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Paranoimia commented on Hello Games Settles No Man's Sky Legal Dispute...:

Utterly ridiculous. I thought there was a clause in law where everyday words that are trademarked could not be used in this fashion - i.e. to block unrelated products.

Not sure how Sky got the trademark anyway. According to trademarking rules in the UK, a trademark cannot "be too common and non-distinctive, eg be a simple statement like ‘we lead the way’".

Besides, it's not like they're competing services or even remotely similar products. Just Sky/Murdoch being obnoxious, I guess.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Uncharted 4 for me, since The Game Collection dispatched my copy early and it arrived today. Won't post any spoilers, but I've played for about 4 hours and have only just got to the start of the 'real' story.

It feels so much more...mature... than the previous games, but still stacks of fun. Anyway, gotta get back to it! TTFN!



Paranoimia commented on Alienation Annihilates Evil Alien Aggressors t...:

I was looking forward to this, but the trailer released today makes it look way too much like Dead Nation.

I love Dead Nation, and I know this is the same genre, but I was hoping for something that would set this apart. The post on PlayStation Blog didn't give any details on what would make this a must-buy for owners of DN, so I'm concerned that if I bought this, I'd feel like it was nothing more than a re-skin of a game I already have.



Paranoimia commented on Review: Heavy Rain (PS4):

Unlike the Uncharted Collection, this isn't something I'd buy again on PS4, but I loved it on PS3.

I'm still gutted that we only ever got one of the promised four pieces of DLC, though.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: Would You Upgrade to a Supercha...:

@BAMozzy Yup, I know how it works.

My current system was medium-spec when I bought it. It's now about 8 years old, and I've not been able to play the 'latest' games on it for about half that time. So I got 4 years of PC gaming for around £650.

I used to buy top-spec all the time. I spent over £6000 in a period of 5 years on 3 top-spec gaming PCs, each lasting around 2 years, and still had to upgrade parts of them within that time-frame.

Sure, if you buy an absolute top-spec system now, you'll get longer than that - but you'll also be looking at spending a minimum 10 times the cost of a PS4, for games that are really no different. A "reasonable" graphics card on its own is twice the cost of a PS4, and top-spec cards can top £1500. They might look a little better. They may even run at a higher fps. But the experience of playing the game is no different. And if you want to keep the system high-end, you'll be replacing components within 3 years, guaranteed.

You might be "stuck" at a certain level with a console, but the appeal is that you know that any game you put in it is just going to work. You don't need to mess around with settings, update drivers, mess with config files, worry about compatibility modes, shut down other programs or background tasks, etc.

PC gaming is a money pit. I could afford it, but these days I've got more sense and better things to spend the money on. I'd rather spend £300-£400 every 5-7 years on something that's going to give me the same gaming enjoyment with a lot less of the hassle. I'm really not that bothered by a slightly higher resolution and a few extra frames per second, since neither make the experience any better. I get the same enjoyment out of Battlefield 4 and Project Cars on PS4 as I would on PC, so why waste money I could spend on more games?

Of course, potentially the biggest indicator for the success or failure of this idea - oddly not mentioned in the article - is that Valve have been doing a similar thing for a while now with the Steam Machines, and as far as I'm aware, it hasn't really taken off at all.

"Yet in spite of such restrictions, the Steam Machine is often confusing because of the wide variety of configurations it potentially covers. Falcon Northwest’s Tiki Steam Machine, for instance, was used to show off Unreal Tournament running at a 4K resolution during GDC earlier this year. Meanwhile, the Alienware Alpha struggles to handle the same title at 1080p."


So you potentially have everyone opting for the top-spec version, essentially negating the whole idea and leaving you needing only one version of the system.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: Would You Upgrade to a Supercha...:

@BAMozzy - "Is a High Spec PC capable of playing more games than a medium spec PC"


My PC won't run any recent games, as the graphics card simply doesn't have the memory to handle them, even at the lowest settings.

Anyway, the constant need to upgrade parts, often at significant expense, is the reason I gave up on PC gaming during the PS3 generation. A hardware split will divide the user base far more than something like PS Move.

Console gaming is fine as it is. There's no need to split the hardware. Microsoft's problem is that they settled on an underpowered unit to begin with, now they want to play catch-up mid-generation.



Paranoimia commented on Uncharted 4 Has Been Delayed Again, and We're ...:

Less than 2 weeks. For a global release. I'm fine with that.

My one hope with this delay and the reason for it, is that the multiplayer servers are up to scratch day one. It's not something I'm personally concerned about, as I'll be playing the single player before I even touch multi. But if it has any DriveClub style issues, people will flip.



Paranoimia commented on Rumour: Could Battlefield 5 Whisk You Back to ...:

It could, but it won't.

I played all the early CoD and MoH games, and I've long been sick of the older settings. I bought Sniper Elite 3 when it was cheap, as the Africa setting was at least a change. But I'm not at all interested in going back to that era.

WW1 was mostly trench warfare, so I don't see it making for a particularly fun or entertaining game.

Personally, I'd rather have a new Bad Company game.



Paranoimia commented on Review: Layers of Fear (PS4):

Sounds to me like the Unity team need to get their collective finger out and solve their engine issues on PS4. Or maybe devs should stop using it.



Paranoimia commented on Review: Firewatch (PS4):

I really wanted this. Still do. The review hasn't put me off - just the issues. They're apparently working with Sony and Unity to optimise it. I'll wait for a patch before I buy.



Paranoimia commented on The Internet Reckons DOOM's PS4 Box Art Is Bad:

Without meaning to sound rude... who cares?

Other than identifying it on a shop shelf, how long do you spend looking at it? I pull the case out of my game rack, stick the disc in the console, and put the cover down somewhere. It could be all white with 'DOOM' in plain black Comic Sans for all the attention they get after buying. As long as the name is on the front and the spine, I'd be happy.

Though with that said, I'm unlikely to be buying it anyway.



Paranoimia commented on Finally, We Can Compare PS4 and Xbox One Sales:

I readily admit I have no love of Microsoft as a company, and I do take some pleasure in seeing them 'fail' (not that it's really a failure). It's nothing to do with the Xbox, just their history as a company.

That said, I bought an original Xbox at launch, and I did briefly have a 360 late in the day. But I doubt very much that I'll ever get an Xbox One. Why? Well, outside of Forza, their exclusives just don't interest me - and since the multi-platform games are almost without fail better on the PS4, there's no reason - for me personally - to own one.



Paranoimia commented on Review: The Witness (PS4):

I'm interested in this, but I'm not 30 quid interested.

I've got a stack of stuff to get through anyway, but maybe when it drops below a tenner.

Also, a certain other PS site is reporting that the game's wide field of view is giving a lot of gamers motion sickness who don't usually suffer with it. Anyone experiencing that? Apparently patches are being worked on.



Paranoimia commented on Sony Attempts and Fails to Trademark Let's Play:

People getting their knickers in a twist over something they don't understand, as usual.

Even if Sony had succeeded, it wouldn't have prevented anyone using the phrase. If you look into trademarks, there are tons of everyday names and phrases which are trademarked, yet no-one has to cough up when they use them.

I'd now go for "Let's Game".



Paranoimia commented on Sony Attempts and Fails to Trademark Let's Play:

People getting their knickers in a twist over something they don't understand, as usual.

Even if Sony had succeeded, it wouldn't have prevented anyone using the phrase. If you look into trademarks, there are tons of everyday names and phrases which are trademarked, yet no-one has to cough up when they use them.

I'd now go for "Let's Game".



Paranoimia commented on PS4 Owners Have Terribad Music Taste:

Never used Spotify, and if the unknowns in that top 10 are anything to to judge content on, I probably never will.

That PushSquare top 10 though... I could listen to that.



Paranoimia commented on GAME's Share Prices Plunge as UK Retailer Is S...:

"GAME is blaming lower than expected sales of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as slow adoption of new-gen software."

Oh, right. Nothing at all to do with their ridiculous prices, then? Was in there a few weeks back. A new copy of Until Dawn was £55. A used copy was £45.

They've already gone under once for this very reason, and it seems the new owners took nothing on board.

Mind you, they're not alone. I used to buy from a lot, but their prices are nowhere near as good these days. It's a similar story with ShopTo. Currently, my first choices are Amazon or TheGameCollection, both of which offer some of the best prices around.



Paranoimia commented on PS4 Exclusive DriveClub's Ready to Paint the T...:

I was late buying DC by a few months, but it's been great. I got the game for under £20 and the Season Pass for the same, so it's been exceptional value as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not generally a fan of Season Passes, but I will happily buy a second one for this. They've hit the right balance, in my opinion, between free and paid stuff in the DLC area. Contrast this to Project Cars, which has had no Season Pass and some - again, in my opinion - quite over-priced DLC, and it's no wonder I reach for DC ahead of PCars when I feel like a race.



Paranoimia commented on PS4 Can Leverage the Power of the Cloud, Says ...:

"But it's a stark change of attitude from the start of the generation when the "power of the cloud" was being flaunted around as a major differentiator for the Xbox One."

And I think we've seen in the time between then and now that it has made next to no difference whatsoever.



Paranoimia commented on Attackers Threaten to Take PSN Offline Again T...:

"While the group claims that it's targeting the gaming giants as a means of exposing security flaws, our understanding is that DDoS attacks are incredibly difficult to defend against."

Exactly. A DDoS has nothing at all to do with security, it's entirely a bandwidth issue, and no matter how bandwidth you have, it's always finite. With enough rented (or possibly hacked) PCs firing traffic, any network can be taken offline. Networks bigger, more important, and more secure than Sony's and Microsoft's have been downed in this fashion. NASA, the FBI, several banks... all have suffered this kind of attack and been brought down.

As has been said, this isn't "hacking", so I do wish sites would stop attributing that much credit to these... people.

Just remember people - and spread the word far and wide: If this does actually happen, remember that directing your anger at Sony or Microsoft is a complete waste of time, as it's pretty much beyond their control. Save your anger for the cretins carrying out the attack, and if you have any information as to who it is, drop them in it with the authorities.

As with last year, I doubt it's a "squad" at all. Most likely it's 2 or 3 spoilt, socially inept losers who have been told they have to go to Aunty Jemima's on Christmas Day with mummy and daddy, and since they can't sit around playing games all day, they're going to try and make damn sure the rest of us can't either.



Paranoimia commented on November 2015 NPD: PS4 Smashes Xbox One in Imp...:

"Rise of the Tomb Raider, the timed Xbox One exclusive, failed to breach the charts – in fact, rumours suggest that it didn't come close"

So they got their "uncharted" game after all!


Thank you, I'm here all week.



Paranoimia commented on Soapbox: Why the PS4's Share Button Is the Gre...:

I'm not a particularly social gamer, but I use the Share button quite a bit for screenshots and videos I put on Flickr/YouTube and subsequently on my website.

I can understand that some people just aren't interested; what's harder to understand is some of the apparent actual hate I've seen towards it. If you've no use for it, just don't use it. I've got several gadgets/appliances which have features I don't need or use, but I'm not on forums and social media day after day whining about it. I guess it's just an indicator of how immature/entitled some "gamers" are.



Paranoimia commented on EU PlayStation Store Launches Buy One PS4 Game...:

@hi_drnick Not sure if that's serious or sarcastic.

Standard UK RRP is about £55, which equates to about $83... not that great compared to your $60 price.

I was interested in this until I saw the prices. Some of the games have had a massive increase in price for this "offer". I've seen that one of the Lego games was previously less than £10, and now it's £44.99?

I was interested in Until Dawn and Zombie Army Trilogy. Until Dawn is £19.99 on Amazon. Zombie Army Trilogy is £22.99. I know the prices for the most part aren't set by Sony, but they and the publishers concerned have surely got to realise that this is becoming a bit of a running joke now. It's not doing any of them any favours.



Paranoimia commented on Talking Point: Did PlayStation Experience 2015...:

@get2sammyb Nope, not a single thing. Certainly nothing jumped out at me, anyway. I'd be hard pressed to even tell you the names of more than a couple.

I've got a bit of a backlog to clear at the moment. I still need to platinum Uncharted 2 and 3 from the Collection, I've got more to do on Driveclub, then I need to get back to Dying Light and Watch_Dogs (both picked up late), and I've picked up Just Cause 3.

I still need to pick up Until Dawn, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, and SOMA. The stuff currently on my list for next year (or whenever): The Division (if they don't screw it up), No Man's Sky, Detroit, Rime, The Witness, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, and WILD.

So there's still more than enough to keep me busy. Just disappointed that there was nothing stellar announced at their own show.



Paranoimia commented on PSX 2015: Shawn Layden Trolled Us All with Cra...:

Well, that was a complete waste of 100 minutes. Started out at the top with some Uncharted 4, and then... oh dear, downhill all the way.

Glad there are already some games announced for the coming year that I want, because there was nothing at all in there that I'm interested in.



Paranoimia commented on Review: Just Cause 3 (PS4):

This review is pretty much spot on as far as I'm concerned. It's massive amounts of fun, I haven't encountered any frame-rate issues yet, but the load times... that's the only real fun killer.

The thing with the loading is, it's so inconsistent. I played for a good five hours straight on Monday, and the load times after cutscenes and when going from free roam to challenges, varied from a few seconds to minutes. Very intrusive. Even restarting the same challenge could take 20 seconds or much, much longer. Hopefully this indicates it's purely software related and can be fixed in a patch.

Seems they're looking into the issues though...



Paranoimia commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

@kyleforrester87 I know how it works. I'm not saying that's what they have to do, it's just an example.

I'd just like them to offer some variety. Every month lately it's "retro" themed crap (granted, purely my opinion) on PS4/Vita, and I'm just not interested in it, even for free, so I'm getting very little value from it at the moment. I'd rather have the option of waiving my freebies and discounts on games I'm not interested in, in exchange for, say a couple of movie rentals. At least then I'd feel I was getting something for the money.



Paranoimia commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

While you can put a monetary value on it, the value is entirely subjective. I have PS4, PS3, PSVita and PSP, and I've actually taken very little from Plus this year - most of the stuff is just of no interest to me, and what would have been, I've already bought. I'm the kind of person who, if it doesn't interest me, won't touch it even for free.

I'd much rather they changed it so that your choice is not limited to pre-selected games, but that you get X amount of credit to put towards whatever you want from the store. Maybe throw in the option of renting a couple of movies each month, something like that.



Paranoimia commented on Now Sony's Asking Which PS2 Games You Want on PS4:

I don't mind quality remasters of the very best, such as TLOU and the Nathan Drake Collection, but really don't care about the rest. There's already a deluge of "retro style" cack on PS4 and Vita, and I bought my PS4 to play new PS4 games, not retro stuff and the PS2 back catalogue.