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  • News WWE 2K20 Looks Like an Unmitigated Disaster on PS4

    There's better lookers on PS2

    Update: Looks like WWE 2K20 doesn't just look bad: it's also pretty buggy to boot. Footage is popping up all around the web. This particular clip from Reddit shows the referee flatout refusing to count a pinfall. Also note how the wrestler's feet are floating mysteriously above the surface of the mat. Not good!...

  • Review NBA 2K20 - Brilliant Basketball Sim Soured by Businessmen

    Tank for Zion

    There has to be tensions at NBA 2K20 developer Visual Concepts behind-the-scenes. We’re not ones to gossip, but the California-based team must be frustrated that its sublime basketball simulation is now defined by its casino minigames and emphasis on microtransactions. On the one hand, this year’s return to the hardwood is another...

  • News NBA 2K20 Fans in Frenzy as Title Gets Off to Shaky Start

    Pick and damage control

    It’s by far the best basketball game in town, but 2K Sports has flown far too close to the hoop with NBA 2K20, and fans are calling for public firings following the release of the simulation last week. Tempers frayed a few weeks ago, when a trailer for the title’s MyTeam mode – essentially Ultimate Team with more New...

  • News Controversial NBA 2K20 Trailer Prompts Internal PEGI Review

    It's a basketball game, apparently

    2K Sports' flagship basketball sim franchise is renowned for its flagrant use of microtransactions and gambling-esque mechanics, but NBA 2K20 could be the straw that broke the camel's back. While the latest entry is looking to up the ante in all areas, from character creation all the way through to Hollywood...

  • News NBA 2K20's MyPlayer Builder Looks More In-Depth Than Ever Before

    Character building

    2K Sports may not have much competition in the basketball simulation arena, but you could never accuse the developer of taking its foot off the gas – even if it does continue to find increasingly nefarious ways to monetise its games. Hot on the heels of NBA 2K20’s campaign announcement, the developer has lifted the lid on its...

  • News Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson Star in NBA 2K20's Story Mode

    When the lights are brightest

    The trend of sports games packing high-budget story modes seems to be slowly fading away, but NBA 2K20 is doubling down. This year’s basketball simulation will feature a full-length cinematic campaign starring Hollywood names like Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson. The mode – entitled When the Lights Are Brightest –...

  • News NBA 2K20 Euro Steps Up in Gameplay Trailer

    Welcome to the next

    Crikey, the NBA 2K20 hype machine is at full-speed – publisher 2K Sports has even taken to renaming release date 6th September as ‘2K Day’. No, really. Anyway, here’s your first look at gameplay from the upcoming sequel, with power forward Anthony Davis showcasing his new LA Lakers threads and number one draft pick Zion...

  • News All-Star Anthony Davis to Front NBA 2K20 This September

    Dwayne Wade on Legend Edition

    All-star centre Anthony Davis looks set to join the Los Angeles Lakers during this off-season, in what’s shaping up to be a big season for the Olympic gold medallist. The three-time All-NBA First Team and three-time All NBA Defensive Team will front NBA 2K20 for the first time since star-studded NBA 2K16 cover...

  • Review NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 - A Disappointing Sequel


    In 2017, NBA Playgrounds came out of nowhere and slam dunked its way onto the PlayStation 4, giving basketball fans a solid alternative to the ultra-realistic simulation the NBA 2K series offers. It was something we hadn’t seen since NBA Jam’s last entry in 2010, and while it wasn’t perfect it did provide a lot of fun. It seems that...

  • Review WWE 2K19 - The New King of the Ring

    The crown jewel

    Much like the WWE’s actual touring schedule, the WWE 2K series never stops. This lineage of games has been releasing every single year since WWF SmackDown on the original PlayStation in 2000. As a result, each entry has started to become mostly iterative rather than radically different, as all annual sports games eventually become...

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    Review NBA 2K19

    Find a new slant

    It gets lonely at the top. The NBA 2K franchise has been the undisputed king for almost a decade now when it comes to virtual basketball. Long gone are the days of being the plucky underdog who scrapped for years, slowly but surely chipping away at EA’s vast, seemingly untouchable, video game sporting kingdom. NBA 2K is now the...

  • News NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Has Too Many Twos in Its Title


    2K Sports has attained publishing rights to Saber Interactive’s arcade basketball series, and we’ve ended up with a title as cumbersome as NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. ClintEastwood.gif. Anyway, after a brief rebranding delay, the game’s now due out on 16th October, just in time for the start of the new season. The cover will...

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    Review The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour

    Easy, Tiger

    You can infer a lot from The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour’s title. HB Studios acquired the license to the sport’s flagship tour somewhere during development, and this game feels a teensy bit muddled as a result. In many ways, it’s an evolution of the two golf titles that the Canadian developer has released on the PlayStation 4...

  • News 2K Sports Picks Up The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour

    Hole in one

    2K Sports is slowly expanding its publishing portfolio following the addition of NBA Playgrounds, as it’s announced that it will publish The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour. HB Studios acquired the rights to golf’s premier professional tour from EA Sports earlier in the year, and will now benefit from the marketing muscle of a...

  • Gamescom 2018 NBA 2K19 Attracts Hollywood Talent for Story Mode

    Hollyoaks talent, too

    The story modes in sports games have become bigger budget productions in recent years, and NBA 2K19 is no exception. 2K Sports has attracted some pretty big names for ‘The Way Back’, which will see you working your way through the Chinese Basketball League and back into the NBA. Among some of the stars are Anthony Mackie...

  • News NBA 2K18 Slam Dunks 10 Million Units Worldwide

    Backboard breaker

    NBA 2K18 may have found itself at the centre of a microtransaction storm, but the series is still ballin’, with the latest edition selling a milestone 10 million units worldwide. That’s a franchise record, and double the average number of sales for all previous versions. “NBA 2K18 is our highest-selling sports title ever,”...

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    Review WWE 2K18

    Be like everyone

    Wrestling fans across the globe had high hopes for the WWE video game franchise when the license was acquired by 2K Games, believing that with a fresh and more reputable publisher at the helm they would finally get the game they had always dreamed of. Unfortunately, since the franchise has moved to the PlayStation 4 it has been a...

  • Video Is NBA 2KVR Experience on PS4 a Slam Dunk?

    Basket case

    There are times in this industry where the press junket building up to a release is overblown – just take a look at The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV, for example – but NBA 2KVR Experience has gone in the opposite direction. Leaked on Trophy websites over the weekend, the 2K Sports published spin-off is out today – but is it...

  • News NBA 2KVR Experience Targets Three Points on PlayStation VR

    Net it tomorrow

    It leaked over the weekend, but now the NBA 2KVR Experience has pulled up its shorts and taken to the court. The spin-off, which will launch tomorrow on the PlayStation Store for £11.99, will you compete across a variety of basketball-based minigames, as you're coached by NBA 2K17 cover athlete and All-Star Paul George at the...

  • News NBA 2K Will Surprise Slam Dunk PlayStation VR

    A load of hoopla

    This is unexpected: Trophies have leaked for a game called NBA 2KVR Experience. The unannounced spin-off – which, judging by the gongs, appears to be some kind of basketball-based minigame compilation – is news to us; this is the first that we're hearing about the title, which is surely set to release imminently if its...

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    Review NBA 2K17


    The NBA 2K series has always been the most eye-catching of sport game franchises because of its excellent presentation and attention to detail, not to mention its stunningly realised visuals. NBA 2K17 is no different, and ups the ante to make quite possibly one of the best sporting experiences on PlayStation. Sure, it doesn't have any huge...

  • News Start Your NBA 2K17 Career for Free on PS4

    Announce Alex Hunter

    Can't wait to build your character and hit the court in NBA 2K17's career mode? Well, you'll be able to get started prior to the game's launch, with a free Prelude download kicking things off from 9th September. Available from the PlayStation Store, the client will allow you to experience the opening exchanges of the campaign...

  • News WWE 2K17's Cover Star Has a Sword on His Chest


    Brock Lesnar is WWE 2K17's cover star. We'll refrain from making disparaging remarks because he could probably kill us with his little finger, but we have got to commentate on the sword that's tattooed on his torso, resting between his rock-like pectorals like Excalibur in Arthurian legend. Judging by the box art, he also appears to be...

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    Review WWE 2K16

    New, Day Sucks

    It's been two years since 2K Sports took the reins from THQ and began to offer its own spin on the flagship WWE game series, with last year's entry very much seeming like a testing ground for the company's ambitious goals. However, with 2K16 now body-slamming store shelves, has it learned from its mistakes? While the controls are...

  • News The Terminator Raises Hell in WWE 2K16 on PS4, PS3

    Because video games

    We'll let you into a little secret: wrestling sucks. The only way for 2K Sports to flog copies of its latest grappling simulation after last year's abomination is to toss in novelty characters like The Terminator, then – which is exactly what it's doing with WWE 2K16 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. That's right, if you...

  • Video Everything That's Wrong with WWE 2K15 PS4's My Career Mode

    CM Flunk

    As the only member of the Push Square team that regularly rocks up for work dressed as the Ultimate Warrior, this particular Video Editor was more excited for WWE 2K15 on PS4 than a date with diva extraordinaire, Paige. Unfortunately, as our recent review indicated, the meat of the release, My Career mode, is a dismal disappointment. Allow...

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    Review WWE 2K15

    Three-Star Frog Splash

    It’s been a month since we saw WWE 2K15’s last-gen offering – a game that we called “a kick in the teeth” – released on the PlayStation 3, but with updated visuals, an improved control scheme, and promising new game modes, is its PlayStation 4 big brother much better? Thankfully, the power of the next-gen hardware...

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    Review WWE 2K15

    Low blow

    If you’re a wrestling fan, it’s been hard to ignore 2K Sports’ constant bragging about just how revolutionary WWE 2K15 is going to be. However, while this certainly looks to be true with the PlayStation 4 version, the recycled gameplay and samey ideas present in the last-gen effort leave a lot to be desired. When booting up the game...

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    Review NBA 2K15


    There’s no question that NBA 2K has become the gold standard when it comes to basketball simulators, raising the bar year-after-year with great modes such as ‘My Career’ and ‘My GM’ that allows fans of not only the sport but also the league experience to fashion their own careers. Where this franchise has made its money, though,...

  • News NBA 2K15 Doesn't Always Look Good, and These Pics Prove It

    Monsters in our midst

    Face scanning features rarely ever work, and NBA 2K15’s is no different. Despite being one of the better looking next-gen franchises, 2K Sports’ latest has kicked up shots of some frightening looking players – all made possible thanks to the power of the PlayStation Camera. Yeah, maybe that thing would be best left for...

  • First Impressions Does WWE 2K15 on PS4 Have Heavyweight Pedigree?

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    If you heard loud screaming coming from the back corner of Earls Court, it may have been us. Yes, 2K Sports brought the PlayStation 4 version of WWE 2K15 to the UK’s biggest video game fair this year, EGX London, and throwing ourselves at a free demo unit, it became all too apparent why our fellow revellers were yelling at full tilt...

  • News Own Your Own Patch of Wrestling Mat with WWE 2K15

    We ain't joking, brother

    We see many video game collector's editions, peddling limited edition swag – only to end up in the bargain bin six months later. This won't be the case, however, with the super special PlayStation 4 'Hulkamania' edition of WWE 2K15 this October. Advertised as a real supply limited package, this set features collectibles...

  • News Massive NBA 2K14 Patch to Shoot onto the PS4 in the Next Few Days


    Do you remember the time long ago, when a shipped game didn't need constant patches to make it playable? Neither do we. On that note, a recent post on the 2K Blog has detailed a massive update for NBA 2K14 on the PlayStation 4. The patch, scheduled for release sometime over the next few days, will see a whole host of fixes to the game's...

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    Review NBA 2K14

    Flying through hoops

    Visual Concepts’ vaunted NBA 2K franchise has a reputation for its high standards, and the series’ latest entry on the PlayStation 4 continues that sequence of slam dunks by towering over its PlayStation 3 counterpart. Not content with a mere visual upgrade, NBA 2K14 on Sony’s next generation system plays a totally...

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    Review WWE 2K14

    Laying the Smackdown

    An orphan of THQ’s unfortunate demise at the beginning of this year, the WWE videogame license was quickly snapped up by 2K, and while its role appears to have been limited to simply overseeing WWE 2K14’s completion, the final product is the most comprehensive wrestling package yet. As the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania...

  • News NBA 2K14 on PS4 Will Make You a Basketball Fan

    Oh lord

    It may not have the global appeal of a game like Killzone: Shadow Fall, but NBA 2K14 could put up a pretty stern challenge against the first-person shooter for the best PlayStation 4 presentation crown. This brand new trailer – using footage from Sony’s next generation system with variable camera angles – is absolutely stunning. Plus,...

  • News Get a Nifty Basketball with NBA 2K13's Dynasty Edition

    Baller beats

    While throwing hoops on PS3 is perfectly enjoyable, it never comes close to bettering the real thing. Publisher 2K Sports seems to understand that, hence its decision to bundle a genuine basketball with the Dynasty Edition of NBA 2K13. The brightly coloured Spalding ball boasts some fairly appropriate street artwork and the NBA 2K13...

  • News NBA 2K12 DLC Slamdunks Onto PlayStation Network This Holiday

    Man, we always wanted to play cel-shaded basket ball

    And now we've got the chance. As part of a new multi-faceted DLC pack for NBA 2K12, the publisher's chucking in a cel-shaded game mode set in the heart of New York's Times Square just for the fun of it. The $10 DLC pack will also include 150 of the NBA's all-time greatest players, new mini-games,...

  • Competition 2K Sports Announces $100,000 NBA 2K12 Tournament

    Here's how to enter

    2K Sports is well-known for running big money contests for its games: the Major League Baseball perfect game recently awarded $1,000,000 to Brian Kingrey, and although the the prize fund for NBA 2K12 isn't quite so fat the winner could still walk off with a big chunk of change. 2K Sports, GameStop and Virgin Gaming are offering...

  • News NBA 2K12 Demo Hits the Hardwood Today

    Grapple with the greats

    We're just a few weeks away from NBA 2K12, but if you want a taste of the new improvements awaiting in this year's instalment there's a demo available on the PlayStation Store to help you out. In a replay of the 2011 NBA Finals, the demo pitches Miami Heat against the Dallas Mavericks and shows off some of the new features...

  • News 2K Promising Better Move Controls for NBA 2K12

    Shoots a three-pointer

    We loved NBA 2K11 on PlayStation 3, but the Move controls left a little to be desired: no Navigation support and some shaky shot recognition took away some of the game's shine. Now 2K Sports is preparing to unleash NBA 2K12 and it's promising overhauled controls. For one thing, the game now features pointer support, allowing...

  • News The Top Spin Advert 2K Didn't Want You to See

    Sexy back

    Top Spin 4 has landed and made quite an impact, but had it arrived with this advertising campaign from 2K its reception might have been very different. The advert puts a Move controller into the hands of tennis star Serena Williams, wearing an outfit that can only be described as "not regulation tennis whites". It appears the...

  • Out Today Friday 18th March 2011 (Europe)

    Ubisoft has a ball

    There's a trio of new Move games on European shelves this week, with Ubisoft bringing a pair of titles and 2K Sports also contributing. Let's take a look at what's available to buy now. Top Spin 4: The first dedicated tennis game for PlayStation Move, Top Spin 4 boasts some of the sport's biggest names, past and present, as well...

  • News Top Spin 4 World Tour Video Shows New Online Mode

    Well seasoned

    The battle for tennis supremacy on Move is heating up, as 2K Sports has shown off the new online World Tour mode for Top Spin 4. Players will be able to take part in week-long seasons that will challenge them to enter and win tournaments each day, with the world's top players announced on a Sunday and experience bonuses dished out...

  • News Swing Around with Move-Enabled Top Spin 4 Demo

    North America only

    Challenger for the crown of "top tennis title on Move", Top Spin 4 wants you to make up your own mind with a new Move-enabled demo available on the PlayStation Store in North America only. The demo puts you in a tie break match at the US Open, with some of the world's top tennis players available to choose from. You'll...

  • News Top Spin 4 My Player Trailer Serves Up a Career Mode

    Make it your way

    2K Sports games are known for their immersive career modes; NBA 2K11 featured a highly acclaimed My Player mode, and upcoming tennis title Top Spin 4 is looking to do the same on a different kind of court. You'll start off a rookie, earning experience points and winning new fans as you progress through a range of tournaments,...

  • News 2K Sports, Your Top Spin 4 Mullet Technology is Really Something

    Agassi comes to life

    Next month you can take Move to the court with Top Spin 4, 2K Sports' latest update in its long-running tennis series that's set to include some of the greatest players of the game. Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker, Pete Sampras and more all feature in the trailer below, but the real focus is the pre-order bonus version of Andre Agassi...

  • News New Top Spin 4 Screenshots Look Smashing

    Developer diary hits the 'net, too

    At the moment, Move owners eager for a game of tennis only really have the option of Racket Sports, which is only slightly preferable to cutting off your own arm with a credit card. Soon they'll be spoilt for choice, with Sega's Virtua Tennis 4 hitting the court later this year, and 2K Sports' flagship Top Spin 4...

  • News Top Spin 4 Releasing In March, Nets PlayStation Move Support


    Yes! YES! Seriously: get in! 2K Sports has slapped a release date on upcoming tennis title, Top Spin 4, stating that the game will release March 15th in the US. But that's not all that's got us excited; the game's PlayStation 3 boxart also comes with a PlayStation Move readily plastered all over it. This is basically our idea of heaven. The news comes via Top Spin's Facebook page, though we're..

  • News 2K Sports Planning To Take Advantage Of Motion Controls

    Stop us if you've heard this one before: 2K Sports plan to get involved in the upcoming motion control revolution

    It would make sense to be honest, their baseball game in particularly would really benefit from the extended interactions offered by the Playstation Move. 2K Sport's VP of marketing Jason Argent recently told TheAListDaily to "stay tuned" for what the company have to offer..