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Thu 17th Jan 2013

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RaymanFan2 commented on Retailer GameStop's Publishing Ratchet & Clank...:

Insomniac's one of my favorite developers and Metroid's one of my favorite series' (although I'm not usually big on other Metroidvanias) so hopefully this turns out well, but I agree it looks a little meh from this brief slice.



RaymanFan2 commented on Go Lombax to the Future with Ratchet & Clank o...:

@thedevilsjester Yeah, it's going to retain some elements, but for example I really doubt James Arnold Taylor's boy scout Ratchet will end up hating Clank for a good third of the game like Mikey Kelley's in the first game.

And neither approach is necessarily worse, but at the time it was cool to see a buddy platformer where the buddies hated each other.



RaymanFan2 commented on Naughty Dog Takes You Behind the Scenes on Unc...:

That just sounds like generic movie backing soundtrack stuff.
Like if Nate's themes 1-3 are Imperial March then this version 4 is whatever the hell music plays when Luke asks Uncle Owen if he can go pick up some power converters.

When you get a massive orchestra you have to be careful to still have that whistle-able melody front and center or the whole piece will just become a background element.



RaymanFan2 commented on Soapbox: Call of Duty: Black Ops III's Campaig...:

While I agree with the article, I don't know if it was worth the effort to write it.
Sure, you can analyse and explain why a CoD campaign sucks from a narrative standpoint, but it's a given that most players who would care about an article like this innately recognize why anyway.



RaymanFan2 commented on Paris Games Week 2015: Uncharted 4's Multiplay...:

On the one hand this looks like it's cheapening some stuff (like El Dorado by making it basically a grenade, or Lazaravic and Marlowe by making them playable characters).

On the other UC3's MP (not to mention TLoU's) was fantastic so I can't wait to play.



RaymanFan2 commented on People Are Having Real Problems Paying with Cr...:

@get2sammyb It's worth nothing that, if a credit card fails for any reason 3 times, whether it's the buyer's fault or Sony's, you can't use that credit card for at least a week, sometimes 10 days, for security reasons.

So a lot of people will not only be not giving Sony money now, but also not giving Sony money over the next week.