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Fri 6th September, 2013

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Shellybird27 commented on Review: Road Not Taken (PlayStation 4):

@Johnnycide actually plus has gotten wayyy better. It's because its so good, which is why people complain about it. How do you complain about free new interesting games? That I will never understand, but whatever. I guess people just have to b*tch about something.



Shellybird27 commented on E3 2014: What Ever Happened to Suda 51's PS4 E...:

@hydeks "disgusted" harsh words, my man. All we got is one freakin' live-action trailer! Come on! I know it's a cliche, but don't judge a book by its cover.
@Mrskinner Me too. A Clockwork Orange is one of my favorite movies/books so that's why.
But anyways, really looking forward to this, love Suda! But speaking of wacky, and unique. I hope D4 comes to PS4, Deadly Premonition is one of my favorite games of all time, hope we get a sequel(pre-sequel?) soon.



Shellybird27 commented on Reaction: Poor Pacing Disrupts Otherwise Excel...:

What the f**** is wrong with everyone. I'm so sick and tired of all this negative bulls***, this was easily one of their best. Yet people b**** about it. I'm so done with gamers, and how they piss and moan about everything. They showed so much stuff, it was ridiculous. I thought I was going to wake up to 9/10's. This is ridiculous. I thought this site was better than IGN, with all this negative crap. Rant over. Going back to Twin Peaks, steaming with anger.



Shellybird27 commented on Hold on to Your Handlebars! Here's How MotoGP ...:

@Mrskinner Pass because of graphics really? Why the hell, do people care about graphics so damn much? One of my favorite games ever Deadly Premonition, has pretty bad graphics, but it's still an amazing game. It blows my mind when people say "Watch Dogs looks like crap", don't really know what they're expecting, but whatever.