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    Review Warriors All-Stars

    Seeing stars

    A crazy crossover title that features characters from a bunch of different Koei Tecmo properties, Warriors All-Stars certainly feels like an attempt at celebrating the publisher's many years of success. Unfortunately, as a traditional hack and slash Warriors title, the game just isn't that great. The PlayStation 4 has been blessed with...

  • Gamescom 2017 Attack on Titan 2 Stomps into View in Early 2018

    Eat that

    A sequel to Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, which released on PlayStation 4 around a year ago, Attack on Titan 2 will invade our lives in early 2018. Publisher Koei Tecmo made the announcement via a Gamescom 2017 reveal trailer, which we've embedded above. No platforms have been officially confirmed yet, but we think it's safe to assume...

  • News New Gameplay Is Our Best Look Yet at Dynasty Warriors 9 on PS4

    China joy

    Even more Dynasty Warriors 9 gameplay? We won't say no. Previously, we've seen the open world title in action thanks to live footage captured from various streams, but Koei Tecmo has now released eight minutes of higher quality gameplay, and it provides our best look at the sequel yet. It's got traversal, combat, and cool combos. Are...

  • News Dynasty Warriors 9 Won't Be a PS4 Exclusive in the West

    Koei Tecmo confirms

    Publisher Koei Tecmo has revealed that Dynasty Warriors 9 won't be a PlayStation 4 exclusive here in the West as it'll also be coming to Xbox One and Steam. Not the most exciting of stories for a PlayStation website, but we thought it was worth a mention. Over the last couple of weeks, we've seen the hack and slash title in...














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