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    Review Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest

    Girl fight

    Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest started life as an "adult game" for PC, before being cleaned up and ported to the PlayStation 3. You only need to look at a screenshot to see evidence of this, but beyond all of the fan service, is this a game worth playing? The premise is relatively simple: you control a nameless protagonist, who is...

  • News Historical Figures Duke it Out in Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest

    Cat fight

    The indie scene on Sony's consoles is flourishing, with more unique and interesting games being added every week – but the same can't be said for titles made by Japan's smaller development teams. We could, however, be seeing the arrival of more bizarre releases in the future, following the announcement of Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest...