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  • Review WWE 2K Battlegrounds - Rubbish Wrestling and Microtransactions Galore

    World Wrestling Spendertainment

    Honestly, there's something sinister about WWE 2K Battlegrounds. And no, we don't mean Bray Wyatt's creepy mask, or the grotesque character models that look like they were designed by somebody watching Wrestlemania through one eye after a big night on the gin. No, there's a nefarious aura surrounding this game because...

  • News NBA 2K21 Patch Tinkers with Fiddly Shot Controls Once More


    It doesn’t take a genius to understand what developer Visual Concepts is trying to do with NBA 2K21’s new shot meter, but we’re worried the veteran studio has forgotten that millions of casual players enjoy the basketball simulation every year. The company seems so obsessed with creating a skill gap for the professionals on YouTube...

  • Review NBA 2K21 - Perfect for Those in the Bubble, Good for Everyone Else

    Ballers only

    NBA 2K21 captures the see-saw flow of real-world basketball so well that you’ll feel at one with thousands of virtual fans when you nail a clutch corner three with seconds left on the clock. Visual Concepts’ simulation has, along with the MLB The Show series, always been a cut above the competition when it comes to broadcast-style...

  • News NBA 2K21 Shooting Difficulty Toned Down with Hotfix

    Available now

    Update: (7th September): The NBA 2K21 shooting hotfix has been released as promised, reducing the difficulty on Rookie, Pro, and All-Star. Gameplay in the Neighborhood and higher difficulties has been left untouched. Have you noticed any improvement to your game? Update (5th September): 2K Sports has been listening to feedback...

  • News NBA 2K21 Patch Steals an Enormous 26GB

    In the bucket

    If you’re buying NBA 2K21 on Blu-ray then be prepared to set aside some time and hard-drive space for the basketball simulation’s day one patch, as it weighs in at an ankle breaking 26.3GB on the PlayStation 4. While you’ll be able to play the game without it installed, you won’t be able to play online or download the latest...

  • News NBA 2K21 Soaks Up the Sun with New Beach Neighborhood

    Baller's beach

    An enormous part of NBA 2K’s longevity for many fans is the PlayStation Home-esque virtual world that you can hang out in named the Neighborhood, and for NBA 2K21 it’ll be getting a fresh, seaside look. The 2K Beach will play host to all of the usual activities you’ve come to expect from the series, albeit in a sunshine setting...

  • News NBA 2K21 Player Ratings Will Not Be Adjusted Until PS5

    Court cold

    NBA 2K21 is scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4 on 4th September, but there’s a dilemma for 2K Sports: the current season has only just reached the playoff stages, with the next season not scheduled to begin until December. The franchise has, historically, released prior to the opening tip of a new season, but coronavirus has...

  • News NBA 2K21 Demo Out on PS4 Now, Features MyPLAYER Builder

    Buzzer beater

    Update: NBA 2K21's demo is out globally now on the PlayStation Store, weighing in at 30GB. It allows you to test out four teams, including the Bucks and Clippers, as well as the All-Time Lakers and Celtics. You'll also be able to try out the MyPLAYER Builder, with "unique customisations that put you in control of your player's NBA...

  • News PS Plus Subscribers to Get Free NBA 2K21 Packs Every Month

    Stock up

    PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive three free NBA 2K21 Promo Packs every month for the next 10 months, as Sony continues to add value to its service with game-specific promotions. GTA Online players will know that the platform holder already issues GTA$1 million every month, and this seems like a similar deal from sister publisher 2K...

  • Review PGA Tour 2K21 - Sim Will Suit Golf Fans to a Tee

    Green screen

    If you’re the type of person who prefers their country parks to have 18 holes, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with The Golf Club series. Canadian developer HB Studios’ efforts over the course of this generation have been fascinating to observe from afar. The first game in its simulation series launched shortly after the...

  • News WWE 2K Battlegrounds Roster Has More Than 70 Wrestlers at Launch

    Post-launch content adds even more

    We're exactly a month away from the launch of WWE 2K Battlegrounds and so you might be wondering which wrestlers, new and old, will be part of the roster at launch. IGN bagged the exclusive on this one, revealing that more than 70 of WWE's finest will do battle in this arcade-style brawler at release on 18th...

  • News Stormzy Is the Star of NBA 2K21's Gameplay Trailer

    Heavy is the head

    NBA 2K21 has debuted some brand new current-gen gameplay, with UK grime superstar Stormzy providing the backing music. The clip mostly focuses on cinematic shots of some of the league’s biggest names, although it is interspersed with real PlayStation 4 gameplay footage, revealing what appears to be a new shot meter. “With...

  • News 2K Sports' New NFL Game to Touchdown on PS5 in 2021

    Will be an arcade alternative to Madden

    2K Sports has signed an agreement with the National Football League Players Association to ensure that the NFL’s biggest stars will appear in “multiple” American football projects it has in the pipeline, the first of which is scheduled to release next year. According to a press release, the...

  • News We Didn't Really Understand This PGA Tour 2K21 Trailer

    Realistic courses, though

    There are occasions when publishers release trailers that fly right over our heads, and this is one example. We understand the principles of what 2K Sports is trying to tell us: PGA Tour 2K21 will feature authentic golf courses based on real-world data. But Terra Imaging boss Karl Engstrom is so enthusiastic about his job...

  • News WWE 2K Battlegrounds Lays the Smackdown from 18th September

    Pin king

    Larger-than-life arcade wrassler WWE 2K Battlegrounds will drop the people’s elbow on the PlayStation 4 from 18th September, publisher 2K Sports has announced. The title, which is developed by NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 maker Saber Interactive, will feature 70 WWE Superstars and Legends at launch – with more to be added post-launch. In...

  • News PS5 Games Could Cost $10 More Than PS4

    NBA 2K21 publisher comments on $69.99 price point

    Update: We asked 2K Sports whether NBA 2K21's increased price point would set a new precedent for the publisher's titles on the PlayStation 5. Here's its response: "2K’s suggested retail prices for its games are meant to represent the value being offered," an NBA 2K spokesperson said. "With nearly...

  • News Zion Williamson Fronts NBA 2K21 on PS5, Damian Lillard on PS4

    Third cover still to be revealed

    Update: As expected, Zion Williamson has been announced as the cover star for NBA 2K21 on PlayStation 5. "His game seems built for the next-generation of NBA superstar; fittingly, a perfect choice to usher in the next-generation of sports gaming with NBA 2K21 on PS5," publisher 2K Sports announced. “Being on the...

  • Review NBA 2K20 - Brilliant Basketball Sim Soured by Businessmen

    Tank for Zion

    Republished on Monday 29th June 2020: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of July's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. There has to be tensions at NBA 2K20 developer Visual Concepts behind-the-scenes. We’re not ones to gossip, but the California-based team must be frustrated...

  • News NBA 2K21 Reveals Just How Much Sweat PS5 Can Render

    It's a lot

    You know damn well this is a next-gen NBA 2K21 trailer, because it’s got Zion Williamson bouncing a ball and sweating more than… No, we could have made a crude joke, but we’re not going to go there. The game’s due out this year on PlayStation 5.

  • News PGA Tour 2K21 Tees Off 21st August on PS4, Features 15 Licensed Courses

    Justin Thomas is inaugural cover star

    As promised, 2K Sports has pulled back the curtain on PGA Tour 2K21, the studio’s upcoming golf simulation game. Due out 21st August on PlayStation 4, the release will build upon HB Studios’ previous effort The Golf Club 2019, bringing back the course creator and online societies that already proved popular...

  • Deal NBA 2K20 Is a Slam Dunk at £3.99 on PS Store

    The last dance

    Looking for a top-notch sports game to keep you occupied during lockdown? NBA 2K20 is a snip at just £3.99 on the European PlayStation Store right now. The series may have its issues with microtransactions, but for less than an Uber ride you’ll get a full-length story campaign, a robust Franchise mode, and the best playin’...

  • News PGA Tour 2K21 Tees Off This Year, Full Reveal on 14th May

    Hole in one

    2K Sports picked up the publishing rights to The Golf Club 2019 last year, and now it’s rebranding HB Studios’ series as PGA Tour 2K21 this year. That puts the golf game’s name in-line with the company’s uber-popular NBA 2K series, with WWE 2K also adopting the branding. A teaser trailer has been released confirming the...

  • News WWE 2K Battlegrounds Is a Light-Hearted Take on Wrestling, Coming This Year

    Why so serious?

    Following the recent cancellation of WWE 2K21, publisher 2K was staring down the barrel of a year completely devoid of a wrestling video game. Considering how poor the TV product is right now, we wouldn't have exactly missed it, but plans have now been put in place to fill the gap left by the usual WWE simulator. WWE 2K Battlegrounds...

  • News WWE Confirms That WWE 2K21 Has Been Cancelled

    Rest in peace

    Following rumours that 2K would not be putting out a WWE game later this year, the World Wrestling Entertainment federation has confirmed that this is indeed the case. WWE 2K21 will not be a thing, making 2020 the first year to not play host to an official wrestling game based on the brand since 1998. However, it isn't too difficult...

  • News Basketball Superstars Turn to NBA 2K20 in Televised Charity Tournament


    With virtually every major sporting event either cancelled or postponed, some of NBA’s biggest names like Kevin Durant and Trae Young are turning to video games. The inaugural NBA 2K Players Tournament will get underway on ESPN and ESPN2 this week, as superstars compete over a $100,000 beneficiary in support of “ongoing coronavirus...

  • News 2K Sports to Make 'Fun, Approachable' NFL Games for PS5

    First down

    2K Sports has just issued EA Sports with a two-minute warning, as it’s signed a deal with the NFL to make brand new football games for consoles. You may recall the company previously publishing the NFL 2K series, with NFL 2K5 in particular considered one of the greatest sports games ever made. The title, which launched at $19.99, put...

  • News WWE 2K20 Just About Manages to Function in the Year 2020

    Update fixes things

    Update: The fun is over guys -- a patch has been issued to WWE 2K20 which addresses the problem that the game was quite literally unplayable for the first day of 2020. The 2K Support Twitter page has issued a statement that asks players to restart the game and download a patch which fixes the issue. We guess the 10 or so people...

  • News Another WWE 2K20 Patch Attempts to Fix 2019's Most Broken Game

    Addresses community concerns

    The WWE 2K20 saga is probably one of the funniest, but also buggiest, moments of 2019. Releasing in a truly terrible state, it became the butt of all jokes thanks to numerous glitches that spread like wildfire across social media. A couple of patches have tried to remedy the situation, but update 1.03 still a

  • Review WWE 2K20 - 2K Sports' Wrestling Sim Hits Rock Bottom

    Undisputed Error

    WWE has released a video game based on its flagship brand of sports entertainment every year for close to three decades now, so it may be surprising to some that this year’s entry has veered away from the franchise’s grappling roots in a variety of ways. For a start, all traditional forms of locomotion have been removed, as you...

  • News WWE 2K20 1.02 Patch Promises to Fix Some of the Game's Biggest Problems

    Hoping to fix the disastrous launch

    WWE 2K20's launch was a bit of a disaster, wasn't it? From a comedic point of view, it was incredible, but if you're one of the unlucky souls who actually purchased the game then you might have been left feeling at least a little bit let down. Worry no longer, however, because patch 1.02 is said to fix many of the...

  • News WWE 2K20 Developer Promises Patch After Disastrous Launch

    But you'll have to wait for it

    WWE 2K20 frankly should have been cancelled; the game is an absolute embarrassment on every single level, from its ancient visuals to its shameful bugs. This isn’t just slightly broken – it’s a mess, and 2K Sports should feel ashamed taking money from fans after releasing such an abomination. Sure, we can all...

  • News Sony Grants Refunds to Some WWE 2K20 Buyers on PS4

    Then, now, but not forever

    We think it's fair to say that WWE 2K20 has been a complete and utter disaster of a launch. After the game released in the worst state we've seen in quite some time, those unlucky few who purchased a copy set up the #FixWWE2K20 Twitter hashtag to draw attention to just how completely broken the title i

  • News WWE 2K20 Fans Put Together Hashtag to Prove Just How Utterly Broken the Game Is


    It's been a while since a game so completely broken as WWE 2K20 has come along. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is the last one we remember, but this latest wrestling effort must surely take first place. So much so that the game's community has put together a Twitter hashtag where people can put all their favourite glitches and bugs for the...

  • News WWE 2K20 Is an Astoundingly Buggy Mess on PS4

    There's better lookers on PS2

    Update (22nd October, 2019): We hate to keep piling onto WWE 2K20, but it's out now, and so there's more and more evidence that this game just isn't in a good place. Here's yet another example of this game's exceedingly buggy state: Update (21st October, 2019): It's WWE 2K20's launch week, and it's becoming...

  • News Play NBA 2K20 for the Opportunity to Buy Exclusive Nike Shoes

    Teenage kicks

    NBA 2K20 is adding a new mode to celebrate the start of the new basketball season, and it’s teamed up with Nike to release an exclusive line of sneakers designed specifically for gamers. MyPLAYER Nation will see you take your solo build online, competing for your favourite team alongside other fans. You’ll be able to play through...

  • News NBA 2K20 Fans in Frenzy as Title Gets Off to Shaky Start

    Pick and damage control

    It’s by far the best basketball game in town, but 2K Sports has flown far too close to the hoop with NBA 2K20, and fans are calling for public firings following the release of the simulation last week. Tempers frayed a few weeks ago, when a trailer for the title’s MyTeam mode – essentially Ultimate Team with more New...

  • News Controversial NBA 2K20 Trailer Prompts Internal PEGI Review

    It's a basketball game, apparently

    2K Sports' flagship basketball sim franchise is renowned for its flagrant use of microtransactions and gambling-esque mechanics, but NBA 2K20 could be the straw that broke the camel's back. While the latest entry is looking to up the ante in all areas, from character creation all the way through to Hollywood...

  • News NBA 2K20's MyPlayer Builder Looks More In-Depth Than Ever Before

    Character building

    2K Sports may not have much competition in the basketball simulation arena, but you could never accuse the developer of taking its foot off the gas – even if it does continue to find increasingly nefarious ways to monetise its games. Hot on the heels of NBA 2K20’s campaign announcement, the developer has lifted the lid on its...

  • News Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson Star in NBA 2K20's Story Mode

    When the lights are brightest

    The trend of sports games packing high-budget story modes seems to be slowly fading away, but NBA 2K20 is doubling down. This year’s basketball simulation will feature a full-length cinematic campaign starring Hollywood names like Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson. The mode – entitled When the Lights Are Brightest –...

  • News NBA 2K20 Euro Steps Up in Gameplay Trailer

    Welcome to the next

    Crikey, the NBA 2K20 hype machine is at full-speed – publisher 2K Sports has even taken to renaming release date 6th September as ‘2K Day’. No, really. Anyway, here’s your first look at gameplay from the upcoming sequel, with power forward Anthony Davis showcasing his new LA Lakers threads and number one draft pick Zion...

  • News All-Star Anthony Davis to Front NBA 2K20 This September

    Dwayne Wade on Legend Edition

    All-star centre Anthony Davis looks set to join the Los Angeles Lakers during this off-season, in what’s shaping up to be a big season for the Olympic gold medallist. The three-time All-NBA First Team and three-time All NBA Defensive Team will front NBA 2K20 for the first time since star-studded NBA 2K16 cover...

  • Review NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 - A Disappointing Sequel


    In 2017, NBA Playgrounds came out of nowhere and slam dunked its way onto the PlayStation 4, giving basketball fans a solid alternative to the ultra-realistic simulation the NBA 2K series offers. It was something we hadn’t seen since NBA Jam’s last entry in 2010, and while it wasn’t perfect it did provide a lot of fun. It seems that...

  • Review WWE 2K19 - The New King of the Ring

    The crown jewel

    Much like the WWE’s actual touring schedule, the WWE 2K series never stops. This lineage of games has been releasing every single year since WWF SmackDown on the original PlayStation in 2000. As a result, each entry has started to become mostly iterative rather than radically different, as all annual sports games eventually become...

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    Review NBA 2K19

    Find a new slant

    It gets lonely at the top. The NBA 2K franchise has been the undisputed king for almost a decade now when it comes to virtual basketball. Long gone are the days of being the plucky underdog who scrapped for years, slowly but surely chipping away at EA’s vast, seemingly untouchable, video game sporting kingdom. NBA 2K is now the...

  • News NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Has Too Many Twos in Its Title


    2K Sports has attained publishing rights to Saber Interactive’s arcade basketball series, and we’ve ended up with a title as cumbersome as NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. ClintEastwood.gif. Anyway, after a brief rebranding delay, the game’s now due out on 16th October, just in time for the start of the new season. The cover will...

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    Review The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour

    Easy, Tiger

    You can infer a lot from The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour’s title. HB Studios acquired the license to the sport’s flagship tour somewhere during development, and this game feels a teensy bit muddled as a result. In many ways, it’s an evolution of the two golf titles that the Canadian developer has released on the PlayStation 4...

  • News 2K Sports Picks Up The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour

    Hole in one

    2K Sports is slowly expanding its publishing portfolio following the addition of NBA Playgrounds, as it’s announced that it will publish The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour. HB Studios acquired the rights to golf’s premier professional tour from EA Sports earlier in the year, and will now benefit from the marketing muscle of a...

  • Gamescom 2018 NBA 2K19 Attracts Hollywood Talent for Story Mode

    Hollyoaks talent, too

    The story modes in sports games have become bigger budget productions in recent years, and NBA 2K19 is no exception. 2K Sports has attracted some pretty big names for ‘The Way Back’, which will see you working your way through the Chinese Basketball League and back into the NBA. Among some of the stars are Anthony Mackie...

  • News NBA 2K18 Slam Dunks 10 Million Units Worldwide

    Backboard breaker

    NBA 2K18 may have found itself at the centre of a microtransaction storm, but the series is still ballin’, with the latest edition selling a milestone 10 million units worldwide. That’s a franchise record, and double the average number of sales for all previous versions. “NBA 2K18 is our highest-selling sports title ever,”...

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    Review WWE 2K18

    Be like everyone

    Wrestling fans across the globe had high hopes for the WWE video game franchise when the license was acquired by 2K Games, believing that with a fresh and more reputable publisher at the helm they would finally get the game they had always dreamed of. Unfortunately, since the franchise has moved to the PlayStation 4 it has been a...