After the obvious outings, like Super Mario Bros 3 and Kirby’s Adventure, the one NES game this author remembers most vividly is A Boy and His Blob. Famously designed by Pitfall programmer David Crane, the release sees you employing magical beans to transform the eponymous blob into all sorts of useful utilities, such as a trapeze.

And now, in this era of revitalised retro releases, it’s making a comeback on PS5 and PS4, along with its Game Boy successor The Rescue of Princess Blobette. “Powered by Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine, the bundle combines that throwback feel with modern quality-of-life improvements,” reads the press release. “Updates include Trophies, filters to change up the aesthetic appearance, and finally, as a gift from the video game gods, save states.”

We never progressed very far in A Boy and His Blob, so those save states are going to be glorious. You can check out a trailer of the compilation embedded above, ahead of its release on 17th October.