Fans of underwater adventures like Aquanaut’s Holiday and Endless Ocean may be interested in learning more about Hudson Soft’s obscure PS1 deep sea diving game B.L.U.E. Legend of Water, which has now received a full English fan translation patch courtesy of Hilltop. The game, originally released in 1998 in Japan, was due out worldwide at one point – but ultimately never plunged Western shores. Now, you’ll be able to patch your copy, and try out this hidden gem.

The title’s plot is an unusual one: you’ll play as a young girl named Maia, as she visits her father at an ocean-based research facility dedicated to marine archaeology. There you’ll divide your time between the hub and underwater excursions, where you’ll befriend a dolphin named Luka. Eventually, you’ll be able to command your animal accomplice to perform all sorts of useful tasks for you, which is how you’ll progress.

You can learn more about the patch, including instructions on how to install it, via Hilltop’s Patreon. And, of course, if you enjoy the work that’s been done here, it may be worth supporting the translation team so we can get more localisations like this in the future.

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