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  • News Action Packed GRID Trailer Outlines Features in Upcoming PS4 Racer

    Get your heart racing

    The release of GRID is now less than a month away on PlayStation 4, and it's looking like a solid new entry in the series. This new trailer gives a brief overview of all the buzzwords being thrown around for the fast approaching racer, touching on new systems and gameplay modes. For example, it tells of the AI, and how each...

  • News GRID PS4 Trailer Shows New Track and Cars While Detailing Game Modes

    Spoiler alert

    The brief glimpses we've had of the new GRID on PlayStation 4 have been pretty promising. The racing series is making a return, and it seems like it's going to be another robust entry. The latest trailer, embedded above, shows off a new track - namely Sydney Motorsport Park - as well as the Honda CRX MightyMouse. Over the footage, two...

  • News Blink and You'll Miss This Short But Sweet GRID PS4 Gameplay Trailer

    Va va vroom

    We're rather excited about the return of GRID on PlayStation 4. The first game especially was a breath of fresh air, introducing the endlessly copied rewind system to the racing genre. The revival on current platforms looks like it's going to tread similar territory, but we're not complaining. Aside from DriveClub, there aren't too many...

  • News GRID Takes a Pit Stop on PS4, Delayed to October


    Since the game's announcement earlier in the year, we've not heard much at all about GRID, Codemasters' next racing title. There's been a bit of gameplay, but we still know very little about the game itself. We expect it'll be good, given the track record of the series and the company's recent output, but it would be nice to learn a touch...

  • Review F1 2019 - Solid But Evolutionary Formula One Driving Sim

    The old F1-F2

    F1 2019 is the next instalment in Codemasters’ hugely popular Formula One racing franchise, and it’s arriving nearly two months earlier in the calendar than the previous games. But with the addition of F2, a couple of racing legends, and a visual polish, does this entry take franchise pole position? Fire up a race in F1 2019 as a...

  • News First GRID PS4 Gameplay Footage Speeds into View

    Mean streets

    Yesterday, Codemasters announced the return of GRID on PlayStation 4. The series, which occupies a sort-of half-way house between arcade and sim, has historically been pretty good, and it introduced the idea of rewinding time to fix mistakes. In a new video from IGN, we don't see this feature in action, but we do get a few minutes of...

  • News Codemasters Announces GRID, Coming to PS4 in September

    Ultimate edition confirms post-launch content

    Codemasters has just revealed its latest racing game, titled GRID. It's coming to the PlayStation 4 on 13th September, and you can get your first glimpse of footage in the announcement trailer above, courtesy of IGN. While it doesn't give away too much, we expect this to be a semi-serious arcade racing...

  • News DiRT Rally 2.0 Season One Starts on 12th March, Adds New Cars and Locations

    Put your foot down

    Codemasters has released new details on the first season of DLC for its excellent offroad racer, DiRT Rally 2.0. Beginning later this month, Season One promises a decent amount of new content, including cars, rally events, and more. It all gets started on 12th March, when players with access to the Deluxe Edition content will get...

  • Review DiRT Rally 2.0 - The Lean Mean Rally Sim Makes a Triumphant Return

    The long and winding road

    Codemasters' DiRT franchise, which has roots in its historic Colin McRae series, has gone through a few changes. It's swerved between flashy, casual-friendly racing and straight-laced, hardcore simulation a couple of times now, and with the release of DiRT Rally 2.0, we're back on the latter. The last game, DiRT 4, took the...

  • News DiRT Rally 2.0 PS4 Trophies May Drive You Round the Bend

    Muck in

    The trophy list for DiRT Rally 2.0 has been released, and it doesn't look too bad. However, when you remember that this is a sequel to Codemasters' challenging rally sim, that Platinum may seem a little further out of reach. Generally speaking, the 51-strong trophy list isn't anything out of the ordinary. You'll need to compete in all event...

  • News Codemasters Shows Off Iconic Cars in New DiRT Rally 2.0 Trailer

    Vroom vroom

    In case you'd forgotten, there's a sequel to DiRT Rally coming in just a couple of months. Codies is currently gearing up for the 26th February launch of DiRT Rally 2.0, and it's just released a new trailer for the mucky simulation racer. The video takes us through the decades, showing off four vehicles that are emblematic of the sport...

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    Review Onrush

    Drive club

    Republished on Wednesday 28th November 2018: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of December's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. It may look a helluva lot like MotorStorm, but Onrush is a completely different beast. The first multiformat project from the developer formerly known...

  • News DiRT Rally 2.0 Halloween Trailer Takes You for a Haunting Drive in the Dark

    Don't cut

    It's always nice to see developers getting into the holiday spirit, and this year, Halloween is inspiring the game industry. This new trailer for DiRT Rally 2.0 might not show off any new vehicles or locations, but it's suitably spooky. It's cut like a cheesy 80s horror flick, with silly text and haunting sounds. It's just a bit of fun,...

  • News Onrush PS4 Update Adds Four New Tracks for Free


    Onrush, that fun but troubled arcade racer from Codemasters, has just received an update on PS4. It's available to download right now, and introduces four brand new courses to stampede around. There's not a huge amount of information, but a short video was put out on social media, providing a brief look at each new stage. It seems the...

  • News DiRT Rally 2.0 Announced, Races to PS4 in February

    Should be rally good

    Just like that, DiRT Rally 2.0 has been announced for PlayStation 4, as became obvious yesterday. This is a direct follow up to the more simulation-focused offshoot of the DiRT series. It'll feature locations like New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Australia, and the USA, and it sounds just as hardcore as the first game. As...

  • News Codemasters Gears Up for DiRT Related Announcement Tomorrow

    DiRT Rally 2 confirmed?

    Remember yesterday when several Twitter accounts related to Codemasters' DiRT series sent out the same "2.0" tweet at the same time? Well, turns out a new game in the rally racing franchise really is on the way. We're due an announcement tomorrow, according to the below tweet. This seemingly confirms the suspicion that...

  • News Is Codemasters Teasing DiRT Rally 2?

    A little bird tells us it is

    Racing game specialist Codemasters appears to be teasing something on Twitter. Its account, along with the pages for the DiRT series and Onrush, all posted a tweet simply saying "2.0". Because the tweet was spread across various franchises, it seemed to be a company wide development of some kind, but now the picture is...

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    Review F1 2018

    Trulli awesome

    Codemasters’ newest instalment in its celebrated F1 franchise is finally here, promising high-speed thrills, new modes and improved racing mechanics. Essentially, however, F1 2018 is a polished version of F1 2017. Last season’s effort already impressed, but small changes to the 2018 instalment have elevated the game to the most...

  • News Onrush Ranked Mode Arrives on PS4 with Summer Slam Event

    Drive to survive

    Onrush, the bright and breezy team-based racer, may not have sold very well, but its loyal players have been clamouring for ranked online play. Fortunately, it's finally arrived, and a new Summer Slam event introduces the first batch of rewards available for taking part. As you climb the ranks, you'll be able to earn new...

  • News Incoming Onrush Update Adds Ranked Mode, and Replays Arrive Today

    It's go time

    A couple of Onrush updates are stampeding their way to PS4 as the developer continues to update the game despite lay-offs. The first of these arrives today, with the headline addition being replays. You'll now be able to record replays of your matches, and enter photo mode at any time to frame a perfect snap. Any photo mode filters can...

  • News F1 2018 Makes Headlines with Brand New PS4 Gameplay Trailer

    Have you Senna it yet?

    The real-world Formula One season may be well underway, but F1 2018 isn’t far away now. Codemasters has crashed a new gameplay trailer online, which showcases the wealth of improvements you can expect to find in the racer come launch later in the month. The likeable career mode from F1 2017 looks like it’s got the lion’s...

  • News Onrush Will Receive a Big Update Next Month on PS4

    Business as usual

    It may have totally tanked at retail, but the enjoyable team-based racer Onrush isn't done just yet. The developer is going to continue to support the game, despite an unfortunate round of lay-offs due to poor sales. The next major update will come as soon as the beginning of August, according to the below tweet. It's hard to...

  • News Layoffs at Evolution Studios After Onrush Bombs

    Senior staff ejected

    The unluckiest developer in the world has been struck with a new round of layoffs, as Eurogamer.net reports that the team formerly known as Evolution Studios has let go a number of employees. Among the redundancies is Paul ‘Rushy’ Rustchynsky, the director of DriveClub and the face of the company in many ways. For those of...

  • News European PS4 Players Can Try Onrush for Free This Weekend

    Prepare for the stampede

    Onrush might not be the straightforward arcade racer many were expecting, but it still offers up a fun experience with its multiplayer and objective-based modes. For those who've yet to give the game a try but are curious as to how it plays, good news: you can sample it this weekend on PS4. From tomorrow through to...

  • Guide Onrush Tips and Tricks to Make You MVP Everytime

    Crash and conquer

    Onrush is a very different kind of arcade racer, so we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help make you the MVP in every race. You’re going to need to forget every road rule you’ve learned over the past 30 years, because Codemasters’ latest plays unlike anything else. In this guide, we’re going to talk you through...

  • News Onrush PS4 Open Beta Extended by Two Days

    New tracks added too

    The open beta test for Onrush, the arcade racer with no proper races in it, has been stampeding along over the weekend, giving players the chance to get to grips with the game's unique brand of team-based vehicular action. If you're enjoying it, or if you've not yet had a chance to jump in, good news -- the beta has been...

  • News Onrush Open Beta is Available Now on PS4

    Update: In Europe, at least

    Onrush, the new game from the people behind Motorstorm and DriveClub, has had a mixed reception thus far. We had a good time with it at EGX Rezzed last month, but it's not exactly the straightforward arcade racer many were expecting. Thankfully, the game's open beta test begins today, and you can now download it from the

  • News F1 2018 Makes a PS4 Pit Stop on 24th August

    On the Button

    The Formula One season is already well underway, which means that it’s time for a new tie-in title from Codemasters. F1 2018 will race to the PlayStation 4 on 24th August, and promises an “expanded career mode” in addition to more classic cars. “Over the past few years we have engaged heavily with our fanbase to understand...

  • News Onrush's Open Beta Collides with PS4 Next Week

    A different kind of rush

    The jury’s still very much out on Onrush, the next game from the DriveClub team. While many had expected a MotorStorm-esque experience, the reality is that the “racer” is doing something different – and you’ll be able to discover exactly what that is courtesy of an open beta scheduled to release next week...

  • News Onrush's Trophy List Looks Like an Easy Platinum

    Precious twisted metal

    The trophy list for Codemasters' upcoming arcade racer, Onrush, has been revealed, and it looks like a pretty straightforward set. Consisting of 33 trophies, it goes from the very simple "Use boost for the first time" to "Reach player Level 30", and doesn't really get any more complicated than that. While this game's main...

  • News New Onrush Trailer Outlines Vehicle Classes

    Choose your weapon

    Onrush isn't your normal arcade racer, mixing together the speedy thrills of genre greats with team-based multiplayer found in shooters and sports games. The new trailer, which we've embedded above, outlines each of the eight vehicle types, taking you through their unique abilities and advantages. Hopefully this gives you a better...

  • Hands On Onrush is an Action Packed, Addictive Arcade Racer

    Rushing around

    Onrush is a bit of an oddball. An arcade racer with no traditional races, the focus is squarely on contributing towards team-based objectives. There are no laps or checkered flags; this game is gunning for something a little different. By combining the high-speed, high-risk thrills of games like Burnout, Motorstorm, and SSX with...

  • News New Onrush Trailer Wants You to Race, Wreck, Repeat on PS4


    We were treated to a whole bunch of new coverage concerning Codemasters' upcoming arcade racer, Onrush, recently. It finally gave us a grasp of what the game is gunning for, and this latest trailer emphasises the game's unrelenting, action-focused pace. If you crash, you're put straight back in the thick of it -- no frustrating catching...

  • News Onrush Isn't Quite the PS4 Arcade Racer You're Expecting

    Proper gameplay hits the web

    A press event was recently held for Onrush, and impressions and videos are beginning to boost online. What's clear from all of them, including the above video from Eurogamer, is that Codemasters' new racing game isn't exactly the Motorstorm clone it initially looked like. This video does a great job of breaking down...

  • News New Onrush Video Features First Glimmer of PS4 Gameplay Footage

    No need to rush

    Onrush, the upcoming arcade racer from the minds behind Motorstorm and DriveClub, has been kept tightly under wraps. The last trailer for the game comprised of gameplay, but none of it was from the player's perspective, leaving many people wondering what the racer will look like when they get in the driver's seat. Thankfully, the...

  • News Onrush Looks Like Motorstorm on Steroids in Brand New Trailer

    New footage at last

    The Onrush social media channels have been teasing new footage of the upcoming arcade racer for what feels like an eternity, but a new video has finally made its way online. Featuring various different courses and vehicle types, this bears more than a passing resemblance to Motorstorm, which is no bad thing in our books. It...

  • News New Onrush Teaser Offers A Tiny Glimpse of Gameplay

    The calm before the stampede

    We haven't seen all that much of Onrush, the new game from the talent behind Motorstorm and DriveClub. Details are beginning to trickle out, however; not too long ago, we learned of the game's release date and pre-order bonuses, and now, we have a brand new, albeit brief, video. At only 20 seconds long, it shows only...

  • News Onrush PS4 Pre-Order Page Points to June Release Date

    Update: 5th June release date confirmed

    The official Twitter account for Onrush, the new arcade racer from Codemasters, has announced that the game is now available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store. In case you're wondering, it's a full-priced title - £54.99 for the standard edition, and £64.99 for the Digital Deluxe edition. Pre-ordering...

  • PGW 2017 DriveClub Developer Returns with Onrush

    MotorStorm and Trackmania mash-up?

    The new game from the team behind DriveClub – which was folded into Codemasters, you may recall – is named Onrush and it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 next year. This looks like a kind of MotorStorm and Trackmania mash-up, featuring the toy-ish circuits of the latter and the multi-disciplined arcade racing of...

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    Review F1 2017

    Pedal to the Vettel

    It’s the metagame that makes Formula One such a compelling motorsport: the tactical tension of fuel management, the timing of that pivotal pit-stop, and the never-ending research and development going on behind-the-scenes. F1 2017 offers a taste of these additional activities, and it all helps to raise the stakes when you’re...

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    Review Micro Machines: World Series

    How the tiny have fallen

    It feels like Codemasters has been testing the water for a potential return of its much loved matchbox racing franchise. A few years ago we had Toybox Turbos on PlayStation 3, which was a Micro Machines  game in all but name, and a fairly good one at that. More recently, a Micro Machines mobile game popped up, and...

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    Review DiRT 4

    Riding DiRTy

    DiRT Rally was a real breath of fresh air when it released on the PlayStation 4 last year. It was celebrated for its razor sharp focus on the sport, as well as its challenging and fulfilling gameplay. Codemasters stripped away the excess and released a lean, mean, and unashamedly hardcore rally game – and it was great. With DiRT...

  • News DiRT 4 Gets Muddy on PS4 in June 2017

    Where's Christina Aguilera when you need her?

    Oh, this is an unexpected surprise: DiRT 4 is coming to the PlayStation 4 this coming June. The sequel – which aims to blend the hardcore simulation of last year's DiRT Rally with the more accessible aspects of the popular PlayStation 3 titles DiRT 2 and DiRT 3 – aims to push the idea of adrenaline...

  • News Micro Machines: World Series Exits the Toy Box and Drives onto Your PS4 This Spring

    Hot wheels

    Micro Machines: World Series already leaked, but now it's confirmed for a 21st April release – well, in Europe at least. The game will repurpose the legendary miniature racing from classic entries, and will once again see you sprinting through a variety of everyday locations, like the garden, kitchen, and workshop. However, a full...

  • News Micro Machines: World Series Tours PS4 in 2017

    Grand tour

    If you prefer breakfast bars to the Nurburgring then Micro Machines: World Series may be right up your alley. The game – not officially announced but still clearly legit – looks to be coming to the PlayStation 4 later this year, but we're going to drop Codemasters a message just to confirm. Word is that it may be a pumped-up version...

  • News PS4 Racer DiRT Rally's Getting PlayStation VR Support

    But you'll have to pay for it

    This is one of those news stories with both a good and a bad side: DiRT Rally, the critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 simulation racer from Codemasters, is getting PlayStation VR support – but you'll have to pay for it. An update is due in the coming weeks which will open up virtual reality across the entire...

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    Review F1 2016


    Codemasters is back, and with real assurance. It had seemed for a while that the once racing game experts had fallen off the wagon so to speak, with European rally turning to American X-Games and Formula One lacking the glitz and glamour of its real-life counterpart. Thankfully, the developer seems to be back on track following the...

  • News F1 2016 Races for Pole Position on PS4 This Summer

    Speed freak

    Racing aficionados may be excited to learn that F1 2016 will restore some of the features absent from last year's iteration when it deploys on the PlayStation 4 this summer. Chief among those is the safety car and career mode, with the latter allowing you to shepherd your own high-octane avatar through a 10 year career to the top. "F1...

  • News Evolution Studios Team Snapped Up by Codemasters

    DriveClub dev not going down without a fight

    Evolution Studios lives on – kind of! The Runcorn-based outfit, shuttered by Sony last month, has been snapped up by Codemasters, and will continue the legacy that it left off – albeit on a multiformat basis moving forwards. It's unclear whether it will retain the studio name – that doesn't appear...

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    Review DiRT Rally

    We rally, rally like it

    DiRT Rally is a beast – a beautiful, brilliant, and breath-taking beast that will humble you, drive you mad, and leave you grinning like an idiot once you master it's brutally tough driving challenges. Think Bloodborne but with cars and you'll understand the punishing pleasures awaiting those brave enough to strap in and...