With our attempts at creating meaningful YouTube content either drawing indifference or ire, we figured that we'd do something really dumb today – like, unbox a brand new Sony PocketStation dumb.

Your humble host snagged this on eBay a few years ago, and it's been sitting in its packet ever since. Why? Because… Well, that happens a lot. Seriously, this scatter-brained scribe couldn't even remember what colour he'd ordered – as the video attests.

Sony PocketStation PSone Unboxing Retro 5

But this is a really novel piece of PlayStation history – and it's in mint condition to boot. For those not familiar with the PocketStation, it was a memory card cross portable console for the PSone which launched in Japan all the way back in 1999.

It actually proved incredibly popular, selling five million units in its three years on the market. A Western release was planned, but Sony ran into production difficulties, and with the PlayStation 2 imminent, it never released.

But despite this, there are a dozen or so localised games that include PocketStation support in North America and Europe – including Final Fantasy VIII. Anyway, watch the video and take a look at the photos.

Next time on Push Square's YouTube channel: Sammy attempts to eat a DualShock 4.

Sony PocketStation PSone Unboxing Retro 1

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