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  • News Looks Like You Should Expect More Astro Bot on PS5

    The bots are back in town?

    It may not come as much of a shock, but it looks like PlayStation is plotting more Astro Bot. The eagle-eyed Gematsu spotted that Sony has submitted a bunch of trademarks for the character in Europe, suggesting something may be afoot. While there’s no specific evidence of a new game here, we wouldn’t bet against the...

  • News This Astro Bot Plush Toy Makes Him More Adorable Than Ever

    Available soon

    Fangamer is one of the main proprietors of cool video game merch, and it's done it again with its latest plush. Astro Bot, best known as the cutesy robot from Astro's Playroom, has been converted into an adorable (and officially licensed) soft toy, and we want one. Standing at 7.5 inches tall, Astro looks brilliant in plush form...

  • News Could Astro Bot Be An Early PS5 Star?

    Platfoming mascot planning PS5 comeback

    One of our first thoughts when the DualSense controller was revealed this week was Astro Bot. While the PlayStation 4 generation may have started with Knack as its mascot, Japan Studio’s cutesy VRobot has definitely oofted the shape-shifting brute aside. A real Game of the Year candidate like PlayStation...