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  • News Sony's Still Pumping Out Those Crash Bandicoot Teases

    Add another to the list

    Y'know the saying 'cock tease'? We can definitely see a future where the same definition is attributed to the phrase 'Crash tease'. Sony either knows something, or it's being utterly reckless at this point, as now PlayStation Latin America has pumped out a picture of the iconic platforming badass. It attached the hashtag #TBT...


  • News This Custom Crash Bandicoot PS2 Is Pretty Incredible

    Aku Aku approves

    We've laid our eyes on many a customised console over the years, but every now and again, you spy a machine that really goes above and beyond what you expect. With mod jobs being a hot topic these days, we're always on the lookout for some cool designs, and we reckon that this Crash Bandicoot inspired PlayStation 2 is absolutely...




  • News What if Crash Bandicoot Got a Gritty PS4 Reboot?

    It'd look a lot like this

    It's nice to see the Rockstar editor being put to good use. Over on YouTube, user Pinkman has created a gritty Crash Bandicoot reboot using Grand Theft Auto V. In the clip, we see the 'coot smashing some human crates in order to grab some Wumpa Fruit, before indulging in some Crash Team Racing-esque high speed pursuits. Thi


  • News Sony Really Needs to Stop Teasing Crash Bandicoot's Return

    You can't have your cake and eat it

    Look at that cake. Just look at the bloody thing. Celebrating PlayStation's 20th anniversary in Europe, Sony's had the delightful desert whipped up in celebration - but did it really have to sit Crash Bandicoot on top of the edible consoles? PlayStation's original orange mascot is now owned by Activision, but...




  • News No, This Is Not Proof of Crash Bandicoot PS4

    We wished it was

    This time every year the Internet goes stir crazy over rumours that make very little logical sense. We saw glimpses of that earlier in the week with Shenmue, but this Crash Bandicoot image is even worse. Once again, it revolves around a fuzzy photograph of a projector screen featuring everyone's favourite Converse-wearing rodent...


  • 9


    Review Crash Bandicoot

    Marsupial madness

    At one time, Crash Bandicoot was the face of the PlayStation brand, but through licensing headaches and the creation of other characters, the spunky star hasn’t quite gone on to fill the role of Nintendo’s Mario or Microsoft’s Master Chief. However, the hero’s titular game remains a signature PlayStation classic that served...



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