Where's My Red Dead Redemption 2 Remaster, Rockstar? Soapbox 1

Rockstar Games is reportedly on a roll with remasters at the moment, as the confirmed re-release of Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 5 is heavily rumoured to be joined by a trio of remastered GTA titles from the PS2 era at the end of the year. If that package sells well — and let's be honest here, it absolutely will — then the developer will supposedly turn its sights next to PS3 epic Red Dead Redemption. And despite how much I tell myself I won't, I will more than likely pick up all three of these and play them through to completion. I don't replay games, but boy do I love a remaster. However, the speculation implies that what I want most out of Rockstar Games right now is at least a few years away, if it ever is to happen. All I want is a PS5 version of Red Dead Redemption 2.

You see, while I did rank the PS4 original as my second favourite game of 2018, I still don't feel like I quite had the same experience as those who loved it the most. At the time, the discussions surrounding how you need to get lost in the wild west put me off more than anything else. I would actively avoid playing the game for stretches at a time because I knew I needed at least a handful of hours spare to really soak in the atmosphere and live the life of Arthur Morgan. I had read tales of other players going the extra mile and role-playing the cowboy's day; making sure he always ate three meals a day, sleeping at the correct times, and ditching the idea of fast travel entirely. Three years ago, I screwed my nose up at the thought of this. Today, however, I can't think of anything cooler.

I know how Red Dead Redemption 2 ends, but everything leading up to it is a bit of a blur at this point. I remember that Micah is the worst person ever, and that's about it. Because of that, I've had a longing to return to the age of cowboys and Indians for some time now. On my second playthrough, I'd be sure to pull a Fallout and just explore the world so much more, trying to bump into even more strange characters along the way and role play as protagonist Morgan.

Where's My Red Dead Redemption 2 Remaster, Rockstar? Soapbox 2

The funny thing is: I could start doing that right now if I wanted to. My PS4 copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 is sitting on my shelf on the opposite side of the room I write this Soapbox from. It's right there, waiting to be played — after a long install on my PS5 system — but there's something that stops me.

I want to play the best possible version of the game if I'm to return, and well, I'm not getting that on PS5 via backwards compatibility. When Rockstar Games released the PC version, it demonstrated how good Red Dead Redemption 2 could really look and run. A native PS5 version running at 60 frames-per-second that takes advantage of increased performance and visuals sounds like my cup of tea; throw in a new Trophy list too and I'm already awaiting how much it will cost to upgrade.

So, when I'm inevitably wrestling with the controls of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS5 remaster later this year, in the back of my head I'll be thinking about Arthur Morgan. This could have been you, good sir. Come on Rockstar Games: get Red Dead Redemption 2 looking and running at its best on PS5.

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