PS Plus Premium Retro Classic Games Sony 1
Image: Push Square

There’s no doubt about it: PS Plus has improved dramatically across all three tiers this year. Sony revealed the full lineup of games for PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscribers earlier, with members of the latter getting treated to a trio of tasty retro releases – in addition to 14 other well regarded games.

The selection, as was the case with last month’s The Legend of Dragoon, should delight old-school enthusiasts. The highlight, for many, will be the addition of PS1 Ridge Racer Type 4, arguably the best entry in the series, with its iconic yellow box art and memorable Namco arcade-inspired racing teams. While Trophies are probably unlikely here, it’d be incredible if they made it in.

One addition that’s guaranteed to get Trophies, however, is PSP stealth shooter Syphon Filter: Dark Mirrorbecause they’ve already leaked. All you’ll need to do to add the Platinum to your collection is play the campaign to completion, and we’d highly recommend you do: while the controls are pretty dated, this is protagonist Gabe Logan at his most engaging.

Which leaves us with the final retro release for March 2023: Ape Academy 2. This PSP game carries particular significance because it’s never released in North America before, marking the first opportunity for fans in the United States to play. In essence, this is a collectible card battler with WarioWare-style microgames – a really unique change of pace for the platforming property.

All in all, we think this is a pretty good selection. There’s enough variety to accommodate a spectrum of tastes, and it’s pretty neat that Ape Academy 2 is finally getting a North American release. We’re really hopeful Sony can continue this kind of cadence, because it’s clear fans are really enjoying revisiting these older titles with PS Plus Premium.

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