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  • News Destiny 2 Trailer Gives a Glimpse of the Haunted Infinite Forest

    Event starts tomorrow

    Halloween's just around the corner, and you know what that means. Every game with an online element is getting spooky, and Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost appears to be going in quite heavily this year. Alongside the return of masks that you can acquire with a new currency, the Infinite Forest is getting an overhaul, and it...

  • News Destiny 2: Forsaken Will Include Previous Two Expansions Starting Next Week

    Bundled into one package

    Destiny 2: Forsaken launched last month, but in order to play it, you need the base Destiny 2 game as well as its two Expansion Pass expansions, Curse of Osiris and Warmind. However, starting from next week, on the 16th October, Forsaken will actually include Curse of Osiris and Warmind as standard. Buy that, and you own...

  • News A More Robust Festival of the Lost Returns in Destiny 2 Next Week

    Bungie dishes out the treats

    Festival of the Lost is returning to the world of Destiny 2 next week, and Bungie has detailed what players can expect from the game's upcoming live event. The Tower will be overhauled with eerie little lights and all that usual stuff, but it sounds like the developer has focused on delivering a more robust event this...

  • Soapbox Destiny 2: Forsaken Has Rekindled My Love for the Game, But at a Cost

    Lloyd thinks the expansion's a blast

    The year was 2014. Following a really exciting beta, Bungie’s first post-Halo effort hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A “shared world shooter”, Destiny was envisaged as a ten year project, constantly being iterated on. A shooter clad in MMO trappings, first impressions suggested that its estimated five...

  • News Bungie Registers Trademark for 'Matter'

    What's the Matter?

    As Bungie continues its work on Destiny 2 having just released the Forsaken expansion pack, it appears that it has some other projects brewing behind the scenes. It's recently filed a trademark for something called 'Matter', and other than the fact that it's listed as "computer game software", we've no idea what it is. The above...






  • News Destiny 2 Patch 1.19 Should Solve PS4 and PS4 Pro Frame Rate Issues

    Stutters begone

    The latest Destiny 2 hotfix should remove those pesky frame rate stutters on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro, Bungie has revealed. Patch 1.19 is out now on Sony's console, and feeds into hotfix, which is the next in a long line of smaller updates for the sci-fi shooter. Usually, hotfixes are wheeled out when Bungie needs to squash...

  • 50


    Review Destiny 2: Warmind


    Destiny 2 is in a slightly better place than it was when the awkwardly average Curse of Osiris launched late last year, but that doesn't mean Warmind can be let off the hook. This second expansion is another lacking effort from a team that seems worryingly bereft of interesting ideas. Much like Osiris, Warmind marks another...

  • News Destiny 2: Warmind's Launch Trailer Goes Big and Bombastic


    War never changes... But does Warmind? Destiny 2's second expansion is out tomorrow on PlayStation 4, and we've got the launch trailer to prove it. Despite the fact that the game's still going through a decidedly rough patch, we've got to admit that this trailer's pretty cool. It's certainly got us just that little bit excited to dive back...


  • Live Bungie Reveals Destiny 2's Second Expansion


    Bungie is doing a full reveal of Destiny 2's second expansion via livestream this evening. Titled Warmind, the upcoming adventure will feature new story missions, new environments, new enemies, and, of course, new gear. It's set to launch next month, on the 8th May. The hope is that this livestream gives us a glimpse of a worthwhile...

  • News Destiny 2's Second Expansion, Warmind, Launches in May

    Be mindful

    We remember a time when you couldn't possibly escape news regarding Destiny, but now it just seems to slip by without anyone really caring all that much -- and we include ourselves in that. We've been covering the ins and outs of Bungie's shooter and its sequel for years now, but news of Destiny 2's second expansion totally passed us by,...







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