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  • News Here's Almost 2 Hours of Yakuza 6 PS4 Gameplay in English


    Those incredibly lucky b*stards over at PlayStation Access have got their hands on an English version of Yakuza 6, months ahead of the full game's launch in March next year. Fortunately, they've been kind enough to stream almost two hours of gameplay, which is now archived for your viewing pleasure. The footage features general...

  • News Fancy Shooting Some Stuff? You Can Try Wolfenstein II on PS4 for Free Right Now

    Lock and load

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus now has a free trial out on the PlayStation Store. Get it downloaded and you can blast your way through the whole first level of the game. If you enjoy it enough, you can go ahead and buy the full thing, which will retain any progress that you've made. The tempting part about this is that the...

  • News Wrap Your Eyes Around 20 Minutes of Fantastic Monster Hunter: World PS4 Gameplay

    Monster mash

    Capcom's posted two videos that perhaps give us our best look at Monster Hunter: World yet. The mostly uncut footage covers a lot of the game -- exploration, combat, character creation -- so if you're yet to be convinced that the title's one to keep an eye on, be sure to give them a watch. If you're thinking about putting some...

  • Guide Best PS Plus Prices on Black Friday 2017

    Extend your PlayStation Plus sub on the cheap

    Sony has discounted 12-month PlayStation Plus subscriptions in the UK and USA, so we’ve compiled the best PS Plus prices on Black Friday 2017. While an annual membership is still fairly pricey, you’re getting approximately 20 per cent off in both territories, which is a decent saving. It’s worth...

  • News Sony Goes All-In on Monster Hunter: World Audio Merch in Japan

    Rumble in the jungle

    Sony's really pushing Monster Hunter: World in Japan, where it'll be releasing a whole line of audio-based products that tie into Capcom's upcoming action role-playing title. The lineup includes a snazzy looking Monster Hunter branded Walkman, some stylish headphones, and a neat little portable speaker. We're not entirely...

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    Review Hidden Agenda

    Crime scene investigation

    So far, Sony’s new PlayLink initiative hasn’t amounted to anything more than a decent selection of casual party games. Both Knowledge Is Power and That’s You follow the Jackbox Party Pack formula of wrapping up trivia questions within a fun and humorous setting, while SingStar: Celebration allows editor Sammy Barker...

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    Review The Sims 4

    Better simulate than never

    You begin The Sims 4 by creating a Sim - an avatar of a person, perhaps based on yourself only thinner, more popular, and with cooler hair - using a fairly robust character creation suite. You can start the game with your Sim at any stage of their life, from toddler to elder, and you assign them a bunch of personality...

  • News Gal Gun 2 Falls in Love with You Next Spring on PS4

    Pantsu paradise awaits, apparently

    Inti Creates’ awkward rails shooter series Gal Gun will come back for another kiss on the PlayStation 4 next Spring, as niche publisher PQube readies the follow up to last year’s Double Peace. The title – which will once again see you fending off legions of ladies with your Pheremone Shot – will see you rub...

Wednesday22nd Nov 2017