 10 euro figures and not up to the usual Nintendo standards. I would buy Sony amiibo from Final Fantasy, Chrash, Metal Gear or Tomb Raider if they would be somewhat good even if they would be slightly more expensive than 10 euros.



belmont commented on Talking Point: Has PlayStation Now's Subscript...:

The reply on the comments on us blog are somewhat interesting. I am pasting some:

"The PS Now rental catalog already has 200+ games and games are added weekly so yes, you may find some games that will not be in the current subscription offering but can still be rented individually." (What????)

"There are some amazing games for PS1 and PS2 and our longer term vision is to go back further into the PlayStation generational library and offer those with PlayStation Now. Right now however, we are focused on bringing to users experiences from the amazing PS3 library."

"If your membership runs out and you decide to come back later, your saves will be waiting."

I probably never subscribe though. I already have most of the PS3 games I want and my internet is not that fast. Still not available in Europe though and I doubt we will see the service here soon.



belmont commented on Limbo Will Play Dead on PS4 Very Soon:

Should be free if we have the PS3 or Vita version? I think I got it on PS3 as part of Plus, then the Vita version was released and it was free for me. Too bad this 3 was cross buy is not available on all games.



belmont commented on Feature: 10 PS4 Firmware Update Features That ...:

Don't know how I forgot this. I want the Vita store to be added to download and move games to my Vita, just like the PS3 does. I thought that this would be an obvious feature from launch and not including it is somewhat not practical.



belmont commented on BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extends to PS4, PS3...:

@Cowboysfan-22 There are 3 main games. The chronological order is (both release-wise and story-wise)
Calamity Trigger (PS3,PSP)
Continuum Shift (PS3,Vita,PSP)
Chrono Phantasma (PS3,Vita only on US)

Some games are available to other platforms (Continuum Shift on 3DS for example). The games have an introductory story that wraps up the event of the previous titles. Note that there is a "definite" edition of Continuum Shift called Extend (PS3 and Vita only) that includes all the DLC.

There is also a Visual Novel that acts as a prequel on Vita (again US only) and some strange mini beat-em-up games on DSi eshop and 3DS eshop that I don't know anything about. I think they are also US only.



belmont commented on BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extends to PS4, PS3...:

The Vita version of the original Chrono Phantasma and the visual novel have not been released in Europe yet and it seems unlikely that we will see them somewhat soon. Too bad since I like Blazblue. If the issues with the Eu publishers are not resolved we may see the PS4 game here after FF15 or Last Guardian :-)



belmont commented on Store Update: 19th November 2014 (Europe):

Wanted Arcana for my Vita. Strange that it isn't there. Also some Tales of Hearts DLC is missing although it is reported at the blog to be there since last week.. Users already reported this. Meh...



belmont commented on Talking Point: What Are Your PS4 Launch Memories?:

OK PS4 was sold out here at launch and at Christmas. After that I had no money. I got one in late February so I missed the launch hype. I have played a lot of games but there is no easy way to persuade someone that the 400 euros are justified. Personal favourites are Metal Gear, Injustice, Contrast, Tomb Raider and Drive Club (I play solo). From the launch games I have recently got Knack. I haven't tried it yet.



belmont commented on Review: NBA 2K15 (PlayStation 4):

Does the game include Euroleague or European clubs? Also are national teams included? I love basketball but I am not interested in NBA that much.

Now that I think of it there is no native Vita basketball game for some reason.



belmont commented on Guide: How to Take off Your Training Wheels in...:

60 and 70 euros are too much for a game in my opinion. Sony should try again a huge plus discount for a new retail title. 40 euros is a very reasonable price in my opinion.

Got the game and will start playing the following week. Tried it a bit and liked the somewhat simplicity of it compared to Gran Turismo. Since a discussion about racing games started I think that they became a lot of complicated. I just want to race. I don't really care about changing the machine or the brakes etc.

Can anyone recommend a game similar to Outrun?



belmont commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Fondest Memories ...:

It is strange that PSP has sold 80m units yet it is thought to be somewhat of a failure.

Anyway, before the Vita, PSP was my favourite gaming platform. I have tons of games for it. One of my favourites is Outrun 2006. I still play it. Too bad the license SEGA had with Ferrari expired so a Vita for re-elease is out of the question. I love Crisis Core, for some stupid reason the title is not available in psn. I really enjoyed a lot j-rpg games like the FF4 after years, Legend of Heroes, God Eater. Other personal favourites include Metal Gear PO, Corpse Party, the two Silent Hill games (that are not Vita compatible for some reason).



belmont commented on Atelier Rorona Plus Launches on PS3 and Vita N...:

@naruball It is the third one on Vita but story wise it is the first of the Arland trilogy. Totori was Rorona's student and Meruru was Totori's. The first of the new trilogy, Atelier Ayesha, will also be ported on Vita.

I will get this, I enjoy Atelier games way back to Iris, the first one that was published in Europe.



belmont commented on You'll Totally Be Able to Upgrade DriveClub PS...:

On the other hand if the plus update costed 30 euros or less and it did not have the plus loophole the retail copy would sell almost zero copies since there would be no reason to buy it. I am not that intersted in the game anyway.



belmont commented on By Zeus' Beard! God of War Collection Goes Cro...:

@get2sammyb I am not sure if I would buy GOW on Vita full price but I would definitely get it.

This is a little bit off topic but I really like this Cross-Buy thing (even if it is DLC only in some games) and it is good that we also have PS4-Vita Cross-Buy titles. I also like that PS1 Classics are playable in PS3,PSP and Vita. I wish Nintendo used it sometime but it seems impossible. I have tons of games in Virtual Console and I have to pay a small fee to get the Wii U versions and full price to get the 3DS versions.

@danny2kd Vita upscales the PSP games perfectly in my opinion. Ghost of Sparta is one of my favorites of the series.