Thank You For Your Purchase

The new PS Plus tiers are only a few days old here in Europe, but they're already wreaking havoc on my email inbox (which, let's be real, is a total mess to begin with). If you don't know, every time you buy something from the PlayStation Store, Sony will send you an email receipt. Fair enough, but you can get absolutely spammed with these things if you claim a lot of PS Plus games — just adding titles to your library counts as a 'purchase'.

Here's the thing: the subject line of these emails has been striking fear into my heart once a month for the past ten years or so. When I log in to my email account for a quick check up, and I'm greeted with multiple emails that all say "Thank You For Your Purchase", I immediately assume the worst. Even if it's just for a brief moment, there's a thought that flashes across my brain: "Oh god, someone's hacked my PlayStation account!"

Then I remember that I added this month's PS Plus games to my library, or I bought a game that came with multiple DLC packs — some of which show up as individual purchases. But again, just for a second, it's panic stations.

And now, with PS Plus Premium, I'm adding more games to my library than ever before. I checked my emails last night and the entire first page of my inbox read "Thank You For Your Purchase" — I nearly fell out of my chair.

Obviously this Soapbox isn't completely serious — having a panic-inducing email inbox is an undeniable first-world problem — but bloody hell Sony, surely there's a better way!

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Has PS Plus destroyed your email inbox?