PS1 Demo Disc 1
Image: Martin Hinson / @NakamuraMartin

Picture the scene: it’s January 1996 – an eye-rolling 25-years ago – and you’re gawking at the non-interactive WipEout demo included with the first copy of The Official PlayStation Magazine. The so-called “rolling demo” technically wasn’t playable – but what if we told you there actually was a way to commandeer those polygonal aircrafts you spent hours staring at?

PS1 Demo Disc 2
Image: Martin Hinson / @NakamuraMartin

As revealed in a future issue of the aforementioned magazine – and lost to the annals of time – booting the PS1’s infamous Demo 1 then swapping the disc mid-session allowed you to take control of Psygnosis’ rolling demo. Presumably it’s some kind of memory bug which unlocks the controls, and the exploit obviously still works to this very day.

Alright, it’s not the most mind-blowing story we’re going to post in 2021, but we figured this was a fun hack that deserved a few virtual column inches, lest it get forgotten. Do you miss the days of demo discs and weird little unpatchable exploits like this? Finish first as Feisar in a demo you weren’t ever supposed to play in the comments section below.

[ Thanks, Martin ]