Industry analyst Michael Pachter has been harping on for years that Nintendo should publish its major titles on Sony consoles, and this picture snapped in an EB Games in Montreal demonstrates what that might look like. But before anybody gets their hopes up, it behoves us to mention that the pictured box is completely fake. Indeed, this game absolutely doesn't exist – but wouldn't it be terrific if it did?

A crafty staffer constructed the counterfeit by resizing the box art from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for Wii U and sliding it neatly into a PlayStation 4 case. The mock-up, intended as a prank for unsuspecting customers, was then surreptitiously placed on a store shelf with the rest of the next-gen titles.

While our wallets can only dream that Nintendo's critically acclaimed first-party offerings may one day migrate to our beloved console, we're almost certain that it's never going to happen. Does this mock-up put the wind in your sails? Have you ever wanted to save Hyrule with a DualShock controller in hand? Smash some pots in the comments section below.