OpenGame, a new YouTube account which is blowing up at the moment, owes a lot of its success to the TheRelaxingEnd. The formula is very similar: a pair of gloved hands unseals old games with a fancy knife, but the account’s focus on entire franchises appears to be pleasing Google’s algorithm. Take, for example, this video on every Resident Evil game, which has amassed over 500k views in less than a week:

Of particular note here is the quality of the games the account is unboxing: most of them are sealed, although we’re guessing a lot have been re-sealed for the purposes of the video, and are not in their original packaging. Nevertheless, we’re talking complete sets here: unfrayed manuals, perfect retail quality discs, and just generally pristine condition. The videos also include footage of every game, so you can see how the franchise has evolved.

We suppose this goes down as a type of ASMR, and it is quite entrancing how the videos are edited and put together. Of particular interest for PlayStation fans are these God of War and Uncharted videos as well, but the account appears to be growing at an extraordinary rate, and is clearly raking in the YouTube ad revenue:

Do you like these kind of videos? Unseal the entire back catalogue of your favourite video game brand in the comments section below.