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  • News Hundreds of Games Discounted in Massive EU PlayStation Store Summer Sale

    Fun out of the sun

    The PlayStation Store rarely takes a breather from discounts these days, and Sony has just kicked off a huge Summer Sale spanning across hundreds of PS4 and PSVR games, as well as various add-ons. The list of games included is bordering on ridiculous, and there are some fantastic savings to be made here. No Man's Sky has...

  • Guide Best PS4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Bundle Deals

    Where to buy a PS4

    What are the best PS4 Pro and PlayStation 4 bundle deals? We’ve scoured the web to find the best selection of PS4 hardware deals. Whether you’re looking to purchase a PS4 for the first time or upgrade to the supercharged PS4 Pro, these deals will get you up and running – and help you to save a few pennies in the process...

  • News PS Store Flash Sale Arrives in Time for the Weekend in North America

    No Joker

    A swift heads up: there’s a new PlayStation Store Flash Sale live in North American right now. Set to conclude on 23rd July, the promotional period’s packing discounts of up to 70 per cent across a range of PlayStation 4 games, including Batman: Arkham Knight ($7.99), Just Cause 3 ($5.99), and Life Is Strange ($3.99). You can also snag

  • Deals Save Big on PS Plus Subs in the UK

    Half-price on 15 month memberships

    Amazon Prime Day 2018 has arrived amid much marketing melodrama, and you can learn about cheap PS4 Pro deals through the link. Perhaps the best offer, however, pertains to PlayStation Plus, where in the UK you can snag a 15 month membership for just £34.99. Remember you will need

  • Deals Cheap PS4 Pro, PSVR, and PlayStation 4 Games in UK Amazon Prime Day Sale

    PS Plus memberships also half-price

    Amazon Prime Day 2018 is underway and it’s bringing with it some cheap PS4 Pro and PlayStation 4 deals in the UK. As mentioned, the highlight this year is the 1TB PS4 Pro, which can be yours for as little as £299.99 during the promotional period. The standard 500GB PS4 Slim is also available for £219.00, but...

  • Guide Best PS4 Headphones and Headsets

    Sound off

    What are the best PS4 headphones and headsets? If you’re an online player, then you’re going to need some kind of communicator to keep in constant contact with your teammates. But even if you play single player, a good pair of headphones can be essential for your PlayStation 4, as playing late at night or when others are in the house...

  • Guide Best PS4 Controller Deals

    DualShock 4 discounts

    What are the best deals on PS4 controllers and the DualShock 4? You’re going to need at least a couple of PlayStation 4 pads if you plan to play with pals – especially if you’ve been reading our best PS4 co-op games guide. Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the best PS4 controller deals around the web, so that you...

  • Guide Best Deals for PS Plus and PlayStation Store Credit

    Free your PS4's digital library

    Free PS Plus may be a pipedream, but we can certainly help you to find the best PlayStation Plus deals. If you’re not sure whether to subscribe, you can find a list of all free PS Plus games in 2018 through the link. Remember that in addition to online play, PlayStation Plus also entitles you to multiple free games...

  • News PS Plus Double Discounts Slash Prices on EU PlayStation Store

    Bag a bargain

    Got some summer money burning a hole in your pocket? Not a big fan of the SEGA skies outside? Pull those curtains shut and get your pasty ass on the European PlayStation Store, where PlayStation Plus subscribers can currently grab double discounts on a bunch of high-profile games. Some of the highlights include Persona 5, Call of Duty:...

  • News US PlayStation Store Kicks Off Massive Mid-Year Sale

    European Store gets new sale too

    Just when you think your wallet is safe, Sony bursts through the door with another swathe of offers. This time around, the North American PS Store is playing host to the Mid-Year Sale, where you can get some pretty hefty savings on a ridiculous number of titles across PS4, PSVR, PS3, and Vita. With literally...







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