Aaron Bayne Video Producer

Hello there Push Square community! My name is Aaron, and for the last six months I have been your resident YouTube video producer. It is a great gig to say the least, where I get to discuss, rant, and dissect my favourite (and least favourite) aspects of the PlayStation world.

This week marks six months at the job as mentioned, but more importantly, I’m about to pass 100 videos produced. That’s a lot of you trying to understand a Scottish man’s accent, and a lot of a Scottish man pretending he can speak clearly and concisely. But now that we’ve been acquainted for a little while — or maybe you haven’t and in that case get yourself over to the Push Square YouTube channel — I thought it was time you got to know me and this role a little better.

Whether it is to discuss why I love PlayStation over anything else, my process of producing videos from idea to publishing, or even to get an update on the kinds of content to come, send in your biggest burning questions and I’ll be covering those in a Q&A video.

It’s no lie to say this has been a dream job for me, but at the end of the day it would mean nothing if you guys didn’t turn up time and time again. This isn’t just an AMA, it is a way for us to shape the future of the channel together.

I want to hear from you, so ask, suggest, and discuss below and I’ll try to address it all in our video.