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Thu 17th Jan 2013

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RaymanFan2 commented on E3 2016: Sony May Have Pulled Its Big E3 2016 ...:

Could have been something that was in some way considered distasteful after the shootings of the last few days. I don't think anyone's making a massacre simulator or anything, but perhaps a particularly gory first person shooter for VR or something. Think along the lines of No Russian from MW2.



RaymanFan2 commented on Batman: Return to Arkham Is Looking Like a Pre...:

As far as I'm concerned games need more colour as a whole, but the gritiness of the textures is a different story. In that comparison of the Joker it looks like his suit has been recently pressed, and, I mean, when do you think the Joker last washed?



RaymanFan2 commented on Naughty Dog Will Resurrect The Last of Us 2 Pr...:

It's a shame that Amy Hennig left, because I genuinely believe we could have seen TLOU2 a year and a half after UC4 (which itself would have come out sooner). As it is, it's likely to be a good two and a half years at least, and splitting ND into two teams a few years back hasn't achieved much.



RaymanFan2 commented on Naughty Dog Started Uncharted 4's Story Again:

Yeah, considering that there was originally hope for a late 2014 release when the game was first announced, I had assumed that after Hennig left the game was basically started over. They probably kept the setpieces and assets they'd already built but not much else.



RaymanFan2 commented on DOOM Should Run Like a Bloody Dream on PS4:

id-tech 5 barely got used at all, and was looking pretty average come Wolfenstein New Order, so I hope this one sees more use. id's engines generally are very impressive - when they're first used.



RaymanFan2 commented on Talking Point: Do You Fast Travel in Open Worl...:

It really depends on the game. The traversal in Ass Creed was fun for the first couple years, but the worlds are huge and the missions are so far apart that I fast travel as much as possible.

On the other hand, the wingsuit is better than sex so I don't fast travel anywhere in Just Cause 3.



RaymanFan2 commented on Retailer GameStop's Publishing Ratchet & Clank...:

Insomniac's one of my favorite developers and Metroid's one of my favorite series' (although I'm not usually big on other Metroidvanias) so hopefully this turns out well, but I agree it looks a little meh from this brief slice.



RaymanFan2 commented on Go Lombax to the Future with Ratchet & Clank o...:

@thedevilsjester Yeah, it's going to retain some elements, but for example I really doubt James Arnold Taylor's boy scout Ratchet will end up hating Clank for a good third of the game like Mikey Kelley's in the first game.

And neither approach is necessarily worse, but at the time it was cool to see a buddy platformer where the buddies hated each other.