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  • News Your PS4 Trophies Will Now Sync Lightning Fast

    Sony speeds up feature

    Trophy syncing on the PlayStation 4 has always been pretty fast – especially compared to the PlayStation 3, where we’d honestly often go and make a cup of tea while it did its work – but Sony’s improved it overnight. We’ve just tested it out, and rather than the five to ten second delay that it used to take to sync,...




  • Weirdness Finally You Can 3D Print Your Own PlayStation Trophies

    Trophy unlocked

    What's this nonsense about Trophies being meaningless, virtual awards? If you happen to be one of the two people on the planet with a 3D printer, you can now download the files to manufacture your own set of PlayStation trinkets through here. This includes the bog standard Bronze, Silver, and Gold style, as well as the coveted...



  • News NieR Automata Lets You Buy Trophies with In-Game Cash

    Platinum standard

    With the game already readily available in Japan, some of NieR Automata's secrets are starting to trickle online. And it seems that the new game is as much a fan of breaking the fourth wall as its predecessor: complete the title three times and it'll allow you just buy any Trophies that you're missing with in-game cash. To be...




  • News Battlefield 1's Trophies Won't Be Hell to Unlock

    Call of duty

    World War I was Hell on Earth, but you won't necessarily need to suffer to earn all of Battlefield 1's Trophies. Online now ahead of the anticipated shooter's release next week, you'll earn trinkets for trying out each of the game's classes, and completing the campaign. You'll need to grab all of the Codex Entries in each story...



  • News No Man's Sky's PS4 Platinum Looks Perfectly Attainable

    Space odyssey

    The Trophies for PlayStation 4 console exclusive No Man's Sky have leaked online – and they look perfectly attainable, if you ask us. While the trinkets could have been laden with spoilers, they actually only reveal one thing: that your status will increase the more that you engage in various activities. For example, as you...

  • News Acclaimed Indie Darling Inside Poised for PS4 Release

    Get in-side

    Playdead's critically acclaimed Inside garnered much acclaim when it released on the Xbox One and PC earlier this year, prompting us to quiz the Danish developer about the possibility of a PlayStation 4 release. We were told that the studio wants to put the title on as many platforms as possible, and it looks like it's not hanging...




  • News Ratchet & Clank Looks Like An Achievable PS4 Platinum

    Attainable Raritanium

    The Trophies for upcoming PlayStation 4 platformer Ratchet & Clank are online – and they look like a nicely designed set. In addition to making your way through the campaign, you'll also need to collect all of the Gold Bolts, complete every Holocard Set, and generally upgrade and unlock everything that there is in the...




  • Feature Meet the Man with 40,000 PlayStation Trophies

    Platinum unlocked

    Republished on Monday, 28th December 2015: We're bringing this article back from the archives as we look back at some of Push Square's features from 2015. The original text follows. Originally published on Monday, 24th August 2015: It's a warm yet rainy evening in New Hampshire, but Michael 'Roughdawg4' Sinclaire is uninterested...



  • Weirdness Of Course Mark Cerny Platinumed PS4 Launch Title Knack

    Someone had to

    Mark Cerny is a busy man, but it seems that he still finds time to play the odd game. The new follow feature on the PlayStation 4 has proven a godsend for those who like to stalk their favourite gaming executives and have a nosy at their Trophies. And our very own Ben Potter noticed one pleasing tidbit while perusing the...

  • News Fallout 4's PS4 Trophies Will Keep You Occupied

    To the bunker

    Let go of any remnants of a social life that you may be clinging on to: Fallout 4 is coming. The gigantic PlayStation 4 game is due out in a couple of weeks, and that means that its Trophies have started to appear on Sony's servers. You can view them all through here, but do be aware that there may be modest spoilers on the other...

  • News Wow, XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus Looks Set to Deploy on PS Vita

    Western third-party support ain't so alien

    Amid all of the negative news surrounding the PlayStation Vita, we totally missed this: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus looks set to release on Sony's flagship handheld format. The game was rated by the ESRB earlier in the year, and now a full batch of Trophies have appeared on the web. A similar thing happened

  • News DriveClub's Going to Get Even More PS4 Trophies


    DriveClub currently has 122 Trophies, which means that it's one gong short of being the most fruitful PlayStation 4 release for hunters of polished virtual pots. And it'll be overtaking adversary DC Universe Online soon, as director Paul Rustchynsky has revealed that there are "plenty more" trinkets on the way. These, presumably, will all...











  • News You'll Probably Never, Ever Earn These PS4 Trophies

    Don't worry, neither will we

    A bit like that Taylor Swift song featuring a chorus of gregarious goats, there are some PlayStation 4 Trophies that, to put things mildly, are trouble, trouble, trouble. Rather than ‘bah’ at them and be done with it, though, our friends over at PlayStation Access have compiled this fine video outlining their...



  • Guide Watch Dogs PS4 Trophy Guide & Road Map

    Hack your very own Platinum pot

    Watch Dogs is easily the biggest PlayStation 4 release of the year so far. While inFAMOUS: Second Son was hotly anticipated as well, it’s taken two long years for Ubisoft to finally deliver the dystopian vision that it originally teased at E3 2012. Following a spate of delays, the release is available now – and

  • News Watch Dogs' PS4 Trophies Will Test Your Smartphone Skills

    Phone a friend

    Watch Dogs may be all about hacking, but you’ll need to work in order to unlock the release’s full roster of digital trinkets. Those of you that have been keeping your eye on Trophy tracking websites may have already spotted the unlockable pots for Ubisoft’s latest open world epic, but in case you missed them, we’ve included...





  • Guide How to Save the Humans and Stave Off the Keepers in Resogun on PS4

    Tips 'n' tricks

    It’s fair to say that Resogun has left our lives in complete and utter tatters. We’ve been unable to eat, sleep, or even communicate properly in the wake of our November Game of the Month winner, and who can blame us? Housemarque’s gorgeous shmup is an outstanding release – and it’s a free one to boot. However, if you...

  • News You Don't Have As Many PSN Trophies As This Guy

    Hakoom hits Level 100

    Trophies are a curious part of the PlayStation experience. As much as we enjoy the thrill of unlocking a brand new trinket, they can sometimes feel a little bit like hard work. One person who’s transformed the grind into a day job is Hakoom, the world’s leading pursuer of small PNG pictures. And he’s just hit another...



  • News It Won't Take You Long to Nab All of The Playroom's Trophies

    Augmented reality app looks easy to beat

    The Playroom is almost certainly one of the best demonstrations of the PlayStation 4’s unique features and functions – and it won’t even cost you a penny to play. While you’ll need the upgraded PlayStation Eye to enjoy the augmented reality application, Sony has confirmed that the software will come...

  • News This Is What Happens When You Unlock a Trophy on PS4


    Sometimes it’s the simple things that represent the most exciting aspects of a new console launch: the startup screen, the user interface, the Trophy unlock prompt, and so on. Fortunately, with the PlayStation 4’s release date fast approaching, you can experience the latt

  • Rumour Could This Be the PS4's First Ever Trophy List?


    With the PlayStation 4 now roughly six weeks away in North America, pre-release consoles are beginning to make their way out into the wild. We’ve already seen footage of a system being switched on, but now the platform’s first Trophy list has leaked online. Unfortunately, it’s not for an especially interesting title. Achievements...



  • News Grand Theft Auto 5's Trophies Don't Look Especially Easy

    Time killer

    You’re going to need to set aside a few hundred hours to earn the Platinum Trophy in Grand Theft Auto V, as the trinkets in Rockstar Games’ latest adventure look anything but easy. The rewards were leaked overnight courtesy of Xbox360Achievements, but we’re assuming that the PlayStation 3 gongs are identical – that’s usually...


  • Talking Point Should All PSN Games Include a Platinum Trophy?

    Bright pots

    “Does it have a Platinum Trophy?” is probably the most asked question on the PlayStation Blog. Studios taking to the official publication to promote their wares are frequently forced to field the asinine query, which perhaps detracts from the content in question. We’re sure that developers would rather discuss the mechanics...

  • News PlayStation's Bid for Greatness Campaign Tarnished by Cheaters

    Hackers abuse system

    This is why we can’t have nice things. Sony’s clever Bid for Greatness campaign was accompanied by an appropriately positive response earlier this week. The endeavour – which transforms your earned Trophies into a digital currency – augments you with the ability to compete for various props and items from the platfo

  • News Count Up Those Gold Trophies, You're Going to Need Them

    Bid for greatness

    Those that dismiss the Trophy metagame often question its worth in the real world. After all, what’s the point in spending several hours scooping up feathers in Assassin’s Creed II when your efforts are rewarded with little more than a tiny PNG image and a sense of satisfaction? Well, Sony hopes to answer that question with...


  • News Sony's Latest Patent Could Bring Trophies to Older Games

    Cunning solution pledges trinkets for PSone, PS2, and PSP titles

    Put those grand career plans on hold, because your life as a Trophy addict could be about to get a whole lot more complicated. NeoGAF has uncovered an intriguing patent which appears to hint at the possibility of adding Trophies to older games. The technology works by creating...

  • News Controversial God of War: Ascension Trophy Name Squashed

    Bros before foes

    God of War: Ascension has manufactured a bit of a backlash in some circles for the name of one of its Trophies. The digital trinket pops shortly after you’ve finished bashing the brains out of one of the Furies, the aggressive trio of witches who form the lead antagonists of the game. After a particularly brutal fighting sequence,...

  • Guide How to Beat the 'Trial of Archimedes' in God of War: Ascension

    Throwing down the gauntlet

    God of War: Ascension is one of the more manageable entries in Sony’s savage Spartan series, but it does have one particular difficulty spike. The rage-worthy 'Trial of Archimedes' located at the start of Chapter 28 is perhaps one of the most punishing sections in the series, prompting the ire of many reviewers...


  • News Leaked Dishonored DLC Explores the Other Side of the Coin

    There are two sides to every story

    Dishonored will get a second helping of post-release content named ‘The Other Side of the Coin’ shortly, if a new batch of leaked Trophies are to be believed. The digital trinkets – which popped up on earlier today – point to the addition of new story content, evidenced by the reward...

  • News Sony Honours Dedicated Trophy Hunters with Congratulations

    It's a hard life

    Committing your life to collecting digital trinkets can be a real chore. Not only are you forced to sit through inane difficulty tiers, assemble sizeable bounties of feathers, and grind you way through hundreds of multiplayer levels with strangers, but it’s also relatively unappreciated work. Who gives you a pat on the back for...

  • News Yes, Bentley's Hackpack Does Include Trophies

    Binary bling

    Seeing as the mini-games from the recently revealed Bentley’s Hackpack are already included on the full retail release of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, we encouraged you to exercise caution before picking up the cheap and cheerful title yesterday. But product manager Cristian Cardona has now


  • News FuturLab's Velocity Ultra Will Be Propelled By a Platinum Trophy


    FuturLab’s upcoming PlayStation Vita re-release Velocity Ultra is turning into quite the slice of fan service. Not only does the title exist because people asked for it, but it’s also getting a Platinum Trophy because, well, people asked for it. The award winning Brighton-based developer confirmed the news in a relatively simple blog post...

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