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Wed 7th Mar 2012

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JayMiller1988 commented on February NPD: PS4 Claims Narrow Victory Over X...:

@get2sammyb Yes, stock, especially in UK and US need to be kept as high as possible, lest people think Sony is being lazy or that they won't see stock until 2015.

I only have two reasons to get PS4 though at this point: ACIV and inFamous. And surely there are still bugs to work out most likely.



JayMiller1988 commented on Sony Planning 'Spectacular' E3 2014 Lineup for...:

They better show us hard-hitters- like Silverback said, we need less indies. In place of Indies, awesome games that beef up the library so it is more appetizing to fork over the 400 bucks to get PS4 (that was the major complaint even by people who have the PS4- lack of AAA's and stuff).



JayMiller1988 commented on Feature: We Predict the Stories Set to Shape P...:

1. Looking forward to an Assassin's Creed game that is exclusive to next-gen consoles, as well! I want to see what both the X1 and PS4 can make out of ACV. Though I'm afraid due to X1 not being as powerful, Sony's version will have to be brought down to X1's level. sadface.jpg

2. I'm hoping for more news and images/trailers for Mass Effect 4. Along the same lines, hoping for EA to tell us if they're continuing the Dead Space series, as they said that Visceral is working on a non-DS game.

3. Hopefully Second Son is as awesome to play as it is to watch and look at!



JayMiller1988 commented on PlayStation 4 May Well Be Make or Break for St...:

Ugh, this is the kind of thing that makes me fearful for Sony. I have been a faithful customer since PS1. I hope that Sony can turn this around. I hope PS4 isn't the last console we see out of them, their consoles are always amazing.



JayMiller1988 commented on This Is What the PS4's Launch Lineup Looks Lik...:

ACIV:BF is the only thing that entices me from the whole list. Not huge into indie games or FPSes. Won't be picking up ACIV:BF until a price cut though, and won't get a PS4 this year or even next- nevertheless, judging from what's in the pipeline for 2014, PS4 is going to have a strong start in my library.



JayMiller1988 commented on Talking Point: How Much Do Format Face-Offs Re...:

For me, it's more about games, though it doesn't hurt that PS4 is more powerful. I also like Sony's take on partnering up with newer gaming franchises instead of getting exclusive content from COD and such, it's forward-thinking.

Also, the whole DRM mess doesn't help Microsoft's case, AT ALL. Nintendo and Sony for me.



JayMiller1988 commented on Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime Not Very Impressed...:

The only games I really get addicted to with Nintendo are Zelda and Metroid- neither have an entry on Wii U. I'll be addicted to the 3DS with the new Zelda.

Sony has so many great things going for it game-wise. Sucker Punch's inFamous being the one I'm really looking forward to. And of course you can count on me being addicted to ACIV once I get my PS4.

Once games like Mass Effect 4 and Dead Space 4 (you know it'll happen) come out, those will probably obliterate anything I could find on the Wii U.




JayMiller1988 commented on Sony Prefers to Partner with Third-Party Title...:

I'm not huge into FPS games, but Destiny looks similar to Halo, all things considered. I can literally call some enemies that come out of the drop ships "Elite 2.0" or whatnot. I'm not saying a shite game, but the storyline looks like where it will divide Destiny from Halo.

Overall: May try, will see reviews first though.



JayMiller1988 commented on FAQ: What Are the Differences Between the PS4 ...:

PS4 for sure. But not launch day, waiting for more titles that appeal to me (at the moment really interested in inFamous: Second Son and ACIV: Black Flag; with Mass Effect 4 coming out, I'm really psyched). Even if PS4 was slightly less powerful, I'm a sort of turning into a Sony fanboy.



JayMiller1988 commented on Yes, Sony Will Announce the PlayStation 4 on 2...:


Won't be getting it at launch, but I'm hyped beyond belief. I thought a 2013 PS4 would be too soon, and still kind of do. But hey, Sony hopefully still knows how to make an awesome system.

I'll be waiting until I get PS4 to get Sony games, so my PS3 will only be turned on every once in a blue moon.

Don't disappoint Sony, or I'll have to beat my head against a wall!



JayMiller1988 commented on Is the PlayStation 4 Further Away Than We Think?:

I'm hoping they don't rush this. They need to perfect the system. And it damn well better be around an AMD chip (Kaveri or Steamroller anyone?), I'm tired of how third party devs are sick of Sony's decision to stick with Cell.

Late 2014 would be fine with me, I still probably won't have the Wii U by that time anyway, and PS4 will probably be above what the Wii U was at launch.



JayMiller1988 commented on Review: Mass Effect (PlayStation 3):

Yeah, the Mako is the reason I won't do a 100% run. Absolutely poo controls, I don't know who programmed it, but I would like to see their drug screening results.

Anyway, personally, I would give it an 8/10, I played it twice back-to-back pretty much. ME2 and ME3 I consider perfect 10's (yes, even the ending). It hasn't aged well, but you need to control for the fact that this was an early release for the original system.



JayMiller1988 commented on Michael Pachter: PlayStation 4 Will Launch in ...:

I've been anticipating the PS4, but with them being BB-, they may want to wait until price of equipment goes down. What really killed PS3 for me buying it any time soon after its launch was the price- and it's still a $249.99 system last I checked.

PS3 is a great system, but they really need to be innovative with features (for the consumer) and specs (for the devs), at least that would be the perfect system I'd buy.



JayMiller1988 commented on Sony Is Slashing 2,000 Jobs in Japan:

This is terrible news. With the holidays coming, bundles will probably be where Sony is going sales-wise, and -hopefully- a Vita price drop.

Come on Sony, get back to thy former glory.



JayMiller1988 commented on Analysts: PlayStation 3 Price-Cut Unlikely to ...:

The PS3 price is fine, the Vita price on the other hand...

I'd rather the PS3 price get cut after PS4 which I'm hoping is preferably coming out next year.

Vita's library is only now starting to shine, and with ACIII: Liberation coming out this December, this holiday would be awesome for a Vita price cut.