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Tue 8th December, 2009

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belmont commented on Guide: Sneaking to Success in Metal Gear Solid...:

The game seems a bit hard to me although the only games of this type I have played are Metal Gear and the last COD.

I try the non lethal approach as usually do in MG (also I don't like the mass killing I see on some games). Also this helps because I take the soldiers for my base.

However using the tr. gun and cqc seems somewhat punishing and it seems easy to become surrounded by ememies



belmont commented on This EU DriveClub Deal Is An Absolute Steal:

The season pass is 13 euros now. Pretty sure it was 20 euros. May get it somewhat down the line.

However I am kind of stuck in the main game. For some reason I can't win in any event anymore although till this poin the game was very easy for me.



belmont commented on Guide: How to View Photos, Play Music, and Wat...:

Works great! I had to format my usb to fat32 from ntfs though. I am not sure what's the deal and ntfs is not supported.

One strange think I noticed is that the subtitles have appear on a small black background and not transparent but it is not a big deal. I tried various filetypes. The only one that didn't work is mkv embedded subtitles but it is not really a big deal too. Will check remote play also sometime.



belmont commented on Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 Patch Stomps a Lot...:

I bought the game and played it before I saw the online backlash. To tell the truth, apart from the very slow menu, I didn't really notice something else. It may be because I never played another iteration of the game though.



belmont commented on FIFA Is Skipping a Season on PS Vita:

Well seems strange. According to the eu official playstation blog Vita charts the game is a high seller. I guess it is better to let it go instead of releasing the "Legacy Edition".

Seems that we won't even see another Football game on the Vita after Fifa is gone. Pro has zero probability to arrive on the handheld and I don't think anybody else makes football games. Football Manager seems gone from the Vita too. Another strange think is that there isn't any basketball game on the Vita too.



belmont commented on Guilty Gear Xrd Sign Clears a Path to PS4, PS3...:

That's great but I guess it comes very late. Seems that Sony is the publisher. Also Blazblue, that is from the same developer, has somehow disappeared from the store and the Vita version of the latest title was never released for no real reason. Also there is no pal release date for the updated edition that also has a PS4 version. Persona Arena, that is also from the same developer, was published by SEGA if I remember correctly.

The point is we are not it the 90's. Why in the digital age it seems so hard to release globally a game that has a moderate fan base ?



belmont commented on PSN Offline for Some as the Weekend Arrives:

OK my copy of Destiny arrived. I boot the game yesterday. There was an 6GB update. I let it update and went to sleep. I started the game today and there was another 7GB update. Finally after all those updates I started the game and got the message:
Destiny servers are not available. Dismiss the message to try again.
I tried a couple of times with no success.

I can't play the game today. Meh sometimes I really miss the 90's when the only hustle was to blow the cartridge.

Edit: Now I can't even go to the psn store. I guess it is goodnight then...



belmont commented on Metal Gear Solid May End Up Being a Mobile Fra...:

I really didn't care that much about Kojima leaving but this is totally unacceptable for me. Seriously Metal Gear, Castlevania, Gradius, Pro, Silent Hill, Suikoden... All of them are some of my favourite games ever. I really wonder if mobile games produce that big of an income and how popular they are in Japan. Surely Vita and 3ds are popular but are android games that popular there? I now a lot of people that enjoy these free games like Candy Crash (?) or Temple Run but just spend zero real euros on them.



belmont commented on Castlevania's Koji Igarashi Returns with Blood...:

@Tasuki Personal opinion is that, even though I prefer the Vita, I love my 3ds. Playing Ace Attorney, a personal favourite series, as we speak. But the system, even the new 3ds (I have both), seemed to me outdated even at launch with the stupid slow OS (that became slower with all those updates), psp like graphics and slow/strange network support. I never played SSB on any platform but MH would be way better for the Vita. For the new IGA game they may need to downgrade the experience.

Bloodstained is surely a huge success it is almost at 600k now. People in the comments ask for Vita, Wii U and 3ds a lot.



belmont commented on Castlevania's Koji Igarashi Returns with Blood...:

@Tasuki Wii U and Vita make sense. From the text in the faq question in the Nintendo question says "That said, we've heard legends about a remarkable treasure hidden in the castle basement..."
It would be cool if we have a Vita (or Wii U) version. However 3ds may not be powerful enough.



belmont commented on Castlevania's Koji Igarashi Returns with Blood...:

Oh man one of my favourite game series returns. I would want a Vita version but it may not be up to the task.

If I back the project for the PS4 version and they somehow never make it I lose my money, right? Never really bothered with Kickstarter before... I though to back this 90's arcade racer for Wii U but didn't. The game was never released and was delayed.



belmont commented on Reaction: Destiny's Prison of Elders Is a Step...:

Hey may I ask something... After the updates et al is it possible to play the game campaign solo? I would like to play a science fiction game and nowadays it is somewhat cheap but I am not much of multiplayer gamer...



belmont commented on SEGA's Not Even Bothering Having a Booth at E3...:

This is sad indeed. Game Gear was my first console way back in the 90's. I also had a Mega Drive. Loved Sonic, Outrun et al. It was cool however PlayStation became better with all those games from Japan.

I am still a huge SEGA fan. I actually believed the rumor some years ago that they would release a new console (a pc-box somewhat similar to xbox or a sized down arcade). I tried to support them with my precious euros many times. I have every Mega Drive or Sonic Collection ever released (PS3,PSP even Steam although I am not a PC gamer or I will ever be).



belmont commented on Batgirl Will Be Playable with Arkham Knight's ...:

Wasn't Barbara Oracle in the Arkham Universe? Guess she somehow returns or is someone else behind the mask. As for the season pass I guess I want it but I won't buy it. May even cancel the preorder and wait for the complete game of the year edition.