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  • News Sony Patented a Cartridge and Everyone Went Mental Over It

    But it's not for a new handheld

    A patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and published this week prompted many to believe that the Japanese giant may be working on a successor to the PlayStation Vita, but despite the documentation depicting a new cartridge-like product, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with a hypothetical handheld –...


  • News Did Sony Just Patent a Next-Gen PSVR Controller?

    A sign of the future

    PlayStation VR is an amazing piece of technology, but as time goes on, the PlayStation Move is starting to reveal itself as something of a weak link. Sony was right to recycle the PlayStation 3 motion wand and it’s more than adequate for the job, but compared to the superior Oculus Touch controllers it’s not quite up to...



  • News Move Over Power Glove! Sony Patents PlayStation VR Mittens

    Everything else is child's play

    They do say that everything comes full-circle eventually, so if PlayStation VR is merely a next-gen Virtual Boy, then we suppose that it makes sense for Sony to be planning a Power Glove alternative, too. A patent filed by SCEA shortly after the announcement of Project Morpheus in 2014 suggests that the company's at...






  • News Who Wants to Peruse Another Bonkers PS Move Patent?


    Sony is more prolific with patents than Mario Balotelli is with controversy. Following last week’s divisive anti-used games registration, the platform holder has now concocted an updated PlayStation Move set-up that uses the current controller’s light-tracking technology in conjunction with sound detection to provide greater “depth”...

  • News Sony Patent Plots an End to Used Game Sales

    Like it or lump it

    Before you dive off the deep end, it’s worth noting that Sony patents a lot of things, but very few of them turn out to be genuine products. As such, a new document outlining anti-used game technology may just be another of the platform holder’s experiments. At least, we hope so. The patent – filed by Sony Computer...


  • News Sony Patents Bizarre Break Apart DualShock Controller

    Shake it all about

    Sony has patented a product called the Hybrid Separable Motion Controller. While it may sound like a fancy gizmo, it actually amounts to little more than a DualShock 3 controller that snaps in half. Oh, and it’s got PlayStation Move bobbles bunged on top. The registration – which was filed in May last year and published on...

  • Rumour Capcom's Planning a Mascot Mash-Up of Its Own

    Fighters megamix

    Industry attention may be laser focused on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale this afternoon, but that’s not stopping Capcom from quietly formulating some crossover plans of its own. The company has filed a patent for a game named Fighters of Capcom, which suggests that it’s looking to leverage its impressive stable of...


  • News This PlayStation Move Controller Turns Hot and Cold

    In the game

    It looks like Sony’s taken inspiration from Katy Perry for its latest controller patent. The platform holder’s most recent off-the-wall idea proposes a PlayStation Move-esque motion controller that could turn hot or cold depending on gameplay feedback. According to Kotaku, Sony’s got a slew of applications in mind for the p



  • News Sony Patents Interactive Commercials for PlayStation

    Uh oh

    The next time you criticise the Xbox 360’s dashboard for being inundated with advertisements, you might want to stop and count your blessings. Sony has patented a new interactive commercial scheme that shows users playing branded mini-games on PlayStation consoles. The patent flags the DualShock 3 controller, PlayStation Move motion...


  • News Sony Patent Details Advert Delivery Mechanism for Games

    Uh oh

    We can already hear your blood pumping from the other end of the Internet. Don’t worry, Sony may have filed a patent for an advert delivery mechanism in games, but we doubt it’ll ever actually be implemented. The patent – spotted by the always eagle-eyed masses over at NeoGAF – discusses a system that would interrupt gameplay in order...


  • News Sony Patents Bizarre Move Controller Holder

    Reinventing the wheel

    Sony hasn't released quite as many plastic add-ons for the Move controller as some may have expected, but according to a patent found by PlayStation Lifestyle it could yet release a very versatile-looking plastic shell. The patent shows a plastic housing into which the Move controller would slot, but with handles and face...


  • News Sony Patents Kinect-like PlayStation Eye Technology

    You are the controller

    We suspected that the next version of the PlayStation Eye camera would come with Kinect-like depth tracking abilities, and it looks like we might have been right. A patent filed by Eye Toy and PlayStation Move visionary Dr. Richard Marks has hinted that Sony is toying with controller less techno

  • News Sony Patented a Wii U Style Controller Too

    Great minds think alike

    It turns out Nintendo isn’t the only company intent on merging handheld devices with home console experiences. A patent uncovered by Games Beat, shows Sony had a similar concept in mind way back in 2010. The patent – aw


  • News Sony Patents Biometric DualShock Controller

    Our first glimpse of the PlayStation 4, perhaps? Probably not, Sony tends to patent a lot of stuff

    But this one is genuinely cool. The patent pertains to a biometric DualShock controller, able to read: galvanic skin resistance, electrocardio data, and electro-muscular data. In English, that's: moisture, heart rhythm and muscle movements. The information would be sent via the new DualShock..


  • News Sony And LG Are No Longer At Loggerheads Over Patents

    Cast your minds back to March and you might remember that Sony and LG were not getting along

    In fact, LG even halted a shipment of PlayStation 3 consoles, claiming a patent dispute in Sony's Blu-ray technology. According to a report on Reuters, the two companies have now kissed and made up, signing a cross-licensing deal. Hopefully this puts a stop to the corporate in-fighting between the two..


  • News Sony Patents Interactive Toy For PlayStation 3 & PSP

    Look, we don't want to frighten you ok? We're just reporting the news

    And this seems kind of relevant, seeing as Sony actively patented the monstrosity being projected onto the back of your eyeballs above. What you're actually seeing is a patent filed by Sony. The patent is for an interactive doll, that has various features such as articulated limbs and pressure sensors. The idea is that the doll..


  • News Sony Patent Could Bring Move Support to Portable Consoles

    NGP or PSP support rumoured

    If you've got a PSP 3000 or PSP Go you can already use your DualShock controller to control the games, but for games where you need to get a bit more physical, this newly unearthed patent might interest you. Filed by Sony back in 2009, the patent clearly shows two motion controllers used to orchestrate the action on a...

  • News Patent Reveals PlayStation Move Could Come to NGP

    Motion gaming in your hand

    NGP already contains some pretty impressive motion-sensing technology, but a new Sony patent suggests the new portable could receive PlayStation Move support in future. Filed by Sony in 2009, the patent reveals a special stand would be used to house the portable console, letting it communicate with the Move controller. A...


  • News Sony Patents Reveal the Fascinating Moves That Never Were

    Analogue sticks and more

    Move's a simple beast, really: glowing sphere, gyrometers, accelerometers and that's about it. But what if it could be more? Recently revealed patents filed by Sony show the different avenues the controller could have taken in its route to market, including analogue sticks, twistable balls and a pressure-sensitive sphere...