Aconcagua, a forgotten PS1 point-and-click game developed and published by Sony, launched in 2000 in Japan. The politically charged title saw you controlling a journalist in a fictional reimagining of Argentina’s Mendoza province, and tasked you with helping a group of survivors descend a mountain after a terrorist attack. Unfortunately, it never released outside of its native Japan.

Available from today, however, the long-lost classic has been localised by Hilltop, who you can find on Patreon through here. It’s worth noting that the original game did feature English (and Spanish) voice acting, but there were also text boxes entirely in Japanese. All of that’s been converted as part of this patch, which is arriving 22 years after the release’s original debut.

You can download the translation, as well as instructions on how to install it, through here. Alternatively, you can check out a trailer embedded above. Have you ever played Aconcagua, or are you tempted to finally try it out courtesy of this localisation? Descend the mountain to the comments section below.