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ZeD commented on Minecraft Will Continue to Exist on PlayStatio...:

But my question is this - how do you make a sequel to Minecraft? The fact that it can support itself is what makes it so unique.
Do not get me wrong I am glad they are keeping Minecraft going on other consoles but it is such a strange buy out. I know it always makes money but how far can it really go?



ZeD commented on Feature: What Are September 2014's Free PlaySt...:

I will say that Velocity 2X is the best game here (trust me I know 😜). Everything else is really meh mainly due to having them already. TxK is a good for those who don't have it and I will enjoy Joe Danger as I loved it in my PS3.
I must admit this is the worst month to date but remember people this is September - the month of Destiny and Fifa!! 😃



ZeD commented on You'll Probably Never, Ever Earn These PS4 Tro...:

It does not always mean a trophy is hard because it is ultra rare. It can just mean it is time consuming. Have a look at any Lego game. The final trophies are collectibles and there are not many "normal" gamers who would go for them. RPGs are the same. To 100% any of them it is 100+ hours!!



ZeD commented on inFAMOUS' Standalone DLC Store Page Sheds Some...:

@Donald_M I agree with all the endings making no sense. It begs the question where does the big story go from here? In the evil ending does he really learn any lessons from what he has done? No. The same could be said for the good too. They should have just had one ending and the good/evil thing just changed you powers. I remember Infamous 1 where it didn't matter if you were good or evil, everyone hated you.



ZeD commented on Sony: PS Vita Will Play Host to Fewer First-Pa...:

See for me at the moment the only time I really play my vita is at work and I only get 2 x 15 mins and a 30 min dinner break so having titles I can quickly play is perfect - I only mange to play bigger titles every now and again as I put a lot if time into my ps4.
Either way it is an odd move by Sony



ZeD commented on Talking Point: Is Watch Dogs Proof That You Ca...:

@get2sammyb Great article. I really enjoyed reading this. An example to me of a game having to much extra stuff was AC Revelations. The story was very good but got lost behind the extra things. The same happened in AC3. I story was very weak but was well hidden behind the extra missions. In AC4 they got it perfect - the balance was very well done.
Back to Watch Dogs and i think it is the same balance. I spent my first session on it last night, completed only one mission and spent the rest exploring the city.
What has happened is that GTA has set the bar now on how to create a sandbox and every one else is following that.



ZeD commented on Here's Your First Look at the Next Call of Dut...:

@Gamer83 But, in theory, it is not a yearly release any more. One studio has three years to create a game. Yes we get a COD each year but it is developed by a different studio. But I do see where you are coming from - they feel the need to release a COD each year as it rakes in the money. I cannot say much as I tend to buy Fifa each year :D