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Thu 17th January, 2013

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RaymanFan2 commented on Ubisoft Locks Assassin's Creed Unity's PS4 Res...:

Also, I'm more worried about Rogue.
BF ran at like sub 15-FPS quite a good chunk of the time on PS3, and having been spoiled by the PS4 version I'm hoping they actually downgrade the graphics they used on PS3 to get a more steady framerate, since Rogue is apparently old-gen exclusive.



RaymanFan2 commented on Review: Alien: Isolation (PlayStation 4):

While I don't mean to shortchange the review by commenting on the score, all the reviews I've seen have either been at least 8's or lower than 6's.
Since, let's not kid ourselves here, 7's have kinda become gaming's 'average' score rather than 5 (not so much in the case of PushSquare but in review websites in general), this might be the most ... err... ambivalent review I've seen so far.



RaymanFan2 commented on Gossip Regarding Grand Theft Auto V PS4's Rele...:

I'm really hoping this looks as good if not better than Max Payne 3 did.
Pre-release bullshots of GTAV last gen looked around that quality, but of course I didn't actually expect it to since MP3 is linear and GTAV is open-world.



RaymanFan2 commented on Review: inFAMOUS: First Light (PlayStation 4):

I hope Sucker Punch moves on from InFamous now.
Uncharted was the only really big exclusive franchise that I thought deserved to be brought forward to the PS4. The other exclusive-makers should have moved on, although I guess Sucker Punch had the right to make a third infamous since they only made 2 on PS3.



RaymanFan2 commented on PS4 Exclusive The Last of Us Remastered to Loo...:

@get2sammyb The maps are the Financial Plaza and the Beach (with the beached shipwrecks), both from the SP campaign, in case you want to add that to your post, Sammy.
And there was supposed to be a $5 Scoped Weapons pack yesterday that didn't happen - it was even in PushSquare's very own PS Store update (EU) yesterday!



RaymanFan2 commented on Gamescom 2014: Assassin's Creed Rogue Looks a ...:

I actually get the feeling this won't get a next-gen re-release, because Ubisoft will be wanting to make a quick buck off it and for get about it ASAP because it's actually not what they want people to see AC as going forward (that is, a shameless moneygrab)



RaymanFan2 commented on You'll Need to Find Your Sea Legs for the Dark...:

What annoys me the most about Ubisoft games is that the very first trailer reminds you that there's DLC.
Perhaps announce a game, then tell us about the pre-order DLC when stores have had enough time to list the game for preorder?



RaymanFan2 commented on Feature: Share Your Pictures of the Apocalypse...:

It's cool how plenty of fan pictures are good enough to be actual bullshots.
Or actual shots, I guess, since AFAIK there isn't anything extra added to the image while the processor is freed up a little while the game is paused.



RaymanFan2 commented on Bumping The Last of Us Remastered's Framerate ...:

This sin't a sacrifice made for the sake of 60FPS. It's an upgrade made because not all the cycles were working hard when you set the game to 30FPS.

It was a feature included when they decided to do the 30FPS lock, not a feature omitted when they decided to aim for 60 (and let it be said that they've always said 'aims for' and not 'holds' 60)