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    Review Snark Busters: High Society

    Who you gonna call?

    A game sporting a name like Snark Busters: High Society should be enough to perk the interest of pretty much anyone – you can’t help but let it spark question after question in your mind. What the hell’s a Snark, why does it need busting, and most importantly, will there be top hats? Should all of these questions push your...

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    Review Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death

    Love island

    What’s a girl to do? Her man’s taking his sweet time proposing to her, and she’s getting bored of waiting for him. You could probably think of any number of sensible courses of action in this situation, none of which involve picking up a book on witchcraft so that you can perform a love spell. Still, in PlayStation 3 puzzler Sacra...

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    Review Twisted Lands: Shadow Town

    Twist and shout

    Twisted Lands: Shadow Town is a hidden objects game by Alawar Entertainment, ported from mobile platforms to the PlayStation 3. While it’s been available on the PlayStation Network for a few months now in Europe, it’s just arrived in North America. The big question is: should it have taken the long journey over the Atlantic in...

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    Review Forest Legends: The Call of Love

    Tree hugger

    With a name like Forest Legends: The Call of Love, we were expecting one of those racy Japanese sex games here. In fact, this particular author was practically salivating over the prospect of playing such a filthy experience. Needless to say, when this downloadable PlayStation 3 adventure turned out to be a point-and-click escapade, we...

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    Review Snowy: Treasure Hunter

    Snow laughing matter

    Fresh off Beatshapers’ porting production line comes Snowy: Treasure Hunter, a title starring a polar bear with a passion for treasure thievery. But while Beatshapers' porting pedigree speaks for itself, are Snowy’s adventures really worth the £6.49 asking price? Presented from a side-on view, the goal of each level is to...

  • News PS Vita Gets First Free-to-Play Game

    Oh, it's a puzzle game

    There are few things more exciting than hearing about a new game that's free, even if that game is Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, a free-to-play puzzle game coming to Vita in North America soon. Alawar Entertainment is bringing its match-three game to Vita in EMEA territories, with a North American release still to be...