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Fri 6th September, 2013

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Shellybird27 commented on Some UK Schools Are Cracking Down on Children ...:

I think it's dumb to restrict kids from playing M games. We were all little once, and we all wanted to play GTA, it serves no purpose to not allow your kid to play it, other than to royally piss them off. They're going to hear that kind of language anyway, no reason to shield them from it.



Shellybird27 commented on Yes, Lara Croft Will Likely Still Climb onto P...:

I'm so sick of hearing about this game by now, I didn't care for the reboot, in ways many of you already said. So, now after seeing Uncharted 4. I don't even care if it comes to PS4. I might play it on The Bone, since I have one(and actually like it), but not really excited too. Might pick it up on discount.