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Thu 17th January, 2013

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RaymanFan2 commented on There's a Chance That You'll Be Killing More C...:

It was pretty obvious from that Q&A as a whole that they genuinely haven't got a clue themselves if it'll be TLoU 2 or something else. There might be some brainstorming meetings going on every so often, but I think everyone's still burnt out on the game (and DLC).

This is the team that interests me more, though. Uncharted 4, while interesting and probably a system-seller, isn't anything hugely unpredictable, and the series much more easily lends itself to sequels than TLoU.



RaymanFan2 commented on Review: The Last of Us: Left Behind (PlayStati...:

@Lucky_SouL Yeah, I agree with Sammy that the Hunter vs. Infected felt like a test for a sequel.
However, I know exactly why it wasn't in the vanilla game. Benson Russell (combat lead) gave a talk here in NZ and said that he could only have 7 active human A.I or 10 active Infected A.I before the game had to momentarily 'forget' an enemy to keep it running smoothly (until an enemy was killed and another could be 'remembered' and take his place).

Averaging it out, you could probably have 10 enemies (5 hunter, 5 infected, extremely rough estimate) in play before the game began to chug. Since that would have meant having no variety in enemy numbers in any hunter vs. infected bit, it was presumably cut from the main game, if it ever that got past the idea stage at all.
The DLC was shorter, so it felt less repetitive and more fresh than it would have felt in a 15-20 hour game.



RaymanFan2 commented on Review: The Last of Us: Left Behind (PlayStati...:


"Meanwhile, hidden collectibles – which are once again represented by intricately rendered models – tell the personal tale of various other survivors in a manner that’s reminiscent, but perhaps not quite as impactful, as the likes of Ish from the Suburbs section of the primary excursion."

I have to disagree. The story of SPOILERS the crashed helicopter survivors END SPOILERS was awesome, even if it was perhaps a little too vague on who was who (bearing in mind I missed a couple of artifacts)

Either way, the artifacts in both 'parts' of the game as a whole did an awesome job of reminding you that the infected you're killing were once the people who left this stuff behind.



RaymanFan2 commented on Review: The Last of Us: Left Behind (PlayStati...:

"However, it also fleshes out unseen parts of the primary storyline, as the youngster embarks on a suicide mission inside a dilapidated shopping centre in search of medical supplies for the injured Joel."

I feel like this is a spoiler. I small one, yeah, but big enough to avoid mentioning it in the review. After all, we had no idea that there would be anything in this DLC other than the Riley bits.



RaymanFan2 commented on Talking Point: Is the Vita Really Dying a 'Slo...:

@JaxonH "Just because a gaming device doesn't sell 80 million units, doesn't mean it's dead, and doesn't mean it can't be a great platform and contribute to the greater gaming library with some gems of its' own"

But it does mean that investors shouldn't waste their money investing in it. Therefore, Pachter is doing his job and turning investors away. And rightly so.
Pachter doesn't care about how good the games are, or how much untapped potential the console has. He doesn't have to. He cares about the numbers, and the sales forecasts.
People need to stop taking it as an emotional/personal dig at Sony/Nintendo. It's a business analysis, and I hope Pachter is making a good living off of it because he's typically not far off the mark.
(I wasn't necessarily responding to you, Jaxon, just using something you said as a contrast) :D



RaymanFan2 commented on Talking Point: Is the Vita Really Dying a Slow...:

While I like my Vita and it's 20 or so good games, I can definitely see where Pachter is coming from.
Gamers need to stop hating on him. He's doing his job, which is advising investors as to whether it is wise to invest in something. He'd be out of a job in three seconds flat if he advised investors to invest in Nintendo in the state they're in just because there are some vocal fans that hate him because he 'doesn't like Nintendo' (which is false, he probably doesn't have a strong opinion either way on Nintendo's games/systems, just its stocks)
The fact of the matter is that it is not currently wise to invest in Nintendo, other than buying their systems. In terms of stocks, Pachter is indeed in the right. You aren't going to get much return.
I use Nintendo as the example because they're in a much more immediately noticeable problem area than Sony.



RaymanFan2 commented on Soapbox: Sony Is Depriving Players of the Opti...:

I still have a 4GB one, and it's the main reason I don't use my Vita at all.
I know 16GB will still be too small, so I don't buy one of those, but I absolutely refuse to pay the price of a 32GB ($100 NZ here which is $80 US)