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  • News The First Major Update for Battlefield V Has Been Delayed

    Overture arriving a little later

    Battlefield V seems to have been facing an uphill battle since it arrived at the end of November. Its sales are low for the series, and it's faced criticism regarding its lacking gameplay options on release. Of course, there's plenty of new content on the way for the WW2 shooter, and the first, Overture, was...






  • Guide Battlefield V - Everything We Know So Far

    Battlefield Royale

    EA finally revealed Battlefield V at its press conference during E3 2018, and it's pretty much as you expected it. It takes place during World War 2, features one of those crazy popular Battle Royale modes, and a bunch of systems have been tweaked to emphasise team play. In this guide we'll run you through everything we know...

  • News EA Gives the Middle Finger to Those Against Women in Battlefield V

    "Accept it or don't buy the game"

    You may have noticed the backlash to Battlefield V regarding the game's inclusion of women. Using the hashtag #NotMyBattlefield, passionate fans have been making their distaste for this abundantly clear, calling it "historically inaccurate". EA has now made its stance on the matter in an interview with Gamasutra at...

  • E3 2018 Check Out Battlefield V Multiplayer in New Trailer


    As you might've expected, Battlefield V received an explosive new trailer during EA's E3 2018 press conference. You can view it above. Focusing on the multiplayer side of the game, the trailer showcases the variety of vehicles, the impressive destruction, and the ability to move around weapon emplacements. As ever, it looks visually stunning...

  • E3 2018 Battlefield V to Include Battle Royale Mode

    Of course

    During its brief showing on the stage at EA Play, developers from DICE confirmed that Battlefield V will include a Battle Royale mode, because of course it will. DICE says that Royale will be "unlike anything you've played before", as it brings Battlefield's "core pillars of destruction, team play, and vehicles" to the popular mode...







  • News What's Going on with Battlefield Bad Company 3?

    Getting the squad back together

    Like so many, we have fond memories of the Bad Company games. Battlefield’s beloved squad-based spin-off still has many fans today, so a return to the format makes sense, right? Judging by the reaction to rumours that DICE’s 2018 first-person shooter will be Bad Company 3, it sure seems like the right time. But is...


  • News Battlefield 1, FIFA 17 Both Shine Brightly on PS4 Pro


    Marketing deals appear to have prevented EA Games from shouting too loudly about the PlayStation 4 Pro patches for its two flagship games, but Digital Foundry has determined that both FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 are at their gob-stopping best on Sony's new system. The former soccer sim runs at an uncompromised native 4K resolution, while...

  • News What's Going on with Battlefield 1 on PS4 Pro?

    Has it even been patched yet?

    Battlefield 1 is one of the games that's supposed to support the PlayStation 4 Pro at launch, and given its profile in the PS4's catalogue, it's also one that a lot of adopters are looking forward to. But launch day has arrived, and there's still some uncertainty regarding whether the title has been updated or not...


  • News This Battlefield 1 PS4 Controller's Pretty Rad

    Post-traumatic DualShock

    Vulpe Andrei is a console modding maniac, and to celebrate the release of Battlefield 1 this week, he just couldn't resist reconstructing his DualShock 4 with a World War I theme. The appliance architect has taken Sony's handset, and furnished it with studs, metal, and rusted buttons. It doesn't look massively comfortable to...

  • Round Up Battlefield 1 PS4 Reviews Storm the Trenches

    The waiting game

    World War I may have been Hell on Earth, but Battlefield 1 looks like it's anything but. Reviews are rolling in for DICE's eagerly anticipated first-person shooter, and they're already looking pretty bloody promising. Our review is still forthcoming, so while you wait for that all-important Push Square seal of approval, here's what...

  • News Battlefield 1's Trophies Won't Be Hell to Unlock

    Call of duty

    World War I was Hell on Earth, but you won't necessarily need to suffer to earn all of Battlefield 1's Trophies. Online now ahead of the anticipated shooter's release next week, you'll earn trinkets for trying out each of the game's classes, and completing the campaign. You'll need to grab all of the Codex Entries in each story...




  • News PS4 Shooter Battlefield 1 to Launch with 10 Maps

    Multiplayer modes and more leaked

    Battlefield 1's pre-release beta has been data-mined by people with too much time on their hands, so EA and DICE's marketing plans are now more or less in tatters. This isn't any old leak: practically every detail about the first-person shooter has been posted on Reddit, from its list of weapons right the way...



  • News EA Boss: I Absolutely Rejected Battlefield 1

    Good job he changed his mind

    Battlefield 1 is taking the series back in time, to a past without robot limbs and orbital strikes. The game's historic angle has caught the attention of many, but apparently, the title's core concept didn't always seem like a good idea to EA Studios boss Patrick Soderlund. During the publisher's recent investor...

  • News Everything You Need to Know About Battlefield 1 on PS4

    Plus, screenshots, box art, and pre-order info

    As rumoured, Battlefield 1 will whisk you away to World War I – a return to the historical action of yore before the entire industry moved into the modern military space. The title will apparently take you on a tour of combat bowls across the globe, from "a besieged French city to the heavily defended...

  • News Battlefield 1's First PS4 Trailer Explodes into a Ball of Flames

    Seven nation army

    Here it is: your first look at Battlefield 1 on the PlayStation 4. This trailer is apparently captured all in-engine, and, let's be honest, it looks outrageous. It's not the alternate history experience many anticipated – instead, we really are going back in time to World War I, albeit with all of the epic scale and bombast that...

  • Live Watch the Battlefield 1 Announcement Event Right Here

    Join us from the frontline

    We already know what it's called and when it's coming out, but the leaks have only made us more curious about what Battlefield 1 actually is. The artwork appears to corroborate the World War I rumours we heard some time ago, but is this an alternate history take on The Great War? All will be revealed during DICE's live...

  • News The New Battlefield Launches 18th October on PS4

    Is actually called Battlefield 1

    There's a real plumbing problem at DICE, because the new Battlefield game is leaking all over the place. Originally believed to be named Battlefield 5, the game is actually called Battlefield 1 – and, as suspected, will be based upon World War I. We still don't know whether this will contain an alternate history...

  • News Battlefield 5 Leaked Artwork Is Not What You Expect

    World War I with a twist?

    Well, then – this is an unexpected shock. The first artwork from Battlefield 5 has leaked online ahead of today's reveal – and it's not entirely what you expect. It looks like the World War I rumours were probably true – we see an old-fashioned German pistol as well as a zeppelin in the background – but it appears...

  • News Is Battlefield 5 Turning Back Time to World War I?

    Historical warfare

    The speculation regarding a historical Battlefield 5 is really heating up now. There was, of course, that "leak" from a retailer earlier in the year – and now EA Games has released a teaser trailer showing what appears to be a soldier in a World War I-era trench coat. Now we should stress that you can't see enough of the troop's...

  • News There's Free Battlefield DLC on the PlayStation Store

    Battle yield

    Is your trigger finger quivering in anticipation for Battlefield's planned reveal this week? Well, the ever-generous EA – eager, we assume, to avoid another year voted as the worst organisation in the world – is giving away Battlefield 4's Dragon Teeth and Battlefield Hardline's Robbery DLC for free. The snag? The promotion hasn't...


  • Rumour Battlefield 5 Is Going to Blow Up Next Week

    Bringing the boom

    Technically, Battlefield 5 hasn't been officially announced yet, but it's looking more and more inevitable that the shooter - which we know is currently in development - is going to be revealed very soon. According to German publication, official sources have confirmed that the game's going to be shown next Friday, the...


  • Rumour Could Battlefield 5 Whisk You Back to World War I?

    War never changes

    Here's an interesting rumour: Battlefield 5 may take place during World War I. That, at least, is what one Swiss retailer thinks, listing the game as a "multiplayer tactical shooter" set during the aforementioned time period. World of Games – the store in question – has since edited the page, but has left in a 26th October...










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