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  • Guide Best Racing Games on PS5

    The top PS5 racing games, ranked and rated

    What are the best racing games on PS5? Video games have been around a long time, but humanity's love of cars goes back much, much further. It's no wonder that racing games have been part of the gaming landscape since the very start, with the compulsion to go fast and clock the quickest times still just as...

  • Guide Best PS4 Racing Games

    Which PlayStation 4 driving games are on the podium?

    What are the best PS4 racing games? We've rustled up a list of fast and furious racers that will provide all the speed demon fantasies you could ever want. From mascot kart racers to straight-faced simulations, read on to see which PS4 racing games are our favourites. Oh, and if you're looking to...

  • Guide The Best PS4 Racing Games

    Which PS4 driving games are on the podium?

    It's no secret that the PlayStation 4 hasn't had the greatest selection of racing games over the years. Arcade racing games especially have mysteriously disappeared, leaving PS4 owners with little choice when they want to put the pedal to the metal. Having said that, we've still been able to rustle up a...

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    Review WipEout

    FEISARis, not Surfaris

    Republished on Tuesday, 29th September 2015: We're bringing this review back from the archives to celebrate the PSone's big 20th Anniversary in Europe today. The original text follows. Originally published on Saturday, 12th October 2013: When the magazine reviews of WipEout landed a month after its September 1995 release,...

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    Review Gran Turismo 6

    Still in pole position

    Opening with a tour around the Istituto Ayrton Senna, a school built in honour of arguably the greatest driver who ever lived, Gran Turismo 6 starts in stark contrast to any other game on the market. Cycling through images of children learning, the intro proceeds to show the motoring creation process, from concept to...

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    Review Need for Speed: Rivals

    Cops 'n' racers

    Need for Speed: Rivals rarely wants you to take your foot off the accelerator. Swedish upstart Ghost Games’ debut arcade racer fuses the fast-paced police chases popularised by Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit with the open world pandemonium of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and serves up an emergent online experience that ensures that...

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    Review F1 2013

    Pedal to the Vettel

    After an exciting first half to the 2012 season, last year’s Formula One World Championship trudged towards an inevitable third title for Sebastian Vettel, continuing his and Red Bull’s dominance of the sport. The 2013 season was, however, supposed to be more competitive; with stable technical regulations, it was said that...

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    Review GRID 2

    Five years in the pit lane

    The racing genre is divided between arcade and simulation fans. While other genres have fairly interchangeable skill sets, what works in an arcade racer will send you straight to the hospital in a racing sim; the no holds barred action of Need for Speed caters to the former, while Gran Turismo appeals to the latter. But...

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    Review Jeremy McGrath's Offroad

    Rally no good

    Jeremy McGrath garnered much fame during the 90s, even earning the title ‘King of Supercross’. So, any fan of the man would hope that Jeremy McGrath's Offroad lives up to the name on the box. Sadly, this is a dull and repetitive paint-by-numbers racing game. The title does the minimum required for a game of this generation and...

  • News WipEout 2048 Lets You Race PS3 Owners Online

    Bridging the gap

    Cross-platform online gaming isn't a widespread reality just yet, but Sony's next WipEout title is certainly another step in the right direction. Sony says that the new feature will allow owners of WipEout HD Fury to race against up to seven WipEout 2048 racers online. Aside from this impressive feature, game director Stu Tilley...