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Fri 6th September, 2013

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Shellybird27 commented on Yes, Lara Croft Will Likely Still Climb onto P...:

I'm so sick of hearing about this game by now, I didn't care for the reboot, in ways many of you already said. So, now after seeing Uncharted 4. I don't even care if it comes to PS4. I might play it on The Bone, since I have one(and actually like it), but not really excited too. Might pick it up on discount.



Shellybird27 commented on Round Up: DriveClub PS4 Reviews Target Pole Po...:

Jesus christ, these reviews are harsh! I hate being 'that guy', but is it because it isn't open world?, i'll probably regret typing this later, but Forza horizon 2 got fantastic reviews, was it because it was an open world game? So, does a game have to be an open world game to get good reviews(I mean for
next gen)? All i know is thar Xbots are going to have a field day with this one, and it sucks. It's like Sony can't ever catch a break, even when they've been really successful with the PS4.



Shellybird27 commented on DriveClub, Dust, and Spelunky Free for PS4 in ...:

Holy hell, this might be the best month of plus ever, everyone should seriously play Dust-seriously. Plus Driveclub? Awesome. Rainbow Moon looks fun as hell also, so does Spelunky, and i've always wanted to replay Asylum, but no thanks on the Cat game, idk it might be fun.