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  • News Toukiden 2's Looking Sharp in New PS4 Gameplay Trailer

    Demonic dismemberment

    There's something incredibly satisfying about lopping off the limbs of giant demons in Toukiden, and we're glad that Toukiden 2's new trailer seems to agree with us. Full of hacks, slashes, and weird, powerful spirit hands, the action role-playing title's fresh video's full of new gameplay clips. Due out later this year on...

  • News Koei Tecmo's Bringing Something Big to E3 2016

    "Top secret" project to be announced

    Nothing like a bit of E3 hype peddling to liven up your day, eh? The big event is just a few weeks away now, meaning that publishers and developers of all shapes and sizes are starting to tease their megaton announcements. Today, it's the turn of Japan's Koei Tecmo to confirm that it'll be revealing a...

  • News Dynasty Warriors 9 Announcement will 'Have a Greater Impact than You Can Imagine'

    Omega Force boss hypes up sequel

    Dynasty Warriors 9 is happening - we've known that for a while now - but publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force have both been suspiciously quiet on the subject. As regular readers and fans will know, a new Warriors game is seemingly announced every other week, but the Japanese companies are certainly...

  • News Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Is Going Free-to-Play Later This Month

    Careful now

    Controversial tropical paradise simulator Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is getting a free-to-play version later this month, according to Famitsu. The tweet, spotted and thoughtfully translated by Twitter user BlackKite, states that you'll be able to partner with leading lady Kasumi in all modes but casino. As its name suggests, casino mode...

  • News Today's Your Last Chance to Play the Nioh Demo on PS4

    Download gets cut off tomorrow

    The Nioh alpha demo is set to leave the PlayStation Store tomorrow, so today is your last chance to get stuck into this tough samurai slash-'em-up. As far as we're aware, the demo won't allow you to play unless you're connected to its servers, meaning that even if you have it downloaded onto your PS4 right now, you...



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