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Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: What October PlayStation Plus G...:

There was nothing in September for me. Haven't seen anything else mentioned here that would interest me either.

The Plus games are rarely of interest to me, as I buy what I want when it's released. Generally speaking, what appears on Plus I've either had, or have no interest in. That's not to say there haven't been a few welcome surprises, but it is why I never bothered with Plus until PS4.

I really think it's time Plus offered at least one alternative package, whereby if you didn't want the games that month, you could opt for a couple of movie rentals.



Paranoimia commented on Soapbox: Uncharted 4's Higher Difficulties Kil...:


Platinum on all Uncharted's, on PS3, PS4, and Vita! Hardest part of U4 on Crushing for me was the two heavies in the tunnels towards the end. The rest was do-able with some patience.

Brutal on the remasters of the first 3 games is utterly demoralising. I couldn't be bothered persevering with that.

For a really infuriating third-person shooter, try 'Spec Ops: The Line' on FUBAR difficulty. (Did that as well, by the way!)



Paranoimia commented on Video: You Really, Really Should Play Inside o...:

Push the left stick right.

Push the left stick right some more.

Bit more.

Press X.

Push the left stick right again.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Looks nice, but also looks like a remake of Limbo, only this time with some colour.

And Limbo was bloody crap.



Paranoimia commented on Gamers Demanding a No Man's Sky Refund Aren't ...:

@metal_cka He promised a game of exploration and discovery in a huge procedurally generated universe. That's what we got.

Sure, it's not perfect. It's not a 10/10 game. There are some things about it I dislike, some a little, some a lot. But over all, it hasn't left me disappointed, and I'm looking forward to what they plan to add to it.



Paranoimia commented on Gamers Demanding a No Man's Sky Refund Aren't ...:

@MadAdam81 No, they really don't. That's one tiny aspect of the game, and we don't even know for sure yet that it's not possible. Yes, I've read that story, but there are also reasons why they may not have been able to see each other.

Either way, that alone does not justify a refund.



Paranoimia commented on Gamers Demanding a No Man's Sky Refund Aren't ...:

@Habondee Not denying anything. I know it's not perfect. I said the game crashed for me 3 times in 10 minutes. Most of the time it has run flawlessly for long sessions.

Most of what's pointed out there are just glitches, which given the nature of the game are to be expected. I've had the land-based, nose-diving whales myself. Didn't really bother me... I just killed for for some easy resources.

People are complaining that they haven't seen this or that in the game. Yeah, that's true - every planet I've visited so far has been quite barren. No lush grass or trees, just rocks and desert of varying styles. Similarly, most of the creatures I've encountered have been some form of crustacean or reptillian in origin. But there are billions of planets out there, and I know from the screenshots others have posted that there's a lot of variety out there. Just because someone hasn't seen something yet, doesn't mean it's not there. That's what fuels my desire to keep exploring, along with the knowledge of what they plan to add. It seems some people were expecting it to be like the God Mode shown in the videos and to see everything in 30 minutes.

I left one planet with a hold full of valuable pearls the other day. A fleet of freighters warped in, followed by a swarm of pirates who started attacking them. Then I received a 'hostile scan' warning, and the pirates broke off from the freighters and came after me. I had to make a run for it, and only just made it to a space station to get away.

The very nature of the game means that it's going to be a different experience for everyone. Sure, some people are having issues, and that's a shame. For me, the game so far has been a great experience, with a handful of crashes, and a few glitches.

One thing I do want is more control over my ship. I want to be able to fly lower, the possibility of crashing, the ability to hover when on a planet, and the ability to come to a full stop when in space.

But for me, it is essentially the game I was expecting, so for me there's no disappointment. Whatever others thought they'd be getting... well, that's not my problem.



Paranoimia commented on Gamers Demanding a No Man's Sky Refund Aren't ...:

It crashed 3 times in 10 minutes for me the other night. I'm still enjoying it.

I think the game is exactly what was promised. The problem - once again - seems to be that some people built up so much hype for the game in their own head that they were inevitably going to feel disappointed. Which sucks, but... well... they only have themselves to blame. But no-one takes responsibility these days, it's always someone else's fault.



Paranoimia commented on Feature: 5 PS4K Neo Reveals Sony Must Make at ...:

It will undoubtedly have a 4K Blu-ray drive, I think that's a given. But it seems very unlikely that it will play 4K games. Upscale, maybe.

My guess would be better frame-rates and more true 1080p games, with 4K Blu-ray playback and possible 4K upscaled games.

It's basically just like upgrading the graphics card and CPU in your PC. All the games still work the same, they just may look a little better.

Unless of course the Scorpio announcement made them beef up the specs further in the months since.



Paranoimia commented on Sony Asks Ark: Survival Evolved Dev to Finish ...:


All you ever read these days are complaints from people moaning about games being released 'buggy' and 'unfinished'. Battlefield 4, Destiny, The Division... numerous others, too... all sparked cries of "this is unfinished!" or "disgraceful that they release games in this state!".

Yet when Sony ask a dev to "finish the game" before releasing it? "Boo Sony! You suck!"

It's not as if we needed more evidence that too many gamers these days are hypocritical but there you go.



Paranoimia commented on Sony Really Needs to Address This PS4, Xbox On...:

During the PS3 era, I remember reading that Sony were open to cross-platform play with Xbox 360. Can't find the article now, because of course if you search, you get all the talk of the current situation.

Still, at the time, Microsoft of course weren't interested because they had the biggest market share (it was early PS3 days) and had no interest in cooperating with Sony.

And that's exactly why I don't feel Sony have any need to rush and jump through hoops to make this happen.



Paranoimia commented on Your Free PlayStation Plus Games for August Ha...:

The only things I've bothered with from Plus in the past year are Zombi and... umm... some top-down space shootery thing which was available at the same time but whose name I can't remember at the moment. And I haven't touched either of those yet.

I'm not one of those to usually moan about the Plus offerings, as I'm well aware that the value you get depends on what you like and what you've already bought. But even I have to say that I'm finding slim pickings on Plus for the PS4. I'm not at all anti-Indie, but I am sick of 'retro' style games, and that's 99% of what they're releasing for Plus on PS4. We're coming up 3 years into the generation now, and I'd honestly have expected a number of the titles from launch/first 6 months to be going free on Plus by now.

I know there have been some 'decent' titles released on Games With Gold, and it might be expected that they'd hit both systems around the same time. Call me paranoid, but given past behaviour in this area, I'm wondering if MS are paying for 'bigger' 3rd party games not to hit Plus for a while.



Paranoimia commented on Uncharted 4's PS4 Story DLC Could Take a While...:

I love Naughty Dog, I love Uncharted, and though I do enjoy the multi-player, I bought the Season Pass specifically for the single-player DLC.

So I'm putting my faith in ND to deliver something worthwhile. I'm quite happy for them to take their time with it, but I do hope that it's a substantial add-on which offers a good few hours play for my £20.



Paranoimia commented on Just Cause 3 Is Borderline Broken on PS4 Right...:

@BLPs Oh yeah, that reminds me... when I loaded it the other day, I got to the start screen where Rico is leaning on the vehicle, and it hadn't loaded the grapple! So I had his arm down to the elbow, then a big gap, then his hand. It was like he was halfway through a morph into Rayman.

My initial load was 'only' about 2-3 minutes, but I'm wired and on 60Mb cable broadband, so that's a long old wait.

These more major graphical issues only seem to have arrived with the Land DLC. Initial loading aside, I had no real issues with the main game throughout my playthrough, nor after the Air DLC arrived.



Paranoimia commented on Just Cause 3 Is Borderline Broken on PS4 Right...:

I had a stutter like the first in that video the other day while playing the Land Mech DLC, but nothing approaching that bad.

Hadn't played it for a while, but was disappointed to find they still haven't sorted out the initial lengthy login time when starting the game. The auto save icon also seems to be flashing in the bottom left corner most of the time... it never goes away for long.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: Is Sony Scared of Xbox's Scorpio?:

@Phantasystar77 You're looking at my comment from the wrong side and conflating two separate topics.

When I say they've shot themselves in the foot, I'm talking purely about giving people reason to buy the Scorpio. You're talking about game sales and profits, which although related, is a different subject. With that in mind, you've pretty much answered your own question.

If you make so little profit off the hardware, why go through the expensive process of creating new hardware halfway through a generation, only to tell people that your games are playable on other hardware which they may already have?

A slightly different view: A lot of people with PS4's are chomping at the bit to get PSVR. There are also many people waiting to pick up a PS4 with PSVR. Now imagine if Sony were going through all the time and expense of creating PSVR, only to tell people that the games would also be on PC with Oculus Rift. They're essentially saying, "so there's potentially no need to buy this new hardware we've just spent several years and millions of dollars developing and plan to make little or no profit on." They'd be rendering their own product virtually (pun intended) redundant.

On the subject of profit, though... major 3rd-party titles have always been on PC, it's not a new phenomenon. Consoles have always sold based primarily on their exclusive titles. If you have enough exclusive games that people want to play, people will buy your system, it's as simple as that. And even if you only make $5 profit per system, when you sell 40+ million systems, that's a lot of profit. So yes, platform exclusives can be very profitable.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: Is Sony Scared of Xbox's Scorpio?:

"Different strategies" as someone said recently.

It's quite possible they're going to up-spec the Neo. It wouldn't be the first time; remember, everyone was saying PS4 would only have 4GB of RAM until it was officially announced with 8GB. And now that they've moved to what is essentially PC architecture, they can almost drop in whatever they like without having to redesign the whole system.

The thing with the Xbox is that they kinda shot themselves in the foot by announcing that all the games would be playable on PC. If I had a suitable PC, I wouldn't see any need for an Xbox One.

Whereas whether PS4 remains "the most powerful console" or not, you're not going to get Uncharted 4 and the like on PC any time soon.



Paranoimia commented on No Man's Sky File Size Isn't as Big as You May...:

The only surprise is that anyone's surprised. The universe is procedurally generated, so the actual code is potentially quite small. I'd guess most of the 6GB is textures, sound files, etc. The original Elite had an entire galaxy in less than 64K.



Paranoimia commented on Adr1ft Coming to PS4 This Month:

Adam Orth... it's that the "deal with it" guy?

Quite like the look of this, but in truth, not sure I want to support someone with that attitude to his customers.



Paranoimia commented on Poll: Are You Still Excited for No Man's Sky o...:

I'm just curious as to how Sky felt this could in any way be confused with their products.

I could understand with Microsoft's SkyDrive, since that could be confused as the name of a product from Sky. So similarly, if the game had been called "Sky Explorer" or something along those lines, the same would apply.

But "No Man's Sky"? I just don't see it. Seems to be just a case of Sky throwing their weight around unnecessarily. What about all the marketing types who use the irritating bullsh*t phrase "blue sky thinking" - how much do they have to pay out every time they use it? Ah yes, nothing - because it can't possibly be confused with a Sky product.

Anyway... yes, I'm still hyped!



Paranoimia commented on Hello Games Settles No Man's Sky Legal Dispute...:

Utterly ridiculous. I thought there was a clause in law where everyday words that are trademarked could not be used in this fashion - i.e. to block unrelated products.

Not sure how Sky got the trademark anyway. According to trademarking rules in the UK, a trademark cannot "be too common and non-distinctive, eg be a simple statement like ‘we lead the way’".

Besides, it's not like they're competing services or even remotely similar products. Just Sky/Murdoch being obnoxious, I guess.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Uncharted 4 for me, since The Game Collection dispatched my copy early and it arrived today. Won't post any spoilers, but I've played for about 4 hours and have only just got to the start of the 'real' story.

It feels so much more...mature... than the previous games, but still stacks of fun. Anyway, gotta get back to it! TTFN!



Paranoimia commented on Alienation Annihilates Evil Alien Aggressors t...:

I was looking forward to this, but the trailer released today makes it look way too much like Dead Nation.

I love Dead Nation, and I know this is the same genre, but I was hoping for something that would set this apart. The post on PlayStation Blog didn't give any details on what would make this a must-buy for owners of DN, so I'm concerned that if I bought this, I'd feel like it was nothing more than a re-skin of a game I already have.



Paranoimia commented on Review: Heavy Rain (PS4):

Unlike the Uncharted Collection, this isn't something I'd buy again on PS4, but I loved it on PS3.

I'm still gutted that we only ever got one of the promised four pieces of DLC, though.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: Would You Upgrade to a Supercha...:

@BAMozzy Yup, I know how it works.

My current system was medium-spec when I bought it. It's now about 8 years old, and I've not been able to play the 'latest' games on it for about half that time. So I got 4 years of PC gaming for around £650.

I used to buy top-spec all the time. I spent over £6000 in a period of 5 years on 3 top-spec gaming PCs, each lasting around 2 years, and still had to upgrade parts of them within that time-frame.

Sure, if you buy an absolute top-spec system now, you'll get longer than that - but you'll also be looking at spending a minimum 10 times the cost of a PS4, for games that are really no different. A "reasonable" graphics card on its own is twice the cost of a PS4, and top-spec cards can top £1500. They might look a little better. They may even run at a higher fps. But the experience of playing the game is no different. And if you want to keep the system high-end, you'll be replacing components within 3 years, guaranteed.

You might be "stuck" at a certain level with a console, but the appeal is that you know that any game you put in it is just going to work. You don't need to mess around with settings, update drivers, mess with config files, worry about compatibility modes, shut down other programs or background tasks, etc.

PC gaming is a money pit. I could afford it, but these days I've got more sense and better things to spend the money on. I'd rather spend £300-£400 every 5-7 years on something that's going to give me the same gaming enjoyment with a lot less of the hassle. I'm really not that bothered by a slightly higher resolution and a few extra frames per second, since neither make the experience any better. I get the same enjoyment out of Battlefield 4 and Project Cars on PS4 as I would on PC, so why waste money I could spend on more games?

Of course, potentially the biggest indicator for the success or failure of this idea - oddly not mentioned in the article - is that Valve have been doing a similar thing for a while now with the Steam Machines, and as far as I'm aware, it hasn't really taken off at all.

"Yet in spite of such restrictions, the Steam Machine is often confusing because of the wide variety of configurations it potentially covers. Falcon Northwest’s Tiki Steam Machine, for instance, was used to show off Unreal Tournament running at a 4K resolution during GDC earlier this year. Meanwhile, the Alienware Alpha struggles to handle the same title at 1080p."


So you potentially have everyone opting for the top-spec version, essentially negating the whole idea and leaving you needing only one version of the system.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: Would You Upgrade to a Supercha...:

@BAMozzy - "Is a High Spec PC capable of playing more games than a medium spec PC"


My PC won't run any recent games, as the graphics card simply doesn't have the memory to handle them, even at the lowest settings.

Anyway, the constant need to upgrade parts, often at significant expense, is the reason I gave up on PC gaming during the PS3 generation. A hardware split will divide the user base far more than something like PS Move.

Console gaming is fine as it is. There's no need to split the hardware. Microsoft's problem is that they settled on an underpowered unit to begin with, now they want to play catch-up mid-generation.



Paranoimia commented on Uncharted 4 Has Been Delayed Again, and We're ...:

Less than 2 weeks. For a global release. I'm fine with that.

My one hope with this delay and the reason for it, is that the multiplayer servers are up to scratch day one. It's not something I'm personally concerned about, as I'll be playing the single player before I even touch multi. But if it has any DriveClub style issues, people will flip.



Paranoimia commented on Rumour: Could Battlefield 5 Whisk You Back to ...:

It could, but it won't.

I played all the early CoD and MoH games, and I've long been sick of the older settings. I bought Sniper Elite 3 when it was cheap, as the Africa setting was at least a change. But I'm not at all interested in going back to that era.

WW1 was mostly trench warfare, so I don't see it making for a particularly fun or entertaining game.

Personally, I'd rather have a new Bad Company game.



Paranoimia commented on Review: Layers of Fear (PS4):

Sounds to me like the Unity team need to get their collective finger out and solve their engine issues on PS4. Or maybe devs should stop using it.



Paranoimia commented on Review: Firewatch (PS4):

I really wanted this. Still do. The review hasn't put me off - just the issues. They're apparently working with Sony and Unity to optimise it. I'll wait for a patch before I buy.