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Tue 8th Dec 2009

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belmont commented on Here's How Resident Evil 4 Looks on the PS4:

I have it preordered! Strange that I was charged asap but anyway, for some reason I have no version of this game even though I have played it a lot with my friends.

So, considering that RE2 (and probably 3 after it) is being remade in PS4 we miss Code Veronica and the first Revelations.



belmont commented on PlayStation Plus Price Increase Confirmed for ...:

However 1$ is not equal to 1 euro. Electronics are more expensive here. For example new games cost up to 70 euros! However some things like phone bills are cheaper on some not so developed countries but game prices are the same in the whole region.

As for Plus cards they are very rarely discounted here. All sell them for 50 euros. I wouldn't mind a minor increase if there was an increase in quality but there has not been much. Free games are not so interesting, I struggle to play online in some games, Plus launch discounts are not that good etc.

In case I am very mistaken (I have never played on x-box) Live costs 50 euros here so they may not increase the price in Europe.



belmont commented on Review: No Man's Sky (PS4):

Great review. I will surely look again in this game in the future. For those that played it does it have civilizations on the planets or NPCs to interact? Also is there a story (even hidden in logs etc), a purpose of why you want to go in the center of the universe or is a greater event happening plot-wise?



belmont commented on Review: Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode ...:

I kind of enjoyed it but I would not recommend to someone who does not like DC or Batman very much. The only other Telltale game I have played though is Puzzle Agent 1+2 that is a Layton clone. I may check some more. From the Batman preorder I have Wolf, Walking Dead 2 from plus and Walking Dead 1 that I got on Vita years ago.



belmont commented on Sonic Sprints onto PS4 in Two New Games:

Before PlayStation 1 I was a huge SEGA fan. Lots of time playing Mega Drive, Game Gear. I guess lots of SEGA fans ended on PlayStation. SEGA seemed in the last few years a shadow of its former self but a new SEGA game is always a good thing.



belmont commented on Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle Battle It Out in Inj...:

Wonder Woman looks, well not like Wonder Woman. Blue Beetle is a blizzard choice. This version seems based on the latest incarnation of the character as seen in the Young Justice series and in the latest Justice League vs Teen Titans movie.



belmont commented on Pokémon Go Makes Nintendo More Valuable Than ...:

I have not studied economics or marketing but this think may, in my opinion, backfire. In the Wii case the console sold like crazy but the games not so much so we had a commercial success but a not so sucessfull console with way fewer games from PS3. Most got bored and stored or selled the Wii years ago. In the long term Nintendo was not in a good spot.

Now we have pokemon go and more to come. The average teenager has already a tablet where he can play pokemon, mario et al for free. Why a parent should spend euros to buy a 3DS and a proper pokemon game or an NX? So it may not work in the long run. I guess we will see when Sun and Moon launch.



belmont commented on Grow Up on 2nd August with PS4 Platformer:

For some reason I have never heard of any of those games. I may have to check them since they are kind of cheap though. Also those say "Immediate Payment Required". For example Hyper Light, Risk, Battleship and Rive are 12 euros, Grow Up and Alone with you are 8. Also some seam to be Vita Cross Buy, a good feature for me.



belmont commented on Put Your Hormones on Hold, Gal Gun: Double Pea...:

@Ralizah It has somewhat more freedom than a traditional rail shooter with branching paths, lots of collectibles etc but the crucial thing is to memorize the positions of the girls and which way they come from.

The frames drop and it is noticeable but it is not that bad. I don't think that it breaks the game. It is similar to other Vita 3d games.

The real problem in my opinion are the loading times. There is no loading in the stages but the loading times are enormous. Small cut scene, loading, another cut scene loading, waiting to play the stage, enormous loading etc.



belmont commented on Put Your Hormones on Hold, Gal Gun: Double Pea...:

For some reason I have this game. I was casually browsing the Vita store last week and I saw it and have bought it for 40 euros. The next day it was simply gone but it is still in my download list. The game plays fine and the trophies synchronize with the server with no problems. The game is not that great though. It plays like a rails shooter and you shoot girls with a strange arrow thing and try to find collectibles. Seems to have multiple endings too.



belmont commented on Mai You Give a Warm Welcome to Dead or Alive 5...:

I still play it sometimes. It is fun to play but hard to master. There two training trophies that involve combos that stopped my way to the platinum trophy. The only DLC I have bought though is a new character sometime ago.



belmont commented on Talking Point: Is It Time for PSone Classics o...:

I have tons of those PS1 ports that played in my PSP ages ago. I don't want to pay for them again. However if they want to add trophies and PS4 integration that much (which I don't) there is a solution: just sell them with a small fee of 1 euro or something to those that have already bought them. Nintendo does the same with the Virtua Console games. If there is a Wii U version and you have the Wii one you can upgrade for 2 euros or something.

Edit: @Utena-mobile beat me to it.



belmont commented on Dead Island's Deep Silver to Publish Persona 5...:

This sort of baffling thing is somewhat explained in a blog post in the SEGA blog:

The next question out of your mouth I’m sure is “but why? You have SEGA Europe, use them!” Yes, we do have a European branch, but they’re very much their own business, and as a business unit, SEGA Europe focuses on our Western IP titles – the titles developed by our Western studios such as Creative Assembly, Relic Entertainment, Sports Interactive and in partnership with studios such as PlaySport Games. With the majority of those titles being released on PC, we’ve seen an evolution of SEGA Europe into a more digitally-centric business over the last few years. For any packaged releases of SEGA Europe Western IPs they already partner with Deep Silver to bring those titles to market in Europe. It made sense to mirror that partnership with the SEGA of America-managed Japanese IP titles which currently have a heavier bias towards physical release. Sega Europe will still be publishing Yakuza 0.



belmont commented on Store Update: 28th June 2016 (Europe):

Adventures of Mana was secretly released with no mention from Square Enix. Doesn't want it to sell? Anyway seems a remake of Final Fantasy Adventure and a perfect fit from my Vita for 13 euros.



belmont commented on Talking Point: What July PlayStation Plus Free...:

I liked and finished gone home. However NBA2K16... I love basketball and since it has been years since I bought one I was excited.

After the download the menu in this game is super slow. Slower than a Win Me PC I had 15 years ago. I was excited by the inclusion of Euroleague teams (I love this tournament) and started a match. Since when those games became so super complicated? Fouled out with the travelling rule happened to me constantly. The opponent never missed. The Euroleague squads were way outdated in some teams...

As for next month I would like them to continue the trend with one AAA and one indie. Wouldn't it be great to give the first Watchdogs to celebrate the release of the second one?



belmont commented on Review: Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival (PS4):

I was somewhat disappointed. I couldn't figure how to control the ball, every tackling is a foul, there is no tutorial or manual, there are no options in the game to change the game length or the difficulty, no offside makes the game somewhat ridiculous (if you thought offside is not needed play the game and see why it is needed). Also the promised Vita version will arrive at an unknown date. After all those modern football games I wanted something simpler but this game seems unfinished.



belmont commented on Brexit Could Mean a More Expensive PS4K for UK...:

I really don't get why they wanted to leave EU. They can though since they have a somewhat strong economy, it is not like UK is so dependent on EU's money like Greece...

As for prices in well anything they may rise if pounds drop in comparison to euro. For us it may become cheaper to buy from Amazon (mostly books for my studies that I can't find here, games end up be more expensive due to delivery fee) unless they somehow have import fees.



belmont commented on Sony Could End Up Paying Millions to Angry Lin...:

I have actually installed a lot of linux distributions on my old PS3. Even those that are somewhat optimized for the console did not run that great due to small memory. I am not sure how it was used as a server or cluster back in the day.

In the end I tried some emulators, code and text editing. It was somewhat slow but acceptable. However I cannot see how I could prove that I used the feature.