Time Extension
Image: Time Extension

We’re all about the next big thing here at Push Square. Whether it’s exciting sequels like God of War Ragnarok, promising new hardware platforms like PSVR2, or even entirely new services like PS Stars – there’s so much to look forward to, it’s rare we ever get the time to look back. That’s where Hookshot Media’s newest website, Time Extension comes in – a reflective, retro-ish website that promises to delve deeper into the classic games you still love.

That includes PlayStation, of course – from the format’s origins with PS1 all the way through to more contemporary consoles like the PS3. To be clear, Push Square will continue to cover any topics of interest when it comes to retro Sony gaming, but Time Extension will complement our coverage – and will venture beyond our boundaries to other manufacturers, like Atari, SEGA, and much more.

The site’s being fronted by our illustrious Editorial Director Damien McFerran, and he’s being flanked by one-time Push Square reviewer Jack Yarwood – we couldn’t possibly envision a better team for this project. But if you want proof, have a gander at some of the stories the site’s already cooked up:

The coolest thing about Time Extension is that your existing Push Square credentials will transition over, so you don’t need to create a different account or setup a new profile. Just login, and have fun. The site also includes some pretty nifty technical upgrades which we hope you’ll enjoy, like the ability to bookmark articles and a much-improved mobile interface. These should eventually get rolled out on Push Square in the future.

We’re now bringing you the best of gaming across four different sites, but as a recap for those of you who aren’t aware: Nintendo Life has all of your Ninty needs, Pure Xbox is your home for the Team in Green, and now Time Extension is your number one classic gaming destination. Oh, and we’re still here, too – please keep clicking on our pages so that we can ensure Deputy Editor Robert Ramsey remains well supplied with Margherita pizza!

We hope you’ll enjoy the new site. (And just as a pro-tip, remember to enable the scanlines!)