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  • News UK Sales Charts: Team Sonic Racing Is First Across the Line

    Nice work, team

    New, notable game releases are thin on the ground at the moment, but every now and again something big comes along to change up the UK chart. Last week, RAGE 2 toppled Days Gone from the top spot, but Bethesda's open world shooter has in turn been overtaken by co-op racer Team Sonic Racing. Sumo Digital's third kart racing title...

  • News UK Sales Charts: RAGE 2 Knocks Days Gone Off Its Number One Perch

    All the rage?

    It took three weeks, but a new game has ended Days Gone's stint at number one in the UK physical chart. RAGE 2 debuts in the top spot, meaning Sony's successful open world survival game has to settle for second place this time. According to GamesIndustry, though, it's not quite as rosy a result as it

  • News UK Sales Charts: Days Gone Is Number One for Third Week Running

    Escaping the horde

    Sony must be pretty pleased with the sales performance of Days Gone. Bend Studio's survival horror open world appears to have resonated well with a lot of PlayStation 4 fans, as it's doing well in various territories. In the UK, it's now topped the weekly physical chart for the third time in a row. In fact, it's not the only game...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Days Gone Retains Top Spot for Second Week

    Boozer Britain

    Days Gone has retained its position at the top of the UK sales charts for a second successive week, following a not too dramatic 60 per cent drop in sales week-over-week. Mortal Kombat 11's numbers dipped by a more substantial 74 per cent, so the first-party exclusive remained at the summit of the best sellers list. Elsewhere, the...




  • News ANTHEM Down to £35 in the UK Just Days After Launch

    Weekend's over

    Despite topping the latest charts, ANTHEM has struggled at retail in the UK. Its initial figures are below even Mass Effect: Andromeda's -- a game that was deemed something of a flop in its time. And now, as if to add insult to injury, Amazon UK has ANTHEM in stock for just £35 on PS4. <products id="9721" style="list"> Seeing...

  • News UK Sales Charts: ANTHEM Is Number One Despite Underwhelming Start

    Singing a bum note

    In spite of some pretty damning analysis, ANTHEM soared straight to the number one spot in the UK's weekly retail chart. BioWare's looter shooter released to a rather cold reception, and even though it's atop the chart, it appears to have underperformed. The developer's last game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, sold more than double in...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Far Cry: New Dawn Takes the Lead Despite a Disappointing Debut

    Beats out Metro: Exodus

    Last week saw the arrival of a few new games, but it's Far Cry: New Dawn that takes the top spot at UK retail. The series has always sold well, and Far Cry 5 was one of last year's best selling games overall. However, despite debuting at number one, New Dawn's opening week was dramatically down on the previous title, selling...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Red Dead Redemption 2 Shoots Back to the Top


    Rootin' tootin' open world western Red Dead Redemption 2 hasn't ever moved far from the top spot, but it makes a triumphant return to number one in the UK's latest physical chart. It swaps positions with the recent RPG Kingdom Hearts III, now in third place after debuting at the front of the pack. Another mainstay, FIFA 19, climbs back up...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Kingdom Hearts 3 Dominates on PS4

    Sony's system accounts for 82 per cent of sales

    As perhaps is expected of the franchise’s history, Kingdom Hearts 3 absolutely dominated on the PlayStation 4, with Sony’s system accounting for 82 per cent of the physical sales. That’s a higher split than last week’s Resident Evil 2, which was already skewed heavily in favour of the Japanese...


  • News UK Sales Charts: Resident Evil 2 Sells Best on PS4 by a Mile

    But can't outperform RE7

    Resident Evil 2 has topped the UK sales charts – over 20 years since it last achieved the same feat. Capcom’s critically acclaimed remake couldn’t outperform the excellent Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, although it did still fare admirably at retail – especially when you consider that the 2017 survival horror launched...

  • News Days Gone's Amazon UK Exclusive Steelbook Looks Sexy

    Dead good

    Days Gone’s latest batch of trailers have really renewed interest in the long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive, so it’s probably a good time for Amazon UK to reveal its exclusive steelbook case. The crimson red box includes a silhouette of protagonist Deacon St. John, as well as the game’s logo faded over the top. Here’s a better...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Ace Combat 7 Flies High with Biggest UK Launch for the Series

    Not quite number one though

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown made a safe landing last week, and it's off to an impressive start in the UK chart. Though it misses out on the top spot, Bandai Namco will be happy with its second place debut, particularly as it comes with news of the biggest UK launch in the series' history. According to GamesIndustry, the...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 19 and Red Dead Redemption 2 Continue to Sell Well During Quiet Week

    Update: chart corrected for accuracy

    Update (15th January 2019): UKIE has updated its figures regarding the latest UK physical chart, making for some slight adjustments to the top 10. The up-to-date chart can be seen below. As the year's first major new releases loom on the horizon, the physical UK chart has somewhat plateaued. The top 10 is...

  • News UK Digital Sales Chart Will Finally Debut This Week

    Combined chart coming soon

    It's been a long time coming, but the first ever digital game sales chart for the UK will be published later this week. For those out of the loop, the UK's sales charts have always counted retail numbers only, but with digital platforms like the PlayStation Store becoming more and more popular -- to the point where they're...

  • News UK Sales Charts: FIFA 19 Kicks Off 2019 in Number One Spot

    An uneventful first week

    Now the busy festive season is over, it's only natural that game sales will tail off for a while, and the UK's first physical chart of 2019 is almost entirely unchanged from last week. Perhaps the biggest difference is that FIFA 19 and Red Dead Redemption 2 have traded places at the top of the chart, with the ever popular...

  • News PS4 Exclusives Feature in UK's 2018 Best Sellers

    You can probably guess which ones

    Two of Sony’s big PlayStation 4 exclusives featured in the UK’s best-selling games of 2018, with Marvel’s Spider-Man pulling big numbers in particular. The data, courtesy of the Entertainment Retailers Association, only counts physical sales, so you can expect every title on this list to have attracted bigger...

  • News UK Video Game Sales Are Now Dominated by Digital

    Commands an incredible 80 per cent of consumer spend

    Well, here it is: an astronomical 80 per cent of video game sales in the UK were made through digital outlets like the PlayStation Store in 2018. According to the Entertainment Retailers Association, of the £3.86 billion (~$4.8 billion) that the sector generated last year, £3.09 billion (~$3.9...

  • News Spider-Man PS4 Was the UK's Best Selling Exclusive in 2018

    Games market massively boosted by digital

    If you were ever curious about how important digital game sales have become, the UK is a good indicator. Of the £3.864 billion generated in 2018, about 80 per cent can be attributed to digital. GamesIndustry's latest report on the UK games market really highlights the rise of digital; it's up 12.5 per cent...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Red Dead Redemption 2 Remains at the Top as 2019 Arrives

    Rockstar has a plan, it just needs money

    After landing the Christmas number one in the UK last week, Red Dead Redemption 2 holds its lead as 2018 comes to an end. The rootin' tootin' open world western looks to be another sales powerhouse for Rockstar -- we imagine it'll be sticking around in the top 10 for a while yet. The top three games haven't...


  • News UK Sales Charts: Red Dead Redemption 2 Closes Out 2018 as Christmas Number One

    Arthur Christmas

    Rockstar is sure to be pleased with how Red Dead Redemption 2 is doing in the UK charts -- it's officially the country's Christmas number one. While this is still purely based on physical sales, it's a great result for the smash hit western. According to GamesIndustry, it's Rockstar's second ever UK number one at Chrimbo, the first...

  • News Quantic Dream's Best Game Detroit: Become Human Just £13.99

    Join the revolution

    Detroit: Become Human may not have generated quite the same amount of hype as God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man, but it’s absolutely played a part in a great spread of smash hit exclusives for Sony this year. And if you’ve been on the fence about the sci-fi story game, you can take a chance on the title for little more...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Red Dead Redemption 2 Reclaims Top Spot

    Redemption returns

    Red Dead Redemption 2 has made a return to the top of the UK sales charts, where it will presumably remain through the all-important holiday period. It’s the first number one for the Western in four weeks, but a 19 per cent rise in pre-Christmas sales for the critically acclaimed Rockstar Games release saw it return to the...

  • News Approximately 10 Per Cent of the UK's Population Owns a PS4

    Sony's not planning a Brexit

    There are roughly 66 million people living in the UK, and “well over” six million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold in the region. This means that if you’re not a pedantic bore and are capable of basic maths, Sony’s sold a system to around 10 per cent of the British population over the past five years. Yes,...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Just Cause 4's Retail Sales Slowest in Series So Far

    But no digital could be key

    Just Cause 4’s retail sales got off to the slowest start in the series thus far, even failing to improve upon its 2006 predecessor. That’s according to the latest UK sales chart, which comes with the big fat caveat that digital data isn’t included. hypothesises that with outlets like the...

  • Guide Where to Buy the PlayStation Classic Mini Console

    There's still plenty of them around

    Sony announced the PlayStation Classic earlier in the year, a pint-sized PSone console with a bunch of games pre-loaded. The mini machine is available right now, and you can get it from various retailers across the web. But where can you buy the PlayStation Classic? Here's a quick guide on the mini machine and how...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Red Dead Redemption 2 Concedes Another Number One to FIFA 19

    Beautiful Game vs. beautiful game

    The shockwaves of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still being felt in the UK charts, as some discounted titles are still disturbing the new releases. FIFA 19, for example, takes the top spot for a second week, followed up by Red Dead Redemption 2. It swaps last week's positions with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and...









  • News UK Sales Charts: God of War Fights Off the Competition for Another Week

    No.1 once more

    God of War set a record as the fastest selling game in the series, debuting at the top of the weekly UK boxed chart. In its second week on sale, it's stayed put, fending off Far Cry 5 in second and Nintendo Labo, which debuts in third with its Variety Pack. According to, God of War saw a sales dip of ju

  • News UK Sales Charts: God of War Sets New Series Record

    And so does Yakuza

    The new God of War game is the series’ fastest selling entry in the UK – and that’s despite data tracking only a couple of days’ worth of physical sales. In terms of purely boxed units, it outsold God of War III by 35 per cent, but it’s worth remembering that digital sales have increased dramatically in recent years, so...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Far Cry 5 Starts a Cult at Summit

    Little else going on

    Another desperately slow week for the British games industry concludes with Far Cry 5 at the top of the UK sales charts. This is its third consecutive spell at the summit, which would be nearing a Ubisoft record if God of War wasn’t waiting in the wings to steal its place. Elsewhere, the only other thing of note is Gran...

  • News PS4 Exclusives Unavailable for Pre-Order at Amazon UK


    God of War’s review embargo lifted today, heralding a modern masterpiece and sending floods of PlayStation 4 players in the direction of Amazon UK as they sought to secure pre-orders. However, the exclusive is unavailable at the popular website – and has been for some time. Is this simply a stock issue in the wake of such anticipation?...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Far Cry 5 Is No.1 for Second Week Running

    A quiet week

    The latest weekly UK chart is in, and, well, not a whole lot has changed. Ubisoft's Far Cry 5, the fastest selling title in the franchise, is still top of the pile. In fact, the top three hasn't changed; FIFA 18 and Sea of Thieves remain in second and third place respectively. A lack of notable new releases means the chart is largely...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Far Cry 5 Is No.1, Biggest UK Launch Week in Franchise's History

    Rise up

    Far Cry 5 is Ubisoft's latest blockbuster release, and it's doing pretty well for itself so far. It debuts in the top position of the weekly chart, and has enjoyed the biggest launch in Far Cry's history -- in the UK, anyway. We're yet to see if this kind of success holds true elsewhere, but we imagine we'll see a similar story in North...


  • News UK Sales Charts: New Releases A Way Out and Ni no Kuni II Debut in the Top Three

    Shiver me timbers

    New releases have dominated the latest weekly chart, with Sea of Thieves, A Way Out, Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, and Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered debuting in the top four spaces. As you might have guessed, this makes for a very different top 10 to the previous chart, which was more or less made up of the usual suspects...

  • News Sony Taken to Task for 'Misleading' Gran Turismo Sport Ad

    Platform holder failed to be clear about online requirement

    Sony’s been given a stern slap on the wrists by the Advertising Standards Authority for a “misleading” Gran Turismo Sport commercial which aired on UK television last year. The advert showed various tracks and vehicles that can’t be accessed without an Internet connection, which the...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Burnout Paradise Remastered Zooms to First Place


    Last week's UK sales are in, and it seems that, sometimes, you can't beat the classics. Burnout Paradise topped the UK chart back when it released on PS3 in 2008, and that initial success has repeated itself, with Burnout Paradise Remastered in pole position. According to, the PS4 version of the game accounted for 78% of...

  • News Iconic Store Toys 'R' Us to Shut Up Shop in UK

    Over 3,000 jobs lost

    Legendary retailer Toys ‘R’ Us is to shut down completely in the UK, after administrators failed to find a buyer for the flagging business. A whopping 105 shops will close over the next six weeks, with over 3,000 jobs lost as a result. Any remaining stock will be discounted in the remaining stores that are open, so it may be...

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