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  • Guide Discord: How to Connect to PS5 and Transfer Voice Chat

    How to set up Discord on PS5

    Want to connect your Discord account to your PS5? With the latest firmware update, Discord has been integrated into PlayStation Network, allowing you to hook up your accounts and carry across your voice chats. But how do you do it? In this guide, we'll talk you through how to link Discord to your PS5 and transfer voice...

  • News PlayStation Discord Integration Reportedly Coming in March 2023

    Provided everything goes according to plan

    The long-awaited integration of the popular VoIP and instant messaging social platform Discord with our own beloved PlayStation is reportedly coming in March 2023, and to be more precise, on the 8th. That's according to sources familiar with the subject, who spoke to industry insider Tom Henderson of...

  • News Discord Integration Allegedly Imminent for PS5

    Months away, apparently

    Sony will allegedly bring full Discord integration, including voice chat, to the PS5 in the “coming months”. This follows Xbox manufacturer Microsoft beating PlayStation to the punch – despite the latter investing in the social media platform. According to

  • News PlayStation Integration in Discord Spotted

    Share what PS5, PS4 game you're playing

    This is the year when Sony unveils and capitalises on its plans to share some sort of PlayStation integration with social service Discord, and it looks like work is already going on behind the scenes. First spotted by Reddit users and then corroborated by MP1ST, a Discord user was able to link a PSN account to...

  • Soapbox How Discord Will Change the Way We Play PS5, PS4 Together in 2022

    We're all connected

    One of the bigger stories of 2021 came when Sony announced it had invested in Discord and was working on full integration with the PlayStation Network. The news emerged shortly after Microsoft withdrew from a rumoured $10 billion buyout of the social network, making for a nice juxtaposition among those who follow the industry...

  • Feature What Discord Integration Could Mean for PS5, PS4

    Talking shop

    Recently, Sony confirmed that it had made a minority investment in Discord, and that it would be establishing a new partnership with the hugely popular platform. But what does that actually mean for PlayStation players? What is Discord, and how could it be integrated into the existing console experience? For the uninitiated, we're...

  • News Sony Invests in Discord, Full Integration Coming to PS5, PS4 Next Year

    "We are beyond excited to start this journey"

    Sony has made a minority investment into social network Discord, with full integration coming to PlayStation next year. The announcement – which perhaps explains the closure of Communities on PlayStation 4 – was made by bigwig Jim Ryan on the SIE Blog, with the executive explaining that “our teams...

  • News Microsoft Reportedly Opening Its Wallet Once Again for $10 Billion Acquisition of Discord

    Company apparently in talks to purchase online chat service

    Microsoft has just spent $7.5 billion to bring ZeniMax Media (and thus, Bethesda) into its first party network of game studios. That's an eye-watering sum, and you'd think would leave the corporation's pockets feeling a little lighter than usual. Well, according to a new report from...