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  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Back on Top with Several New Releases

    Final Fantasy XIV targets software summit

    The low stock Nintendo Switch situation has opened the door for the PlayStation 4 to return to the top of the Japanese hardware charts – albeit with relatively unimpressive figures all told. Combined sales of the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro propelled Sony’s console back to the summit, with several lower-profile...

  • News N. Sane Trilogy Plots the Return of Japanese Crash Bandicoot

    Face lift

    Veteran fans of Crash will know that the bandicoot has a slightly different face in Japan. As part of Sony’s localisation efforts for the original trilogy of games, it gave the titular character a bit of a facelift, attempting to make him more palatable to local audiences. It worked, too – Naughty Dog’s titles were a surprise hit in...

  • Japanese Sales Charts All's Quiet on the PlayStation Front

    Summertime snoozefest

    Bad news if you thought the Japanese sales charts were about to get interesting, because for the millionth week running, there's bugger all happening as far as PlayStation's concerned. There are no new PlayStation 4 releases in the top 20, with Tekken 7 the only current-gen release remaining in the top five. Bandai Namco's...

  • News Dragon Quest XI PS4 Gets a Funny Japanese Ad, as You'd Expect

    What are we even watching

    Sony sure likes its dumb Japanese adverts doesn't it? We've seen some corkers over the years - the Destiny one is still our favourite - but this new addition for Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is no slouch either. Featuring singer and actor Takayuki Yamada, he loads up the game only to be blown away...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Read the E3 2017 News Instead

    Another slow week

    The Japanese sales charts are out, and as has been the case for several weeks now, there’s naff all going on apart from the Nintendo Switch getting a trickle of stock. PlayStation 4 sales are in the gutter, but it’s just a dry spell for the entire industry at the moment; expect sales to perk up across the board when Dragon...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Tekken 7 Juggles Its Way to Number 1

    Tekken it higher

    Well, there's only one worthwhile story to extract from the latest Japanese sales charts. Soaring straight to the top of the software list, Tekken 7 shifted 58,736 copies on PlayStation 4 during its debut. Certainly not an amount worth shouting about, but it's worth remembering that the series has traditionally moved more units in...

  • News Everybody's Golf Is Still Coming to Smartphones in Japan

    Nice shot

    Sony may have been quiet on the smartphone front, but its new mobile-focused subsidiary ForwardWorks is busy bringing some of PlayStation’s biggest brands to iOS and Android. And it looks like Everybody’s Golf may be the first franchise to arrive, with pre-registration for the title open in Japan right now. There’s also a new...


  • Japanese Sales Charts Ys VIII Dashes Straight to Number 1 as PS4 Stays Quiet

    Guilty Gear also rocks into top 5

    We'd still classify this as a pretty boring instalment of the Japanese sales charts, but at least we've got a few things to write about this time around. First off, the latest Ys game, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, shot straight to the top of the software charts, selling a kind-of-okay-but-actually-pretty-low 27,741...

  • News Sony Says Goodbye to the PS3 After 10 Years on the Market

    So long, old friend

    Sony has announced that PlayStation 3 production has ended in Japan, which essentially means that the console is done and dusted. Back in March, the company said that the end would soon be coming, and now it's put the final nail in the coffin. The PS3 launched over a decade ago in its homeland; it'll be 11 years old this...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Steady as Sales Slow Down

    Calm before the Dragon Quest?

    The post-Golden Week slump in Japan is still very real, with little to shout about in this week’s Media Create report. PREY was the “hottest” new release of the week, selling 7,105 units on the PlayStation 4. Danganronpa 1/2 Reload also charted for Sony’s new-gen system, shifting 3,880 units. You’ve got to...

  • News Capcom's Bringing More Resident Evil to PlayStation VR

    You are dead

    Resident Evil 7 is considered, by many, to be one of the best experiences that can be had on Sony’s PlayStation VR headset. It’s exciting, then, that Capcom is bringing more Biohazard to virtual reality; less exciting is the fact that Vendetta Z is merely a free experience designed to promote the upcoming CGI movie, Resident Evil...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Suffers Another Sales Dip During Post-Holiday Period


    Jeeeeez, when will it end? For weeks now we've been struggling to make articles out of the latest Japanese sales charts because... Well, there really hasn't been much to write about from a PlayStation perspective. Unfortunately, that's also the case this week; not a single new PlayStation 4 title entered the top 20. Of course, this was always...

  • News Sony Japan's Made Another Awesome Musical PS4 Montage

    Play! Play! Play!

    Sony Japan’s got a knack for creating amazing montages, and it’s launched its latest overnight to celebrate the wealth of software set to release on the PlayStation 4 over the coming months. This clip takes the form of a musical, with the star attractions being titles like Dragon Quest XI, Tekken 7, and Final Fantasy XII: The...

  • Japanese Sales Charts Golden Week Winds Up Weak

    Nothing to see here

    Golden Week did little to propel hardware or software sales in Japan, as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe once again ruled the roost. PlayStation 4 hardware enjoyed a small bump, but it was the Xbox One that scored the biggest increase – even if its numbers are little more than a statistical error at this point. NieR: Automata prevented...



  • News Sony Will Publish Destiny 2 for PS4 in Japan

    Platform holder to bring shooter overseas

    Much like the first game, Sony will act as Destiny 2's publisher in Japan. The platform holder's said that it will fully localise the first-person shooter on Activision's behalf, adding both subtitles and voiceover in the nation's native tongue. It's obviously no surprise that it's going the extra mile given...

  • News Senran Kagura's Water Pistol Game Is Getting Dead or Alive DLC

    A match made in heaven

    Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash – the Splatoon-esque multiplayer water pistol shooter from Marvelous – is getting Dead or Alive downloadable content because of course it is. The pervey soak-'em-up will see Marie Rose, Honoka, and Ayane join the fray in Japan for ¥‎700 a pop or ¥‎1,800 for the full set. You'll also...

  • Japanese Sales Charts PS4 Steady in Slow Week for PlayStation

    Nintendo Switch got new stock this week which pushed its hardware and software numbers up significantly, but despite the new console on the block, the PlayStation 4 continues to sell steady. The system racked up another 30,000 or so units between the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro this week – an uneventful but sturdy statistic for the system. Horizon:...

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