Metal Gear Rising Remaster

This article was originally published in February 2021, but we're bringing it back for the 10th anniversary of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and because of the very recent rumours of the game receiving a remaster. Sadly, that still hasn't happened at the time of republishing — but that just makes this soapbox all the more relevant!

Every now and then, I stop and think about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. What a game. What a ride. What a thrill. Regular readers will know that I adore a good action game. I can never get get enough of combos, dodge rolls, perfect parries — moves and techniques that interlock to create a beautiful virtual ballet of blood and guts. Mastering mechanics is at the heart of exceptional titles like Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, and even the less demanding — but no less satisfying — Ghost of Tsushima. Ultimately, I think I just like really cool sword fights.

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And honestly, they don't get much cooler than the ones you'll find in Metal Gear Rising. The Platinum-developed title released a whole seven years ago on PS3, and it's still an utterly glorious example of white-knuckle character action. For my money, it's the best game that Platinum has ever made. It's not perfect — god, some of those environments are so horribly brown — but when you're hacking and slashing in the heat of battle, it's bloody brilliant.

Metal Gear Rising 3

It's also so outrageously over-the-top. The first time I saw Raiden slice an attack helicopter into pieces I was blown away. Then he went and did the same thing to a Metal Gear Ray just a few minutes later. Rising simply doesn't know when to quit, but that's part of its undeniably cheesy charm. And what I wouldn't give to play it all again on PS4. Or PS5. Both. Someone just make it happen.

When I think about all of the PS3 games that have been remastered over the years, it's a crime that Metal Gear Rising hasn't been brought up to speed — especially when a PC port already exists. But god only knows what Konami's strategy is these days, and after so many years, it feels like the opportunity has probably passed. It's such a huge shame.

Metal Gear Rising 2

For me, what makes Metal Gear Rising more than just a great action game is the overall package. The absurd cutscenes, punctuated by absolutely ridiculous characters (Jetstream Sam! Sundowner!). All those truly stupid one-liners that Raiden comes out with before charging headfirst into battle. And, of course, the music. Rising has to have one of the greatest video game soundtracks I've ever heard. Just the fact that each boss has their own theme song is enough to make you buy into the madness of it all. For as mental as it is, Rising is a shockingly cohesive experience.

There's nothing quite like Metal Gear Rising, really. Sure, Devil May Cry still loves to embrace its absurdity, but there were bits and pieces to Rising that made it feel so unique. It had that Metal Gear-ness to it, where weird Easter eggs and oddly specific references are simply a part of its DNA. By no means was Rising a flop, but it still deserves another stint in the spotlight — and a remaster is absolutely the way to do it.

Are you a fan of Metal Gear Rising? Would you like to see Raiden make a return? Let us know if Jack's back in the comments section below.