Leaks over the weekend revealed development snaps of the project, which featured two of David Jaffe's characters: Sweet Tooth and Kratos.

Prompted on Twitter, Jaffe claimed that while he knew nothing about the project, he hoped that it was real.

“Four folks asking if I know anything about this rumored Sony brawler," he wrote on the social networking site. "News to me but if it is real, count me super jazzed. Been wanting a game like that for a while. I can tell you I know some of the folks over at SuperBot and whatever they are making — I genuinely don't have a clue — I am sure will be very cool cause they got some great talents over there."

We find it hard to believe that Jaffe's characters would be used in the game without his notification, but suspect he's simply respecting an NDA when he says he doesn't "have a clue" about the project.

You can read more about the supposed crossover fighter through here.