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Tue 8th Dec 2009

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belmont commented on Final Fantasy VII PS4 Trophies Unleash Their L...:

Wow I played the original countless of times and I always got Aeris or Tifa on the date. Didn't know that you could get Barret until years later. However I was able to beat all the Weapons and gathering the best weapons without help which, back then, my friends thought that was quite an accomplishment. Back in 1996 nobody new the "internet" here.



belmont commented on Store Update: 24th November 2015 (Europe):

Super Star Wars is live for 9.99 euros. No cross-buy
Is it any good? I hear good things but I have never played or watched Star Wars...

May give Beyond: Two Souls a try sometime, probably on a discount.



belmont commented on A Huge Happy Birthday to the PS4 on Its Second...:

Got my PS4 sometime after Christmas of 2014. It was sold out before and I had to wait for one month for my order. To tell the truth the 409 euros did not really feel justified until sometime later with the likes of Driveclub, Mortal Kombat, Metal Gear etc.



belmont commented on Microsoft Parodies PS4's Infamous Game Sharing...:

Is it strange that there are some that may want BC for practical reasons? It surely is more convenient to play some classic games on PS4 like Final Fantasy series, Sonic 2, Metal Gear Solid 3 and some personal favourites like Outrun or Atelier without having an extra box or tons of cables (which I hate). There were times when I had four consoles on a TV set but I really can't stand the cables, the dust etc.



belmont commented on Review: BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend (PS4):

@Shillll Well it seems that, according to Sony, pqube somehow forgot to submit the free story mode dlc and the problem is with the pal vitas, in US the dlc works. UK, Italy and Greece have the issue so I assume it is in the whole pal region. It will be sorted and it is not the end of the world but it is frustrating to pay 40 euros for a broken game (even though I studied while waiting for midnight). I am not sure for the retail release date too.

Even though I am not particularly good at Blazblue I love the series since I got Calamity Trigger randomly for PSP from the bargain bin some years ago. I like the anime feel, the story and the stylish mode! I have bought US games from local shops that do imports from other regions but the PS4 version of Chrono Phantasma Extend is the only game I imported myself from Amazon.



belmont commented on Review: BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend (PS4):

Sorry for being a bit off topic. I would like to talk about something that got on my nerves.

At the time of writing the Vita version of this game is somewhat broken.

I am a Blazblue fan and stood awake on Thursday at midnight to buy via psn the eu version of the latest game. After a 3.1GB download I went to play the game.
When I chose the Story Mode it was missing! Somehow it functions as an extra psn download. I clicked to download it and, after the store loaded, I got the message "there are no content items". In Friday it didn't work either and, according to gaming forums, the same problem applies to the whole eu store. I contacted the publisher via twitter and e-mail. Another user posted that e-mailed Sony and the replay was that the problem is the publishers fault.
The problem is that the story mode is still missing and it feels that I wasted 40 euros on an incomplete game.



belmont commented on The PlayStation Store Seems to Be Getting a Wi...:

Gifting seems impossible in EU, there are games that are not available in all countries.

Is it me or the wish list icon has taken the place of the wallet icon? Now I can't see how much money remain on my account unless I click on my username.



belmont commented on XSEED: We Love the Vita and Will Continue to S...:

@mookysam Yes. Ghostlight is the obvious candidate, of even xseed themselves if it is digital only, although I don't know how they would publish a PSP game in 2016, even if it is Vita compatible. Last retail release was Pro 2014 and after that there was an rpg from Ghostlight, a visual novel and some small games.

I don't want to go for the Steam version of SC only because there will be no psn publisher in Europe.



belmont commented on It's Weird to See Fallout 4 on a Vita Screen:

@Cron_13 Actually I never thought to try the accesibility options. May give it a try.

If you experience some lag it may be due to the wireless modem. I don't have wireless so the remote play is done directly, like what the Wii U does, and have not experienced any lag.



belmont commented on It's Weird to See Fallout 4 on a Vita Screen:

Well I use remote play a lot. From all the games I have tried only Metal Gear is unplayable. The controls are not well mapped and you can't change them. Driveclub, Injustice, Dead or Alive, Final Fantasy x x2 and many others work perfectly. Haven't tried Destiny yet though.



belmont commented on Metal Gear Solid Online Starts Sneaking to PS4...:

OK we have some new weapons and items for the robot. There are some cosmetic changes. When the game saves there is a big ugly CHECKPOINT word below "now saving". For some reason the online is very slow. I have not tried it yet.



belmont commented on Opinion: Sony's Not Solely to Blame for PS Vit...:

I generally argee with the article. I want to add two points.

Firstly it seems that a lot of people that have bought the Vita love it. I like Jap games, PSP and PSone BC among others. It also has the best screen I have seen.

Secondly I think that it needed more games. PSP (one of my favourite gaming machines) had two (!) original Metal Gear games, 2 Silent Hill games, a major FF game (Crisis Core), a Kingdom Hearts game, 2 God of War games, Outrun, Castlevania, tons of Retro games (PSone, Mega Drive Collection, 2 Capcom Collections). Some of them appeared later on PS3 and also some are not available for Vita for some strange reason but anyway if Vita had a library like above would it suffer the same fate? In the end of the day it is understantable not making games in a device that only jrpg games seem to sell.



belmont commented on PS4 Appears to Be Getting a Price Drop in the UK:

Here, while techically PS4 still costs the launch price (409 euros), for this euros you can choose to get the 1TB model or the 500GB with Phantom Pain or Driveclub. So you get more for your money. I paid 409 euros for the 500GB model 4 months after the launch and some little more to update the hdd to 1TB+8GB SSD hybrid disk.

Edit: I checked around. You can buy a Wii U for 190 (!) euros (seriously I would get one if I hadn't got one for 220 euros), xbox one 500GB model for 320 euros, Vita TV for 62 euros (may get one for this price), Vita 2000 model for 159 euros and small new 3DS for 175 euros.



belmont commented on Rumour: There Are No Plans for Another Major M...:

I used to defend konami but seems that they somehow totaly lost it. I don't think that they will sell the rights for Castlevania, Silent Hill or Metal Gear.

Did the phantom pain really had so high developement costs though? I don't see them abandoning Pro or Metal Gear.



belmont commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (...:

@get2sammyb I think this is the only fault that this game has. Seems that they ran out of ideas in the end with tendious and repetitive missions and frastrating checkpoints to prolong the main game.

Apart from this the game is a masterpiece. The game expands the ideas introduced at peace walker in a vast open world and has a lot of small things to do.



belmont commented on Using Quiet During These Missions Can Corrupt ...:

Thanks for the heads up. When I started the game it popped as a warning message! Is that hard to beta test game these days?

Anyway I made a tranq. sniper rifle for her and he justs puts everyone to sleep and I can extract them and infiltrate easily.



belmont commented on Guide: Sneaking to Success in Metal Gear Solid...:

OK here is something cool. When you make the Medical Part in the base go to the blue door and press the button near the next door. I think you may also have to completed some side missions (the 51th I think).

There is a surprise there...



belmont commented on Guide: Sneaking to Success in Metal Gear Solid...:

The game seems a bit hard to me although the only games of this type I have played are Metal Gear and the last COD.

I try the non lethal approach as usually do in MG (also I don't like the mass killing I see on some games). Also this helps because I take the soldiers for my base.

However using the tr. gun and cqc seems somewhat punishing and it seems easy to become surrounded by ememies



belmont commented on This EU DriveClub Deal Is An Absolute Steal:

The season pass is 13 euros now. Pretty sure it was 20 euros. May get it somewhat down the line.

However I am kind of stuck in the main game. For some reason I can't win in any event anymore although till this poin the game was very easy for me.