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  • News There's a Moody Sekiro Dynamic Theme Free to Download on PS4

    Lone wolf

    Getting stuck into Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice this weekend? Well, you may want to heighten the excitement with the game's dynamic PlayStation 4 theme, which is available to download right now from the PlayStation Store for free. The theme's pretty cool -- it's got some nice artwork of the title's main character, as well as its own backing...

  • News PS4's Free International Women's Day Theme Is Ace

    Girl power

    It’s officially International Women’s Day today, and Sony is celebrating with an awesome PlayStation 4 theme that’s going to give your console a jolt of girl power. Designed by Guerrilla Games concept artist Choro Choi, the theme features several Sony leading ladies, including Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn), Chloe (Uncharted: The Lost...





  • News Sony Europe Restricting the Release of Awesome PS4 Themes

    This ain't a theme, it's a goddamn arms race

    They can be hard to come by, but who doesn’t love a good PlayStation 4 theme? Truant Pixel has been cranking out quality animated wallpapers since the beginning of time, but it seems the fine folks at PlayStation Europe have uncharacteristically put their collective foot down when it comes to bad ass...

  • News This PS4 Synthwave Dynamic Theme Bundle Is Pretty Darn Cool

    An 80s style trip

    Every now and then the PlayStation 4 gets really cool dynamic theme, but we must admit, they don't come much cooler than this. The Synthwave A/B Complete Dynamic Theme Bundle is so cool that it's even nabbed its own trailer over on PlayStation's official YouTube channel. It costs $3.99 on the North American store, but sadly it's...



  • News There's a Free Shenmue PS4 Theme in North America

    This is cool

    SEGA’s celebrating the launch of Shenmue I & II on the PlayStation 4 with a free dynamic theme in North America. Available to download now, the animated wallpaper includes a sketch of Ryo Hazuki on the top layer, and a panning shot of the Dragon Mirror on the bottom layer. There’s also some new music from the franchise’s...

  • News This PSone Theme for PS4 Deserves a Commercial Release

    Kutaragi would be proud

    Truant Pixel’s been churning out awesome PlayStation 4 dynamic themes for some time now, with its amazing PlayStation 2 animated wallpaper frequently topping the PlayStation Store charts. Sometimes the developer will upload unofficial concepts that it’s been working on behind-the-scenes, and this PSone theme simply has to...



  • News Sony's Sending Out Free PS4 Themes for the Holidays

    Some getting The Frozen Wilds, too

    ‘Tis the season of goodwill, and Sony’s clearly in the giving mood. The platform holder’s currently sending out emails including a free festive theme, which you can download to your PlayStation 4 in order to add a little holiday cheer to your console. This appears to be a North American centric offer for now,...

  • News Retro PS2 Clock Theme Releases on PS4 Next Week


    After the awesome PSone Anniversary Theme, we’re surprised that Sony hasn’t capitalised on its legacy with more throwback backgrounds. Fortunately, it’s announced this humdinger inspired by the PS2’s legendary clock. If you’re not sure what we’re referring to, here’s the last-last-gen console’s timepiece in all of its glory:...


  • News Sony Celebrates London Pride 2017 with Free PS4 Theme

    For all the players

    PlayStation UK is one of the primary sponsors of London Pride 2017, which gets underway today in the English capital. And to celebrate the event, the platform holder’s released a free PlayStation 4 theme which you can download in Britain right now. It’s a nice clean design, boasting the brand’s famous button symbols set to...


  • News This PS4 Theme Is a New Low

    It's time to stop

    Look at this monstrosity. Just look at it. Virtual tat just doesn't get any worse than this, does it? Spotted on the North American PlayStation Store by the ever-aware Wario64, this disgusting dynamic PlayStation 4 theme is quite possibly the worst that's ever been made available. Quite the achievement when you look at some of...




  • News WipEout Omega Collection's Pre-Order Theme Is a Thing of Beauty


    There are no shortage of terrible PlayStation 4 dynamic themes, but this WipEout Omega Collection pre-order bonus is not one of them. On the bottom panel it shows anti-grav vehicles zooming around a hairpin bend, while the top section includes models of some of the franchise's most iconic jets. And it's all set to the sound of ear-shattering...



  • News Free Suicide Squad Theme Raids the PS4

    No Joker

    Those of you eagerly anticipating the release of Suicide Squad next week may want to download the free theme that's available on the European PlayStation Store right now – and will presumably roll out imminently worldwide. It's a dynamic theme which fuses comic book panels with photographs of the flick's cast. While any theme featuring...



  • News Jazz Up Your PS4 with Dynamic Uncharted 4 Themes

    Lookin' like one million dollars

    Looking for a new, er, look for your PlayStation 4? Well, look no further than these all-new Uncharted 4: A Thief's End dynamic themes, which are available to purchase from the European PlayStation Store right now. Available for £1.69 apiece, the first of the animated wallpapers will augment your system with ink...

  • News There's a Free Witcher 3 Expansion Theme on PS4 Right Now

    It even has its own music

    Oooh, there's a lovely new The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt theme on the PlayStation Store, and it doesn't cost a penny. Dubbed the 'Expansion Theme', it combines key art from the title's two add-ons, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. You can find it under 'Games', and then under 'Themes and Avatars'. We've provided...



  • News Celebrate the Season with Free Festive PS4 Theme

    DualShockin' around the Christmas tree

    The season of giving is just about getting underway, and Sony's kicked things off in festive fashion by releasing a free Christmas tree theme for the PlayStation 4 in Europe. This one's for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and shows an in-door shrub decorated with all of your complimentary games from the past 12...

  • News Ain't Nothing Corny About This Mouth Watering PS4 Theme

    Bacon option also available

    Those of you that have stuck with PlayStation for a few years will probably be familiar with the Corn Love theme – it approached legendary status on the PlayStation 3. And now, by popular demand, it's back in all of its buttery goodness on the PlayStation 4 for the affordable fee of $2.99. Are you ready to watch that...

  • PSX 2015 This Final Fantasy VII PS4 Theme Will Give You Tingles

    Cloud would be proud

    Grab Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 4 - which released earlier today - and you'll also nab a lovely looking theme for your console. As you can see, we've included the theme's two background pictures in this very article. It doesn't just look great, though - it also sounds superb. Alongside a piano-based version of the...


  • News You're Going to Want This Gravity Rush PS4 Theme

    Well jel

    Gravity Rush is coming to the PlayStation 4, which is outstanding news. The only downside is that we have to wait until next year in the West to enjoy Kat's remastered adventure, while Japan can look forward to turning Auldnoir upside down in less than a month. And to make matters even worse, those that pre-order in the Eastern region...


  • News Until Dawn's Free Hallowe'en PS4 Theme Is Worth Downloading

    Clock's ticking

    It's been a disappointing week for Until Dawn fans. Supermassive Games announced a woeful looking rails shooter spin-off earlier in the week, while Sony's second marketing push has amounted to a new trailer and a free PlayStation 4 theme. There is, at least, one silver lining, though: the animated wallpaper is one of the better ones...

  • News This Cherry Blossoms PS4 Theme Is Blooming Brilliant

    Pretty in pink

    Let's not beat around the hedgerow: most PlayStation 4 themes suck. Fortunately there are companies out there who are working to improve the quality of the system's animated backgrounds, and this Cherry Blossoms theme is a great example. Not only is it a lovely looking wallpaper in its own right, but it also works with the console's...

  • News Have a Free Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Theme for Your PS4

    It's a good one

    Sony and Activision are in bed with each other and refuse to get a room, which means that we're benefiting from its – shall we say – fruitful relationship. As a reward for participating in the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta, the companies are serving up a free PlayStation 4 theme – all you need to do is find it in the...



  • News Phwoar, This Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Theme Is a Beauty

    Meching the difference

    PlayStation Heroes is a monthly initiative that sees most of the proceeds made from the selling of exclusive PlayStation 4 themes donated to charity, and August's theme is a real beauty. Based on upcoming open world mech-'em-up Horizon: Zero Dawn, the skin presents a colourful and detailed backdrop for your new-gen system...




  • News Sony's Raising Money for the People of Nepal

    Donate for an exclusive theme

    Sony may be out to make a buck, but it's also engaging in a fair amount of charity work these days. The organisation's PlayStation Heroes initiative is all about raising money for important causes, and it's now launched a fresh funding drive designed to help the people of Nepal following the series of devastating...

  • News Final Fantasy X's 'To Zanarkand' PS4 Theme Is One of the Best on PSN

    Insert soft piano music here

    An iconic piece of Final Fantasy history, Final Fantasy X's opening cutscene still sends shivers up the spines of many, over a decade after its initial release. As the memorable To Zanarkand tune twinkles along in the background, main character Tidus gets up and walks away from a campfire, while the rest of the party...

  • News OMG! There's Totally a New Toro Theme for PS4

    Celebrate good times

    You don't need to be a genius to realise that the Toro's House theme for the PlayStation 4 is the best background available for the new-gen format. However, if you're getting sick of watching the white Sony Cat and his black BFF Kuro prancing about, then you may be tempted by this new animated wallpaper already available in...

  • News This Free Mad Max: Fury Road PS4 Theme Is Pretty Rad

    Maximum impact

    You may have little to no interest in George Miller's forthcoming Mad Max comeback, but this free Fury Road theme available now from the European PlayStation Store is worth a download if you fancy sprucing up your system's home screen. While it's little more than a thinly disguised commercial, the complimentary wallpaper is packing...

  • News Play Blitzball with Your PS4's Home Screen Care of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

    Yuna you want it

    Dynamic themes are fast becoming the PlayStation Store's answer to pre-order bonuses, and thus it's no surprise that the North American edition of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for the PlayStation 4 comes with an animated wallpaper if you purchase it digitally. While these tend to comprise of marketing materials and little more,...


  • News Here's a Free LittleBigPlanet 3 Easter Theme for Your PS4 and PS3

    We bet you're eggstatic

    Good old Easter: the holiday that no one really talks about until it's here, and everyone's stuffing their faces with chocolate and enjoying hefty breaks from the education system. Fortunately, you can celebrate it with a bit of style this year, as Sony's giving away a free LittleBigPlanet 3 theme in Europe. The colourful...

  • Guide How to Add a Drop Shadow to Your PS4's Text

    Making things more legible

    PlayStation 4 themes are all well and good, but sometimes they favour style over substance. This often renders the user interface's text difficult to read, but fortunately with PS4 firmware update v2.50, you can add a drop shadow to make it stand out a little more. Here's what you need to do. 1. Go to Settings From the...

  • News This MLB 15 The Show PS4 Dynamic Theme Is Neat

    Baseball is better

    Now that dynamic themes have been available on the PlayStation 4 for a few months, we're definitely starting to see some more interesting designs. Take this MLB 15 The Show animated wallpaper, which is modelled after The Tigers. It includes crowd sounds, blue skies, and a changing television screen. This is actually one of...

  • News God of War PS4 Theme Celebrates Series' Anniversary with Discount

    Half-price for one week only

    Now at ten years of age, Kratos is probably a little too old to be shouting obscenities at Greek Gods – but what the heck, he wouldn't be the same ash encased anger therapy patient that we all know and love if he called it a day. Last week's God of War III Remastered announcement was supposed to celebrate the series in...

  • News Fetch Some Supercharged inFAMOUS: Second Son PS4 Themes from 31st March

    Light up, light up

    Kratos isn't the only PlayStation protagonist blowing out birthday candles this weekend, as Delsin Rowe also turns the ripe old age of one today. To celebrate inFAMOUS: Second Son's anniversary, developer Sucker Punch has taken to the PlayStation Blog to deploy a metric ton of goodies, including ringtones, avatars, and various...

  • News Who Wants a Free PS4 Bloodborne Theme?

    Yharnam you want it

    You can't beat a free PlayStation 4 theme to personalise your platform with, and Sony's giving out a deadly Bloodborne design as a reward for completing the game's interactive trailer. Of course, if you don't want to spoil yourself with the audio visual experience, we've compiled the giveaway codes for you on this very page...


  • News Sony's Sending Free Evolve PS4 Themes to EU PlayStation Plus Members

    Level up your device's dashboard

    PlayStation Plus more or less pays for itself when you look at the free games that get given away on a monthly basis, but the platform holder regularly sends out the odd surprise to engaged members. This Evolve PlayStation 4 theme that's being distributed in Europe is a nice little extra on top of the Instant Game...

  • News Adorable Toro's House PS4 Dynamic Theme Comes Home in Europe

    Inoue it would

    Toro Inoue, the human-loving cat who serves as PlayStation's main mascot in Japan, has never been a household name in the West – but we're still delighted to see the character's previously Japan exclusive PlayStation 4 theme arrive on the European PlayStation Store. Available now for £1.69, the design shows the kitty chilling with...

  • News Free The Order: 1886 PS4 Theme Takes Off in Europe

    Scaling the London skyline

    There are few better promotional tools than a free PlayStation 4 theme, and Sony has tapped into that by adding a complimentary animated The Order: 1886 wallpaper to the European PlayStation Store. Available to download now through here, the nifty extra allows you to skin your next-gen system with the airship infiltration...

  • News This Transistor PS4 Theme Will Make You Sing

    Red hot

    Transistor's one of the most stylish titles on the PlayStation 4, so it's perhaps no surprise that it should warrant a seriously slick theme. Available now from the North American PlayStation Store for $2.99, the animated wallpaper will add a slew of futuristic effects to your next-gen device's dashboard – but it's the music, a fusion of...

  • News Make Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum Your PS4 Theme

    Jupiter Ascending theme free right now

    With a production budget of $175 million, and the creators of The Matrix at the helm, forthcoming Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum space opera Jupiter Ascending is everywhere right now – including on your PlayStation 4. As part of yesterday's European PlayStation Store update, Sony stealthily dropped a...

  • News Here's How to Get a Free The Order: 1886 PS4 Theme

    But only in North America

    It's becoming increasingly obvious that you lot love PlayStation 4 themes – especially when they're good and free. Fortunately, our detective vision has uncovered another complimentary design which can be claimed now from The Order: 1886's official website. Sadly, you'll need to be based in North America to lay claim to...

  • News Final Fantasy XIV's Fantastic PS4 Theme Is Now Available and Free in Europe

    A theme reborn

    The PlayStation 4 doesn't have a great selection of themes. The official Destiny one isn't too bad, and there are a couple of other additions to the PlayStation Store that are nice enough, but there's nothing available that we'd consider essential downloads. That's changed today, however, as the fantastic Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm...


  • News Oh No, the Terrible PS4 Themes Have Arrived

    Dressed to unimpress

    It was only a matter of time, wasn't it? Much like the avatars section, a quick peek in the PlayStation 3's virtual shop will reveal a flood of bad themes, from buttered corn right the way through to crispy bacon. As such, it was inevitable that the awful designs would hit Sony's next-gen device in time – and with today's


  • News This Free Far Cry 4 Theme for the PlayStation 4 Is Grrreat

    Eye of the tiger

    Ever since adding themes as part of PlayStation 4 firmware update v2.00, Sony’s furnished the PlayStation Store with a handful of animated backgrounds. Unfortunately, this latest freebie isn’t as exciting as the recent 20th Anniversary giveaway, but is pretty neat if you’re a fan of Ubisoft’s big holiday blockbuster,

  • News Miss the Original PSone Startup? Get It on PS4, PS3, and Vita Now

    We need a moment

    It's all about the good old days at Push Square today, and thanks to Sony's free present, we can all drown in a little bit of nostalgia of our own. Available on the PlayStation Network right now are three brand new themes for your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, featuring a classic PSone grey colour scheme and the original...


  • News Premium PS4 Themes for LittleBigPlanet 3 and The Order: 1886 Launch in NA

    Device decorations

    There are not an enormous number of PlayStation 4 themes to pick from on the PlayStation Store right now, but North America has landed a couple of animated extras as part of this week’s store refresh. The first is based on LittleBigPlanet 3, and sees Sackboy and friends sprinting around while you scroll through your software...

  • News The AR Bots Keep Watch in Fresh Free PS4 Theme

    Play room

    Themes are still very much a novelty on the PlayStation 4, which means that we’re going to mask today’s lack of news with a short little report on the latest design to hit the PlayStation Store: AR Bots. This wacky wallpaper augments the home screen with an animated image of the robots from PlayStation Camera title The Playroom,...


  • Guide How to Change Your PS4's Theme

    Time for something different

    It’s all well and good changing the colour of your PlayStation 4’s background, but what if you want a completely different theme entirely. PS4 firmware update v2.00 introduces dynamic themes, and you can use these to give your entire console an all-new look. Please note: the availability of themes will vary depending...

  • Feature What Do the PS4's First Free Dynamic Themes Look Like?

    Spruced up

    Sony may have introduced the ability for you to change the PlayStation 4’s background colour as part of PS4 firmware update v2.00, but it’s also added dynamic themes to the mix. While these aren’t available in North America or Europe at the time of typing, a couple of free animated backgrounds can be downloaded in Japan – and, if...

  • Guide How to Change Your PS4's Background Colour

    Go with the Flow

    We’re a big fan of the PlayStation 4’s default royal blue backdrop, but sometimes your mood demands something different. Fortunately, as part of PS4 firmware update v2.00, the platform holder has introduced the ability for you to change the colour of the default ‘Flow’ theme. And here’s how you do it... 1. Go to Settings...



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