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Tue 8th Dec 2009

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belmont commented on Feature: 7 Ways Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 Can So...:

Basically I agree on all of them.

However isn't anyone somewhat tired from all those Dragon Ball fighting games? I know that most of them play differently but still I would want something somewhat fresh. For example I remember DBZ for DS a turned based rpg or the Adventure game on GBA, a 2d platform-beatemup.



belmont commented on Review: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4):

This may seem like a fool's question but you can't play the game non lethally can't you? I have played the Vita game when it was free on plus and all this ... slaughtering felt somewhat out of place.



belmont commented on Feature: 3 Believable Perks That Would Make Yo...:

Video rentals is a very good idea but for whatever reason the Video store is not available in many European countries like where I live so I don't really know what is available except maybe the infamous "Powers" series. Amazon Video does not work here either. No i-tunes or x-box tv series. Seriously I tried to buy via Digital Download the Arrow show but couldn't do it anywhere due to "region". Guess I may get the blue ray sometime. Recently I heard that Netflix opened but I have never tried it nor will I try it on the future.



belmont commented on Soapbox: Sony Needs to Set the Record Straight...:

"Obsolete" may be a hard word but I can't find a better one. Sony should express officially what Neo is. However with what we know so far, considering and what we see in PC gaming, games will under-perform on the base model making it somewhat obsolete before (regardless what they may say) ditching it entirely some time later if Neo sells well. I know I am extremely negative and I rarely moan in the internet but I really don't like where this is all going.



belmont commented on PS4K Is Codenamed Neo, Has Upgraded Specs, Wil...:

@get2sammyb Sorry about the language, I edited the post, please remove the comment.

On topic @Pinkman expressed better than me what I wanted to say about being obsolete. I want the best performance from my console. My favourite PS4 games are Metal Gear Solid 5, Blazblue, Dear or Alive. I could play those on my PS3 without spending 409 euros but I chose to buy PS4 to go for the best performance. Now the PS3 is starting to become obsolete since PS4 has an install base so no sub-par FF15 for PS3 users. Sometime down the line the same thing will happen and developers will ask to stop PS4.1 games since they simply have to move on. I don't think I explain it that well but you get my point. Also what @Gatatog said I think may be true.



belmont commented on PS4K Is Codenamed Neo, Has Upgraded Specs, Wil...:

Now that this thing is somewhat real I want to say that I am somewhat angered since I gave 409 euros close to launch and waited because it was sold out and now my console seems already obsolete.

The way AAA games now ship with problems it seems sure that PS4.1 owners will get a sub-par and not so good performance. It is like PC gaming when if you have a 2 or 3 year old model you get not great performance. Developers simply won't care to optimize the games to make them work properly on older hardware after the first few months like what happens in PC. This whole thing will make problems for community forums and review sites. I rarely complain on the internet but Sony making a new console obsolete for no reason is clearly something I don't like (adding to the Vita situation and this VR nonsense in my opinion). I think that this won't be something their loyal customers will like.

I don't believe this "no games will be PS4.5 exclusive" stuff. When sales grow the older platform will be abandoned like when a console generation changes.

Language - get2sammyb



belmont commented on There's a Batman: Arkham Collection Coming to ...:

@BAMozzy I didn't know that about Rocksteady... But I enjoyed Origins and Blackgate almost equally to Asylum and City. Surely the gameplay has become repetitive and somewhat boring but the setting and story were better. I specifically liked the flow of story in Origins and the multiple paths you could take in Blackgate.



belmont commented on Opinion: Three Basic Firmware Features That Wo...:

Folders!! And sorting options for downloaded games. I never got why I could not sort them alphabetically.

Hiding items and searching the library would be good also. As for me I would also want to be able to buy Vita games and transfer them to my portable device but it surely won't happen.



belmont commented on You Can Download PS4 Firmware Update 3.50 Now:

@get2sammyb Yes fighting games are not playable in the Vita via internet remote play. However with the Vita I mostly use the direct a la Wii U (without the use of a wireless router) option and there is no noticeable lag. I have almost got he platinum in Dead or Alive, beat the story mode on Street Fighter 5, played online on Blazblue etc with no problem.

Thanks for the PC guide btw!



belmont commented on Thor-ly Not! Sources Say God of War IV Leak Is...:

This series does not really take the plot seriously nor the plot makes much sense anyway. After the first game when Kratos talked said "I will kill Zeus", "I will destroy Zeus" or something like that. After the end of God of War 3 he took a ship to go back to Sparta (does Greece exist or was destroyed? I don't remember...) and (like the Odyssey) surviving gods cast him away so he somehow arrives in Norway where Thor (or Odin) does something minor to anger him and Kratos goes after them.

And he has the beard because Norway is far away from Greece by ship so he could not shave.



belmont commented on You'll Need to Supply Your Own PlayStation Cam...:

@adf86 Thanks for clarifying this. Still makes no sense to me that this thing is not wireless. Remote play on the Vita works without cables... Wii U off TV works without cables.

Move costs about 25 euros here, the Navigator is sold out while the camera goes for 46 euros.



belmont commented on PlayStation VR Launches in October for $399:

I have no interest in VR and I surely don't want to spend about as many euros as I paid for the PS4 for something that may become the next move or something. Does anyone know if VR "works" with people that wear glasses or get dizzy easily?



belmont commented on Store Update: 15th March 2016 (Europe):

I pre-ordered The Park and somehow vanished from both the store and my list. I will keep an eye on Salt and Sanctuary when it comes to Vita. Now I just want to see the price on Senran Kagura. Makes no sense that they stopped writing them.



belmont commented on Reaction: What Does the Death of Sony Computer...:

When I first saw this I was somewhat optimistic and thought that somehow after the merge psn will become something like steam with worldwide releases finally ditching the archaic pal release problems. Seems that this is not the case, at least at first.



belmont commented on Reaction: Oculus Rift's $599 Price Is Positive...:

I really don't get all this VR stuff. Seems to me that it will fail pretty hard, regardless of price. Are those things suppose to give headaches or dizziness to a fair amount of people anyway? Have we not tried this in the 90's too? I would prefer the resources go to PS4 games



belmont commented on Guide: UK Boxing Day 2015 Deals - Every PS4, P...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi Including shipping it is about 100 euros. Very expensive I think. I know I spent 90 euros for the 32GB card close to Vita launch but the whole memory card situation is somewhat ridiculous.

In the 64GB I could fit my backlog plus some all time favourite games like the Final Fantasy series.



belmont commented on God Eater Chows Down on PS4, Vita in 2016:

@JaxonH Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 has been announced for localization? Haven't heard it, great news. Now only trails TC remains...

As for God Eater I loved the first game on PSP! Will definitely keep an eye for the new games!!



belmont commented on Review: Final Fantasy VII (PS4):

It was somewhat charming playing this game back in 1996 without internet, gaming magazines or friends that had it. I played entirely on my own without having anything spoiled. The disk one ending amazed me mostly because the game somewhat said that only Aeris could prevent the calamity.



belmont commented on Review: Final Fantasy VII (PS4):

@kyleforrester87 The clock says about 40 hours but I had 3X always active and did't really do much else beside trophies like perfect game or maxing stats etc. They dialogue seemed slow to me even back in 1996. However the cheats don't disable trophies, I checked. Also the game plays great via Remote Play on Vita.

The No Encounter cheat is a blessing now that I think of it I can use it to do various challenges like No Exp from random battles etc. My try it sometime in the feature.



belmont commented on Review: Final Fantasy VII (PS4):

@VatoLoco47 @kyleforrester87 I so much like FF9. It is the king of missables though. Since they now have this PS2 emulator that add trophies I don't see how they could not do sometime the same with popular PS1 games. So a PC port may not be needed. However we will see the Steam version of FF8 since 7 seems to be selling well. Steam has more FF games (3,4,4 AY,5,6,13) though...

I got the platinum on FF7 yesterday. The time X3 cheat helped to do things fairly quickly. The game play and the backgrounds are still good today. Before PS1 I only had portable consoles so my first true jrpg games were Final Fantasy Legend 1 and 2 that introduced me to the genre. FF7 was also my first "true" jrpg game too



belmont commented on Uh-Oh! Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Episod...:

@get2sammyb That's the problem. FF7 is my favourite game so sooner or later I will buy the Parts close to the release date. If it true that each Part will be a full sized FF game you may play it to close the release of the next Part, unless they troll us and release each Part with a two year gap.
Edit: I just saw the feature article. I can't agree more.