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Tue 8th Dec 2009

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belmont commented on Rise of the Tomb Raider's Retro Press Kit Is t...:

@GBMatthew The collector edition is LAME!

I got mine today and the supposed artbook is in the place on the manual on a blue ray box that looks like a small book. It is not easy to describe it but the collectors edition has basically the artbook instead of a manual...



belmont commented on Sonic Mania's PS4 Collector's Edition Is a Blu...:

Meh I want this but I live in Europe. In SEGA they really have no idea what their fan-base wants and were it is located?

As a note I am not bothered by the download key. It may be a good idea for others to follow.

Does SEGA Europe hate retail editions or something?



belmont commented on PlayStation Plus Rumours Can Hurt Studios, Ind...:

Back in ps3 days I have seen comments in the official blog that were like "This year I will buy only FIFA, the other games I want will be released in plus sooner or later." I guess nowadays we have the same with Indies.



belmont commented on Review: Assetto Corsa (PS4):

I am browsing ebay now. I need PC and Game Gear versions of outrun!

Sorry for being off-topic but SEGA surely has no idea that some of its games (not only Sonic) still have a fan-base.



belmont commented on Hands On: Does PlayStation Now Stream Successf...:

And for some reason all those kinds of services like now, video, comics a few years ago, mobile etc. seem to be unavailable here and in a lot of European countries it seems. According to the blog only United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium have PSNow. UK makes some sense but ... should they have France or Germany?

That aside I think that most people sort of have all the PS3 games they want or can buy them cheap. Can they really sell old PS3 games to PC games who want 1080, 4K, 60 frames etc?



belmont commented on Here's How Resident Evil 4 Looks on the PS4:

I have it preordered! Strange that I was charged asap but anyway, for some reason I have no version of this game even though I have played it a lot with my friends.

So, considering that RE2 (and probably 3 after it) is being remade in PS4 we miss Code Veronica and the first Revelations.



belmont commented on PlayStation Plus Price Increase Confirmed for ...:

However 1$ is not equal to 1 euro. Electronics are more expensive here. For example new games cost up to 70 euros! However some things like phone bills are cheaper on some not so developed countries but game prices are the same in the whole region.

As for Plus cards they are very rarely discounted here. All sell them for 50 euros. I wouldn't mind a minor increase if there was an increase in quality but there has not been much. Free games are not so interesting, I struggle to play online in some games, Plus launch discounts are not that good etc.

In case I am very mistaken (I have never played on x-box) Live costs 50 euros here so they may not increase the price in Europe.



belmont commented on Review: No Man's Sky (PS4):

Great review. I will surely look again in this game in the future. For those that played it does it have civilizations on the planets or NPCs to interact? Also is there a story (even hidden in logs etc), a purpose of why you want to go in the center of the universe or is a greater event happening plot-wise?



belmont commented on Review: Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode ...:

I kind of enjoyed it but I would not recommend to someone who does not like DC or Batman very much. The only other Telltale game I have played though is Puzzle Agent 1+2 that is a Layton clone. I may check some more. From the Batman preorder I have Wolf, Walking Dead 2 from plus and Walking Dead 1 that I got on Vita years ago.



belmont commented on Sonic Sprints onto PS4 in Two New Games:

Before PlayStation 1 I was a huge SEGA fan. Lots of time playing Mega Drive, Game Gear. I guess lots of SEGA fans ended on PlayStation. SEGA seemed in the last few years a shadow of its former self but a new SEGA game is always a good thing.



belmont commented on Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle Battle It Out in Inj...:

Wonder Woman looks, well not like Wonder Woman. Blue Beetle is a blizzard choice. This version seems based on the latest incarnation of the character as seen in the Young Justice series and in the latest Justice League vs Teen Titans movie.



belmont commented on Pokémon Go Makes Nintendo More Valuable Than ...:

I have not studied economics or marketing but this think may, in my opinion, backfire. In the Wii case the console sold like crazy but the games not so much so we had a commercial success but a not so sucessfull console with way fewer games from PS3. Most got bored and stored or selled the Wii years ago. In the long term Nintendo was not in a good spot.

Now we have pokemon go and more to come. The average teenager has already a tablet where he can play pokemon, mario et al for free. Why a parent should spend euros to buy a 3DS and a proper pokemon game or an NX? So it may not work in the long run. I guess we will see when Sun and Moon launch.



belmont commented on Grow Up on 2nd August with PS4 Platformer:

For some reason I have never heard of any of those games. I may have to check them since they are kind of cheap though. Also those say "Immediate Payment Required". For example Hyper Light, Risk, Battleship and Rive are 12 euros, Grow Up and Alone with you are 8. Also some seam to be Vita Cross Buy, a good feature for me.