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Paranoimia commented on Microsoft Ponders PlayStation's Commitment to,...:

Personally, I'm about as concerned with Sony's commitment to original programming as I am with their commitment to ride-on lawnmowers. It's a games machine. Just keep the games coming.

I'm sure if it comes down to it, they can keep all their shows and movies exclusive to PSN for a while.



Paranoimia commented on Feature: Eight Intriguing PS4 and Vita Indie T...:

Maybe... maybe... CounterSpy.

The rest are either types of game which don't interest me, or the retro pixel graphics will mean I simply won't bother with them. Sick to the back teeth of this 'retro' look every indie and his dog is opting for.

One not mentioned here is MouseCraft. Definitely looking forward to that.



Paranoimia commented on Weirdness: Sucker Punch Hid a Sneaky Zelda Ref...:

If you hadn't mentioned what it was from, I'd never have known.

At the train station(s) there's a poster which says "in case of emergency, jump off train or platform. You'll live, it's a video game." Saw a screenshot on Twitter yesterday. I don't own this myself yet. Trying to reduce my pile of shame before buying anything new.



Paranoimia commented on Reaction: Price Is the Reality That Threatens ...:

I doubt very much that I'd bother with it at all. It's not about the cost, but the practicality of it. I've used VR before, and for me, the weight of the headset does more to break the sense of immersion than it does to increase it. This will clearly be lighter, but it's still going to have considerable weight to it.

Still, at least it looks way better than Oculus.



Paranoimia commented on So, the PlayStation Store's Ready for You to R...:

I'd like to see the option of disabling the awarding of trophies on a rental. I'd be the sort of person who rents a game for a day if i'm unsure of it, but I wouldn't want my trophy collection being littered with trophies from games I never had any real interest in. I already have a few of those, unfortunately.



Paranoimia commented on Sony: PlayStation Vita Is Proving to Be a Big ...:

@fchinaski Just to be clear, I don't mean all indie games, just those that have the retro 80s style graphics... I grew up with every game looking that way, and it holds no appeal for me; it actively puts me off buying, no matter how good the game may be. I do have some indie stuff on my Vita.

But yes, you are right - Vita has gone off at a bit of a tangent. It's not that I have anything against the retro indie and Japanese stuff. It's obviously great for those like yourself who enjoy them, it's just that at the moment that seems to be all there is. For me, it needs balancing with bigger-budget Western style games like those I mentioned earlier, which as you rightly say is how it was initially sold to early adopters. If I wanted small bitesized games and odd Japanese stuff, I'd probably have bought a 3DS.

For me, with all the small retro indie games, the Vita currently (as I've said before) is a lot like using a high end PC to run a C64 emulator; it's cool if that's your thing, but it's also a waste of a powerful system, and you need some powerhouse titles to do it proper justice, let alone justify the cost.



Paranoimia commented on Sony: PlayStation Vita Is Proving to Be a Big ...:

I'd consider myself a 'committed gamer', but it's getting a bit too 'niche' for me. Between the retro indie stuff and bizarre Japanese titles, there's virtually nothing coming to Vita that I'm interested in.

I love the system and have always defended it, but from what it promised to what we have, on this occasion I feel quite let down. I want the likes of Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary, but sadly it seems like such games will be very few and far between... if we get any more at all.



Paranoimia commented on Groan, Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Movie Is J...:

Well, when a story is that well told, why ruin it by letting a Hollyweird screenwriter mutilate it? It's infinitely better than any so-called 'horror' that the movie industry has put out in the last 10-15 years or so. Just make sure it's a proper 18-rated movie, and don't let them dumb it down for the teen audience.



Paranoimia commented on Uncharted Franchise Director Amy Hennig Leaves...:

Very disappointing, especially if there turns out to be any truth to the rumours; Naughty Dog always seemed to be one big, happy family. It does seem odd, though, that she'd choose to leave part way through development of Uncharted 4.

I wish her luck though, whatever she does next. Unless she signs for the 'other side', of course. ;-)



Paranoimia commented on Xbox One's Heinous Launch Parity Clause Still ...:

This is why I get annoyed by the sometimes blinkered "competition is good" argument. Competition is good, as long as all involved play by the same rules, which isn't the case here, and rarely is with Microsoft. They've already been fined more than once for anti-competitive practices, and probably should be again since they clearly haven't corrected their behaviour.

The indies basically need to band together and resist this. Release on other platforms and forget about Xbox until MS do away with the clause - for the sake of themselves and gamers.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Respond to Microsof...:

Sony don't need to do anything in my personal opinion.

They have the lower price, the better hardware, the best exclusive games (and true exclusives at that, not available on PC), and the best versions of multiplatform titles.

Xbox One has the HDMI pass-through and the "TV! TV! TV!" side of things, but outside of the US, those have comparatively limited functionality - plus it apparently doesn't play well with UK/EU 50Hz TV tech.

So for me, if you're not in the US, there's no compelling reason to buy an Xbox One. If you are in the US, I guess it depends on your taste in games. Generally, it's a half-assed system all round, doing a bit of everything, but nothing as well as it should.



Paranoimia commented on There's a Chance That You'll Be Killing More C...:

I don't think there's any excessive swearing in TLOU. Yes, there's certainly an amount of it, but only in context.

I swear myself and I don't object to it unless it's excessive. If it's every other word then it just gets tiresome, but in context and in the 'right' situations, one no problem with it.

As for TLOU2 - yes f#?king please! ;-)



Paranoimia commented on Where Can You Buy the PS4 Wireless Headset 2.0...:

Can't stand having anything on my head, so these are of no interest to me.

When are they going to enable the old PS3 Bluetooth earpiece? Or any standard Bluetooth units for that matter? Can't be that hard, it's an international standard.

Still, the supplied earbud serves its purpose for now.



Paranoimia commented on Opinion: EA Found Its Call of Duty Killer, and...:

I was interested in this at the first reveal, right up until the mechs appeared - then I lost all interest.

Though I think it will get carried along on a wave of its own hype, from what I've been reading (I haven't played it), it's not that great. Designed initially for the PS3/360 generation, it seems to be a technically lacking game, if you read some of the more critical/less hype-blinded reports. It's quite surprising that MS have invested so heavily in what is essentially a limited, last-generation title for a supposedly next-gen console. Even the PC version apparently isn't up to much.



Paranoimia commented on Erm, No Girls Allowed in Free PlayStation 4 Ex...:

Doesn't bother me in the slightest. Whether the character is male or female isn't something that even crosses my mind when I play a game. Yes, I'm a man, but when I first played Tomb Raider, the fact that the character was female didn't enter my mind. Same with The Last Of Us - playing as Joel was great, didn't bother me at all when you played as Ellie.

This whole thing, to me, is an issue that is getting blown way out of proportion lately. Daylight is set to feature a female lead only - is anyone going to shout that that title is sexist?



Paranoimia commented on PS Vita's Memory Cards May Cost a Bomb, But Di...:

@RyoHazuki Strange. I've got a 60Mb connection, and the Vita store is excellent - in fact for me, with the speed of the touch interface, it's probably my favourite to use. Obviously the downloads aren't as quick, but the store itself is a dream.

On the subject of the article though, perhaps the reason Vita's digital purchases are on the rise is because that's basically 90% of what's been available lately? It seems to me that for many months now, all the games released seem to be retro-style indie titles which are ONLY available via the store, so you couldn't buy on physical media if you wanted to.

For my personal tastes, Sony are failing the Vita in the area which sold me on getting one in the first place - home console quality games on a handheld system.

I'm not interested in the vast majority of the retro indie stuff which has been flooding the system lately. I bought the system on the strength of it being a state of the art system capable of games like Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary. I'll happily take indie games if they make use of the system's power, but all this retro stuff needs to stop.

Imagine if you'd just bought a top-spec gaming PC and all you got to play on it was a C64 emulator - that's how I feel about the Vita at the moment.



Paranoimia commented on Sniper Elite 3 Will Allow You to Rearrange Cir...:

Would be a must-buy for me had it been in a modern setting. Yet another WW2 game means a no buy for me.

I tried the demo of V2 and enjoyed the mechanics, but passed on it for that very reason and waited for Ghost Warrior 2, but that was shi... umm, a bit naff, so I didn't get that either.

A shame, then. I'd love a decent sniper game with a modern setting and weapons. There's a definite gap in the market.



Paranoimia commented on Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes May Be the M...:

Wasn't planning on getting either MGS game anyway, so no skin off my nose.

Loved the first, enjoyed the second, didn't bother with the third, played through 4 once and never touched it again - lost interest in the series after that.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: Is the Vita Really Dying a 'Slo...:

Absolutely love my Vita as a system, but starting to contemplate getting rid of it. I bought it for, and want more, console style AAA games. Uncharted Golden Abyss was great, as was Killzone Mercenary, but I've got no interest in any of the quirky Japanese stuff or RPGs.

Other than that, all we seem to be getting is retro themed indie stuff, and with all due respect to those developers, I didn't buy a state of the art handheld to play games that would run on a GBA.

I'll wait a little longer to see if anything interesting gets announced, or if developers make reasonable use of it as a second screen for PS4 games, but if things don't pick up in the next 6-12 months, I think it'll be gone.



Paranoimia commented on Uncharted PS4 May Not Fire onto Your New Syste...:

@rjejr It was sarcasm, but not intended to be aimed at the Wii U, more at those who ***** and moan and say they're jumping ship every time news of a delay (real or rumoured) rears its head. I could just as easily have put Xbox One, Sega Saturn, or CD32 in there.



Paranoimia commented on Can UK's Broadband Cope with PlayStation Now?:

I'm not sure why Sony are hiding behind this "UK broadband isn't up to it" excuse, as it's not only an issue here. From what I've been reading, much of the US is in a similar situation.

Sure, there are speed issues in some areas in most countries, but just launch the service and let those people who can use it, use it. Better to get the service online and let people join as and when they can, expanding with them, than wait for everyone to be ready at the same time and launch to congestion and lots of complaints about it being inaccessible.



Paranoimia commented on Sony Wants to Keep Your PS4 Controller's Light...:

Yoshida is right in that it won't be using much power. LEDs are used in everything from torches to car headlights these days for that very reason. Turning it off will make no discernable difference to the battery life. I think the main drain will be the new rumble motors and the enhanced SIXAXIS sensitivity.

However, there should be a toggle for those who find the reflection an issue, though I have to say I never notice it unless there's a very dark scene, and even then it's barely noticeable.

Of course, developers can help gamers out here, since they do - according to Yoshida - have that control at software level. So they can either turn it off in games which don't need it (currently most of them), or provide a menu option to do so.

It's not like you can see it well yourself during regular play unless you normally hold the pad at an unnatural angle, so using it for health indicators etc. is mostly pointless anyway.



Paranoimia commented on Battlefield 4 is Finally Getting Tuned Up on PS4:

I've had BF4 since launch (PS4), and have played it once online. I haven't even tried the single player campaign yet, as there are still reports of the save file corrupting. Waste of money so far - I'll play it when they've fixed it.



Paranoimia commented on This Sony Boss Thinks People See the Vita as G...:

I love the Vita, but I want more 'proper' games like Uncharted Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary. Those are the reasons I bought the system.

For me, the problem is that they're mostly treating it like yet another mobile gaming platform, with silly little throw-away titles - but at stupid prices. Look at the Vita version of Angry Birds - a game you can play for free elsewhere, but which Sony saw fit to allow Rovio to ask an eye-watering £35 for! Not that I personally want Angry Birds, but it's a prime example. I will pay that for a Vita game, but only a triple-A title.

I've got no interest in the retro indie stuff they keep throwing at it, nor have I any interest in playing PS1 or PS2 games on it. I certainly have no interest in ports of 'mobile' games as they're 99% garbage.



Paranoimia commented on Feature: Thinking of Throwing Out Your PS3? Th...:

Can't say any of those really do it for me, but I'm sure there'll be something coming along. I still need to finish Beyond. I haven't got very far Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4 yet; I haven't even started BF4 because of all the bugs.

I might pick up GT6 when the price drops, but that depends on when it happens and how good Drive Club is.

Either way, I don't plan on getting rid of my PS3 any time soon, as I still re-play all of the Uncharted games from time to time, and The Last Of Us.

This is the longest I've kept a 'previous gen' system after a new one has released, and easily the most that the previous gen has been used. That's not to say that the PS4 isn't a great system, because it is... it's just that the PS3 remains very strong in comparison.



Paranoimia commented on Poll: How Much Would You Pay for PlayStation Now?:

@charlesnarles I've never had any issues with Netflix on any platform - PS3, PS4, tablet, Blu-ray player, or TV. But then I do have high speed broadband.

On the other hand, I did briefly try OnLive, and the games were pretty blurry and pixellated. Compression is more noticeable on games, especially around any text and lines on the screen, such as the HUD - and that wasn't even attempting 1080p. They'll never be as clear and detailed via streaming as they will when run on a local system, at least until internet capacity and ISP speeds enable streaming of uncompressed video.



Paranoimia commented on Poll: How Much Would You Pay for PlayStation Now?:

Not interested. Not bothered about playing PS1 & PS2 games any more, and I still have my PS3 for those games I want to play.

I'm not overly interested in streamed games anyway. Streaming = compression, which means it will never look as good as playing locally on actual hardware.



Paranoimia commented on Sony Sees Dollar Signs As China Lifts Console Ban:

I was just reading about this on the BBC news website, where an "analyst" was quoted as saying that Microsoft has a slight advantage here as they could shift manufacturing to China, while Sony and Nintendo have their own factories.

I figured he must not have realised that both the PS4 and Xbox One are already largely manufactured in China by Foxconn. Another example of an "analyst" not really knowing what he's talking about. The interest here lies in potential sales within China, not so much manufacturing.

That said, Microsoft may have an advantage as relations between China and Japan are shaky at the moment. How that affects sales of the systems might depend on whether anti-Japanese feeling is as strong among the Chinese public as it is in government circles.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: Will Someone Please Frag Online...:

Hate online trophies with a passion. I absolutely LOVE The Last Of Us, but it may be the first Naughty Dog game that I don't get the Platinum for, as I just can't be bothered with the online.

I can just about tolerate those like in Uncharted, where you just have to give the game a go in various modes - but I don't have the time or patience to do lengthy online segments.



Paranoimia commented on Microsoft: Sony's Done a Nice Job Defining the...:

I'm sorry, but I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I don't trust Microsoft 'playing nice'. Historically, it's just not something they do, with anyone.

And yes, before anyone pulls me up on it, I know Sony aren't always magnanimous either.