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ZeD commented on October's PlayStation Plus Lineup Is Going to ...:

I dropped my subscription last month as I had not being getting my value for money. Most of my online play happens on my Xbox now and I have not played a Plus game for many months. I was hoping that this month would change that but not for me. I actually own the majority of the games already and I will say that Broken Age is the highlight here.



ZeD commented on Poll: Has Destiny Won You Back With The Taken ...:

For me I quit playing when they blocked content because I did not want to buy the over priced DLC. However though if I get it now, I can get the full version (Base game + DLC + Taken King) for £40 I think (will have to check) but me being cheap I may wait for it to drop in price. From what I have read the Y2 update has fixed all the issues I had with it before. I understand that it is a MMO and grinding is key but what they wanted in the original game was just plain silly



ZeD commented on Download Your Free PlayStation Plus Games Righ...:

Too many games out this time of year for me to even think about starting any of these. Might give Home Grown ago but my PS+ Sub runs out in a few days with no chance of me renewing it this time around.



ZeD commented on Feature: What Are September 2015's Free PlaySt...:

My plus is up for renewal and was going to see what was in this months line up to decide if I should renew and it looks like I will not. Another disappointing month and until they shape things I will not return.
Plus was great but now it feels empty.



ZeD commented on July 2015 NPD: PS4 Tops Hardware and Software ...:

I read a good article somewhere explain why this holiday season is the time for Microsoft to get the jump on Sony. Compared side by side (at the moment), Microsoft has a lot of exclusive games coming out. If they do not get the jump on Sony, then they never will.
@Kohaku I agree. No need for any new consoles any time soon. Like you said they are both selling well but one better than the other



ZeD commented on Review: Goat Simulator (PS4):

I think 6 is a little too generous. As a game it really is does not offer much. This is just YouTube bait 😒
What is the cost of this "game" - cannot see the side bar on mobile.



ZeD commented on Is This Redesigned PS4 User Interface an Impro...:

@get2sammyb It may be fast and fluid but it is a nightmare to find a game that you have not played in a while. Once it has gone off the ribbon, you then have to go into your Library (which contains EVERYTHING!) and search there.
I have to agree with others on here, it is a very boring OS.
I am getting on Xbone this week so I will be able to see the difference between companies but I have Windows 10 at the moment and the Xbox App (which is going to be the future One's layout) knocks spots of the PS4 OS.
Once last point, why can Sony not do a Total Play Time!? Xbox does it, 3DS does it (an WiiU? Not sure about this - can some one confirm) and Steam does this! It cannot be that hard. They need to have a feature where us the players can recommend features that need to be added. I believe there is one but I doubt they listen.

All in all,...
Microsoft = King of the OS
Sony = King of the Hardware



ZeD commented on Gamescom 2015: We Want to Be More Respectful o...:

So Bungie have finally got down off their high horse. I stopped playing when I looked into how much work was required to level your "light" up once you got there! No thank you.
This way looks a lot better but for me it is just too late.



ZeD commented on E3 2015: You Won't Be Receiving a Retail Relea...:

Have I missed part of gaming history? Not owning a Dreamcast I must ask some questions. Shenmue? What is it? Why is it so.important to have a third one?

Sorry if this angers anyone. I have only heard the name around the net but have never looked deeper into it.



ZeD commented on Guide: The Best Character Builds for Geralt in...:

I have put a couple of hours into The Witcher 3 and I can honestly say I cannot see what makes it so good? I find the story very slow and all in the air (I have watched videos to explain the last two games but it still makes no sense).
Also I have to a agree with @Gemuarto - this guide is very confussing and backs up my other slight issue (no biggy) is that there is as much work in getting to under stand the games set up as board games I play with the friends.
Also I cannot wait for this game to disappear from internet forums - every reddit sub has turned into The WItcher 3 Sub! Aghh! It is everywhere!
Sorry Witcher fans (@ShogunRok)



ZeD commented on First Impressions: The Witcher 3 May Be One of...:

I feel like I am the only person who is not excited for this title. From what I have seen it just doesn't interest me at this moment in time. That may change but no time soon. I hope it is as good as you guys want it to be



ZeD commented on Talking Point: How Important Is Game Length?:

You should take film ticket prices into account here as well. I pay £10 for a movie whether it is 90mins or 180mins. So if you pay £50 for a game you could potentially get 5 times the amount compared to a film. So for that price I would expect at least 8-10hrs of good story based gameplay. I remember in the past being excited for longer films but I feel that newer, longer films can get boring quickly. Same for games. After 10hrs on a game I will usually stop playing. I do not know why but I just do. So if a game sits at 8-10hrs it is perfect for me.
Odd comparison I know but that is how i look at it.