Chaos awaits

Now at ten years of age, Kratos is probably a little too old to be shouting obscenities at Greek Gods – but what the heck, he wouldn't be the same ash encased anger therapy patient that we all know and love if he called it a day. Last week's God of War III Remastered announcement was supposed to celebrate the series in style, but now Sony Santa Monica's followed up with a PlayStation 4 theme.

Sadly, you'll have to trade a few silver drachmas to land the dynamic wallpaper, but current conversion rates peg the entry fee at, er, $1.00. That's half-price for one week only, afterwards it will jump back up to $1.99. But what's the theme like? Well, we love the animated artwork of the Ghost of Sparta, but we always hated the series' menu sound effects, so count us out.

Thud, thud, ching. Shudder.

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