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Paranoimia commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

@kyleforrester87 I know how it works. I'm not saying that's what they have to do, it's just an example.

I'd just like them to offer some variety. Every month lately it's "retro" themed crap (granted, purely my opinion) on PS4/Vita, and I'm just not interested in it, even for free, so I'm getting very little value from it at the moment. I'd rather have the option of waiving my freebies and discounts on games I'm not interested in, in exchange for, say a couple of movie rentals. At least then I'd feel I was getting something for the money.



Paranoimia commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

While you can put a monetary value on it, the value is entirely subjective. I have PS4, PS3, PSVita and PSP, and I've actually taken very little from Plus this year - most of the stuff is just of no interest to me, and what would have been, I've already bought. I'm the kind of person who, if it doesn't interest me, won't touch it even for free.

I'd much rather they changed it so that your choice is not limited to pre-selected games, but that you get X amount of credit to put towards whatever you want from the store. Maybe throw in the option of renting a couple of movies each month, something like that.



Paranoimia commented on Now Sony's Asking Which PS2 Games You Want on PS4:

I don't mind quality remasters of the very best, such as TLOU and the Nathan Drake Collection, but really don't care about the rest. There's already a deluge of "retro style" cack on PS4 and Vita, and I bought my PS4 to play new PS4 games, not retro stuff and the PS2 back catalogue.



Paranoimia commented on Could the PS4 Be About to Score PS2 Games?:

@Dief88 Two different things. The games mentioned here were re-classified by PEGI, which only deals with age certification.

The "certification" referred to in the old IGN article is Sony's own internal testing and certification process, which ensures the code is fit for release - what's commonly referred to as "going gold". Every time an update is made to a game's code (i.e. patches, updates, etc.) it has to go through the process again, which takes time and costs money.

These games haven't had their code changed, so they don't need internal re-certification by Sony. But as they're being re-released, they do need to be re-certified for age suitability by PEGI and their equivalent international bodies like the ESRB.



Paranoimia commented on Rainbow Six: Siege's Season Pass Isn't Very Ex...:


It seems to me they planned to release half a game at full price, heard some backlash, realised it wasn't what people expect for a full-price supposedly AAA game, then decided they better offer more - hence the year of free ahem "extra content" to follow. Sounds like they felt a need to buy time to pad it out and justify the price.

When they announced it, it was a 100% buy for me. That all but disappeared with the revelation that there's no single-player. All this extra BS just confirms that it's off my list.



Paranoimia commented on PlayStation Plus Subscribers Score Sweet EU PS...:

Nothing for me in the Plus titles, nothing for me in the sale, nothing for me in the store update. Ho hum!

Still, I'm glad. I'm doing Driveclub Bikes at the moment, I still have lots to do in Project Cars, I still need to finish Dying Light, I still have to play Uncharted 2 & 3, and Just Cause 3 is out next month... so it's not as if I've nothing to play!



Paranoimia commented on Comparing PS4's Sales to the Competition May B...:

I suspect they may be getting utterly trounced to make this decision. They made a rod for their own back last gen with all the crowing about sales figures while they were leaving Sony in the dust.

As PS3 caught up and overtook, they started missing the odd month and only shouting again when they had a good month with a big release. Now they aren't going to bother at all, but concentrate on Live users - which will include 2nd/3rd accounts (something Sony has been blasted for in the past when giving PSN numbers), and also include PC/Games for Windows users, so it's not just console v console, giving them a higher figure.

Then again, we really shouldn't surprised that they move the goalposts when things aren't in their favour. They never have liked level playing fields, especially when they're not the winning team.



Paranoimia commented on Surprise! Sony Isn't Working on First-Party Ti...:

@Gamer83 I think "home console games on the go" wou;d have sold the Vita very well; it's the reason I and many early adopters actually bought one.

The problem was that they didn't get enough of that type of game out quickly enough, and for whatever reason they didn't really get the third-party support needed, so sales stalled. The Vita didn't start out badly at all really...

...but I feel a lack of the promised 'full console games' clipped its wings. There are plenty of people like myself who would prefer what was promised for Vita as opposed to Nintendo's more 'bite sized' approach to mobile gaming, but it was never backed up after an initial handful of titles.

I think the Vita is an amazing, powerful system, which is being utterly wasted on the kind of drivel (just my personal opinion) which is being released on the PSN each week. When I think of the quality of something like Golden Abyss, to see the system reduced to countless 'retro' 8-bit games makes me genuinely shake my head at Sony for being so eager to throw that potential away.



Paranoimia commented on Surprise! Sony Isn't Working on First-Party Ti...:

The first time I've ever been genuinely p*ssed off at Sony. They promised so much with the Vita, and then completely failed to deliver.

I bought mine on the premise/promise that it would offer full console-quality games on a hand-held device, and for a while it looked good, with titles like Golden Abyss, Killzone Mercenary etc. But after their announcement of no more AAA titles, my use has nosedived. There are a few indie games I play occasionally, but the constant flood of "retro" styled games just isn't for me, and I don't do JRPGs... so there's been nothing for me for a while, other than what I've already got, and a bit of Remote Play.



Paranoimia commented on Follow the Dying Light with Dirt Buggy DLC in ...:

I bought this along with Project Cars a few weeks ago when both were under £20 in one-day sales on different sites. I wasn't overly impressed at first, but the more I played, the better it got... I was so hooked I still haven't touched PCars. I only stopped playing when Uncharted NDC arrived.



Paranoimia commented on EA Games: Publishers Pushing PS4 Remasters Hav...:

I used backwards compatibility once on PS3 for a Tomb Raider game that came out on PS2 just after launch. That's it. Never looked at it since. I don't see the point in complaining about it not being there when you can pick up a a PS3 for next to nothing, if you don't already have one.

Adding it to PS4 doesn't seem overly likely to me. Unlike PS2 and early PS3s, it doesn't have the previous generation's hardware built in to handle emulation. And while PS4 is powerful, I don't think the leap is significant enough to emulate the Cell in software - Microsoft managed with the Xbone because the 360's PowerPC architecture isn't a million miles away from the x86 used now, whereas the x86 and Cell are worlds apart. I just don't think it's possible.

As for remasters, I've bought 2 - The Last Of Us and Uncharted - purely because the games are THAT good. That said, I haven't bought an EA game since Battlefield 4; most of their games are iterations on previous versions, and it's rare they offer anything truly new either. I even stopped buying FIFA a few years back, as I just wasn't playing it. I play once a week with a mate, using his copy... but I've seen nothing to tempt me into buying it again. I won't be bothering with Battlefront either since there's no single-player - just a Star Wars skin on BF4 multi-player, using elements of the original Star Wars story... where's the new ideas in that?



Paranoimia commented on PS4's Curated Content Is Asking for Trouble:

Is it just me, or do an increasingly worrying number of PlayStation owners get "outraged" over the most irrelevant things?

RTFM... I've had this feature turned off since launch day when I set up my system.



Paranoimia commented on Don't Get Your Hopes Up for an Uncharted Game ...:

There was speculation that U4 might be the last. These comments throw that into doubt.

Either it's the last, and Drake is the thief who meets his end, or he doesn't and there will be more Uncharted games.

Mind you, I have suspected for a while that the thief who meets his end may well be Drake's brother. Or Sully. Oh I hope it's not Sully. I still remember... oops, better not... spoilers for those yet to play it.



Paranoimia commented on Feature: 7 Improvements That Make Uncharted: T...:

Got them all on PS3, played them many, many times... still got this pre-ordered! These are my gaming equivalent of Star Wars... I will buy them over and over on multiple formats.

Never had any problems with aiming in any Uncharted game... I guess I'm just better than the rest of you!



Paranoimia commented on Here's Why Uncharted: Golden Abyss Isn't in Un...:

I thoroughly enjoyed Golden Abyss, except for the tedium of the random card drops which you needed for the Platinum... that took me weeks after doing everything else.

I'm not sure how well it would have scaled graphically, though... as great as it looks on the Vita, it probably would have taken a heck of a lot of work upgrading the models and textures for 1080p.



Paranoimia commented on First Impressions: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake...:

Got this on pre-order despite still having them on PS3 and having played them numerous times each.

Couldn't care less about the lack of multi-player, as I only ever played that part to get the trophies, then forgot about it. These games are ALL about the single-player adventure. I'd much rather they forget about multi-player for U4 and concentrate on an extended single-player story.



Paranoimia commented on Sony Unlikes Facebook on PS3, Vita, and PlaySt...:

Seems odd to me. I find the Vita FB app is quicker and easier to use than the Android app on my phone.

Still, I guess they have traffic reports and metrics which tell them that it's not being used, and that's why they're giving it up.

Just out of curiosity, is the FB app on Vita actually made by Sony, or by FB themselves?



Paranoimia commented on UK Sales Charts: Tearaway Unfolded Flops Like ...:

I got the Vita game cheap when it was on offer on the store. I found it quite charming, but the novelty wore off quite quickly and I haven't touched it in several months now... hence I was never interested in the PS4 game.



Paranoimia commented on Round Up: PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer PS4 R...:

I'm with @themcnoisy - though I haven't bought a footy game for a few years now, and although I was a Pro Evo fan, I'd only buy FIFA these days.

I play every Thursday with a mate, using his copy. It plays well enough, and the official licenses just make it so much more authentic. Sure, you can get option files for PES for kits and text names, but you still have the generic stadiums, and all the other issues which arise from a lack of licenses.



Paranoimia commented on Terrify Yourself and Win a Copy of Unfriended ...:

@Picola I'm not saying one's better than the other - just that I haven't found the PA films scary.

I find that with "horror" films in general these days, though. A decent horror game usually has more of an impact because of the interaction. Can't remember the last time I was truly, genuinely scared by a film... probably when I first saw Aliens, and I was a lot younger then.



Paranoimia commented on Journey's Getting a PS4 Collector's Edition Ne...:

When this was announced for PS3, I had no interest.

Back then, I was a SCEE beta tester, played the beta, liked it, and so bought the game when it was released.

I don't know what I was expecting, but the final game wasn't it. For me, a significantly over-rated title.



Paranoimia commented on PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Gearing Up for a Big Year:

Glad to hear there will be new tracks. Hopefully completely new ones in new locations... I'd like some city circuits.

Love the game, but desperate for new content... I've got every trophy, every star, in every event of every DLC.