God of War PS4

Sony Santa Monica is a mini-publisher within SCEA, collaborating with external development teams such as Ready at Dawn and Honeyslug. However, it also houses a sizeable internal production division, which up until recently was working on a sci-fi title for the PlayStation 4. Now that that’s been cancelled, though, the question remains: just what is the company working on?

All rumours point to some form of God of War reboot, with veteran Cory Barlog seemingly leading the charge. And in an interview with Venturebeat, president Shawn Layden has hinted that the studio will be responsible for the “next big franchise” in the PS4’s portfolio. Like them or loathe them, Kratos’ shouty escapades rank right up there with Uncharted and Gran Turismo.

“In the development group we have Shannon Studstill, who runs our whole Santa Monica operation,” he said when asked about the recent Gamergate controversy, and how PlayStation strongly supports women in games. “She's going to bring the next big franchise out from there.” Oh, really?

At this point, we’re 99.9 per cent certain that this will be related to the God of War brand – when you consider that God of War III sold gangbusters on a struggling PlayStation 3, it’ll likely blow up on the platform holder’s much more popular next-gen machine – but we’re hopeful that it goes in a different direction. How about: new mythology, new characters, mixed with the same slick gameplay? Sold.

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