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  • News Japanese Sales Charts: Conan Exiles Cleaves Its Way to Number 1 on PS4

    Well, okay then

    Well, we're not quite sure how, but Conan Exiles has leapt straight to number 1 in Japan on PlayStation 4. The survival role-playing game (you know, the one with visible penises) moved 32,000 copies on Sony's system, and that was enough to secure the throne. My Hero Academia: One's Justice also made the top 5 on PS4, but only...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Shenmue and F1 2018 Bring the Bandicoot Crashing Down

    Eight weeks at number one

    The UK's bank holiday weekend meant a delay in the chart data, but it's here, and there's a bit of a shake-up. F1 2018 took pole position in its first week on sale, and Shenmue I & II wasn't far behind, debuting at number two in the chart. This of course means that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy's reign is over; it's...

  • News PSVR Starter Packs Are on Sale in the UK Right Now

    Virtual insanity

    PlayStation VR’s software catalogue grows by the day, and the slate of upcoming PSVR games makes for impressive reading as well. There’s never been a better time to test out Sony’s virtual reality accessory, then, and the good news is that the device is on sale in the UK right now. For the lowly sum of £199.99 you’ll be...

  • News July 2018 NPD: PS4 Can't Make It Six Months in a Row

    Still the best-selling system of the year, though

    We figured that the PlayStation 4, in its fifth term, was going to make way for the newer Nintendo Switch in the NPD hardware charts this year, but it’s actually maintained its position at the top for much of 2018 thus far. A slow July means that it couldn’t quite make it six months in a row,...

  • News PS4 Passes 7 Million Units Sold in Japan

    Not too bad

    Taking the latest Japanese sales charts into account, the PlayStation 4 has passed 7 million units sold in Japan. Sony's current-gen console launched on the 22nd February, 2014 in the Land of the Rising Sun, so it's been available for around four and a half years at this point. It's no secret that home console sales aren't nearly...

  • News Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Sees a Slight Boost During Holiday Week

    And that's about it

    It's been a slow week for video games in Japan due to Obon, one of the nation's traditional holidays. As such, there were no new software releases. On the PlayStation side of things, the only game really worth mentioning is the Yakuza 3 remaster on PlayStation 4, which dropped from first all the way down to 14th. As...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Not Much Doing As Crash Bashes the Competition

    Bumper Wumpa

    Imagine being one of those people who didn’t believe in Crash Bandicoot prior to its PlayStation 4 revival. The maniacal marsupial has just secured his eighth consecutive week at the top of the UK sales charts, and this is all fuelled by the recent Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions – let’s not forget that the character killed...

  • News Monster Hunter: World Breaks 10 Million Copies Sold

    Huge for Capcom

    As if there was any denying the huge success of Monster Hunter: World at this point, Capcom has confirmed that the game has now sold over 10 million copies. The recent release of the title's PC version has bolstered that figure by at least a million units -- the game sat at around 8 million copies in July -- but it's still...

  • News PSVR Passes Three Million Units Milestone

    Almost 22 million pieces of software sold

    PlayStation VR has sold over three million units worldwide since its launch in 2016, with over 21.9 million virtual reality games and experiences sold to date. That means each headset owner purchases an average of seven pieces of software, which is a pretty high attach rate. It shows that people who own the...

  • News Japanese Sales Charts: Yakuza 3 PS4 Remaster Punches Its Way to Number 1

    Kaz is back again

    Whenever a new Yakuza game launches in Japan, it usually jumps straight to the top of the software charts, and the PlayStation 4 remaster of Yakuza 3 has done just that. That said, it only moved 26,000 copies, which is very low for a Yakuza title, but perhaps not unexpected given that it's a remaster. The wacky Fire Pro Wrestling...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Overcooked 2 and We Happy Few Can't Stop Crash Bandicoot's Reign

    Putting on a brave face

    The latest information from the weekly UK games charts is finally available, and guess who's sat in the number one throne? Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is now on its seventh consecutive week in first place, and that's despite several new releases coming and going in the meantime. Overcooked 2 and We Happy Few managed to...

  • PlayStation Store Sales Charts GTAV Sticks Around After Hours

    Lock in

    There’s just no stopping it, is there? Grand Theft Auto V has topped the PlayStation Store sales charts in Europe and North America for July, almost five years after its original release. The title was presumably buoyed by the After Hours expansion that launched recently for Grand Theft Auto Online, although Red Dead Redemption 2...

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