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Male, 20, United States

I like to play games. Cool huh?

Wed 4th Feb 2009

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IAmNotWill commented on Can UK's Broadband Cope with PlayStation Now?:

@Paranoimia They can't. If they're going to make money off of it then they need a certain amount of people to use it without any major hiccups, I'm guessing.

I get around 16 Mbps where I live. Internet speed is never a problem with the service provider we have. TV on the other hand...



IAmNotWill commented on Poll: How Many PS3 Games Do You Hope to Finish...:

All of my backlog is finished. I joined the PS3 party pretty late, so there are still games I want to play before my attention is focused on next gen.

My next purchases are Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, Metal Gear Rising, Bayonetta, and that Ico Collection that came out 2 years ago. Maybe Puppeteer if I don't have anything else to play.



IAmNotWill commented on Poll: What Are Your Plans for the PS4's Launch?:

Skipping launch. inFAMOUS and Watch_Dogs won't be there, so I won't even bother. The excitement of a new system quickly wears off when you realize you don't care much for the launch games.

Currently at $100 saved. Spring 2014 is my target.



IAmNotWill commented on Grand Theft Auto Online's Character Creator Is...:

@Shellybird27 Well let's name a couple of issues.

-Flying sucks. It might be worse than GTA IV.
-Combat is mash square until you win. Not fun.
-The controls take a LONG time to get used to. I don't have any issues with it now, but yeah, they're weird.
-The cops are still annoyingly hypersensitive.

Just a few off that top of my head. A lot of people had similar issues.



IAmNotWill commented on Grand Theft Auto Online's Character Creator Is...:

You guys nailed it. The gene pool idea is cool, but I can't make anything that looks like me. Also the menu is awful.

Along with the flaws of the single player, it blows my mind on how some sites gave it a perfect score. It is still an incredibly fun game, though. I would easily give a 9, but it's far from perfect.



IAmNotWill commented on GamesCom 2013: Sony Slashes Vita's Price to $1...:

This is excellent news.


I'm still missing my Triple A retail games. After Killzone and Tearaway, there aren't any big first party software on the horizon besides Freedom Wars.

But this is still good news for me. $200 is a fantastic price point for the Vita and should definitely get it off the shelves and into the hands of people for a bit. I mean, Pokemon is coming out soon, it was only a matter of time before this thing got buried.