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Paranoimia commented on Get a Better Look at Nathan Drake's Face in Un...:

Am I the only person to think that this doesn't actually look like Drake?

I know he's supposedly older, and it's an off-screen shot, etc. But something just looks... off. Almost like an celebrity impersonator who looks a lot like the actual celeb, but clearly isn't.



Paranoimia commented on Sony Drives Down the Price of DriveClub's Full...:

@N711 Sadly, whining comments never surprise me any more. It seems to be almost a requirement for membership to the PlayStation club these days.

Personally, I'm looking forward to this, and hoping that I get on with the driving model. If I do, I'll be buying the full game and the season pass.



Paranoimia commented on What Happens When a War Photographer Plays The...:

I'm 43. I've been gaming since I was 7, including - as you'd expect - many violent 'adult' games. Has it desensitised me? Well, let's see...

If a character has repeatedly killed me in a game, I take great pleasure in finally overcoming them. I have even yelled expletives at my TV and reloaded my virtual weapon specifically to empty an entire clip into their fallen body.

I have sat there with a big, stupid grin on my face as Joel repeatedly smacks someone with scissored iron pipe or wooden plank in TLOU, even wishing that I could keep hitting them after they're dead.

And in the real world, I've often felt that there are some people - kiddie fiddlers, people who beat/rape old ladies, people who harm animals, etc. - who I could happily put down with little or no remorse.

But when I see certain things on the news, such as earthquake victims, plane/boat disasters, people jumping from the burning towers on 9/11 etc., I can sit there with tears in my eyes.

So no, I don't agree that games desensitise. It's not all about what you see, it's about what you know. Unless you have some mental defect, you know that one is real and one is not, and that is what makes the emotional difference.



Paranoimia commented on PS4's Hardware Is No Longer 'Top of the Line',...:

It wasn't top of the line to begin with. No console ever is. It's just highly optimised. If you build a PC to the same spec as a PS4, you won't get the same performance out of it.

That said, nothing electronic is ever 'top of the line' more than a month after it's released. That iPhone 6 they announced last week? Already out of date. (Though to be fair, that's a bad example... it was already 2 years out of date when they announced it, but you get the idea.)



Paranoimia commented on Guide: How to Turn Off PS4 Party Notifications...:

@rastamadeus Depends on your point of view I guess. I'd rather they kept system resources for games, rather than trivial convenience features.

Simply being notified that someone is online is - to me - pointless anyway. Whenever I get a notification on PS3 or Vita, when I look, they're playing something else - so simply telling me that they're online is a pointless distraction. If they want to play something with me, they can send me a message, which I will be notified of. At least then it's not a pointless distraction.

I don't think it's a rushed OS at all. The PS3 was marketed as an all-in-one media device, and much of the early criticism was that it tried to do too much and should have focused on games. The PS4 is marketed as a pure games machine, and now people are criticising that it doesn't do all the other stuff. Whatever PS4 does or doesn't do, people are going to moan about something.

As far as I'm concerned, it has exactly what is necessary to enable great games, which is why I bought it. Anything else is a bonus, not a necessity.



Paranoimia commented on You'll Be Getting Tons of Free DLC with PS4 Ex...:

The game is free with PS+, complete with Platinum trophy, with no extra expense whatsoever.

They're giving you a ton of free stuff over several months.

And still people complain about an entirely optional Season Pass.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a fan of season passes either. I haven't bought them for The Last Of Us (which I love) or Battlefield 4 (which I only play occasionally). But I have no problem with what Evolution are doing here. I think some people are just becoming allergic to paying for anything, ever... at all.

And if I'm honest, to me this is looking better than Project Cars anyway.



Paranoimia commented on Guide: How to Turn Off PS4 Party Notifications...:

@rastamadeus I can't say for sure since I don't know how they've got it working, but potentially, yes, it could be difficult.

A list of 2 thousand names, together with regular checking for online/offline status, may take up enough system resources to impact other things. While it may seem like a simple thing to implement, it may well not be.

I've never done anything as complex as creating a videogame, but I was a programmer for 12 years, and I know from experience that changing even the smallest thing is often never as straightforward as it seems.

Changing something deeply embedded in the operating system will require not only a firmware update, but probably changes to the entire back end of the PSN infrastructure as well, and any mistake could be catastrophic. They may well be working on it, but taking their time.

Of course, it could be incredibly simple too. But since none of us work for Sony on creating firmware or maintaining PSN, we don't know. So in the meantime, is it really that hard for us to send a quick message saying "I'm online", which we know they'll get notified of? Or send a text? Or pre-arrange a time via email?



Paranoimia commented on Approximately How Long Does Destiny's Story Ta...:

@Munkyknuts It's not that there's anything particularly wrong with a 10 hour campaign. It's about standard these days. It's just that, as I suspected, the publicity has been misleading. All the talk from Bungie about it being the biggest game they've ever created was just nonsense. It's turned out to be a standard FPS with random filler missions and a lot of nonsense 'dress up'. Basically, keep playing A, B, and C until you've powered up enough to take on D. I got sick of that about halfway through Borderlands 2.



Paranoimia commented on Approximately How Long Does Destiny's Story Ta...:

I enjoyed the alpha and beta, but decided to hold off buying. Glad I did.

I'm not the sort to go after random filler side missions, and I've never been interested in earning extra clothing etc. for characters. Plus I'd most likely barely touch the multilayer, so at best I'll wait for a price drop, if I bother at all.

I suspected it was being pushed as a huge, epic game, but would only achieve that via lots of paid DLC add-ons, and it sounds like I was right.



Paranoimia commented on Don't Believe Day One Destiny Reviews, Suggest...:

Enjoyed the alpha and the beta, but still waiting for reviews before I buy, to find out just how much more there is to the game. I have a sneaking suspicion is not going to be a game of the epic scale many are expecting, and that we may have to buy a raft of DLC before we get the game we were promised. The review embargo has also made me dubious, as such things are rarely a good sign.

I'm also one of those who never rated Halo, so Bungie aren't a dev whose games I will buy blindly.



Paranoimia commented on Destiny Becomes Legend with 1.02 PS4 Patch Ahe...:

I just wish they'd modify the PS4 so that it checks for updates when you put a disc in the drive, and not after you start the game.

I know recently used stuff updates automatically, but if you play a game you haven't touched for a while, it's frustrating to have it tell you it's updating after you start, and then have to quit and restart.



Paranoimia commented on PS4 Potter Pure Pool Sinks a Sizeable Patch:

Irritating that the second local player doesn't use the ID of whoever is signed in on the second controller, though. I asked them on Twitter if they could add this and allow that person to earn their own trophies, and they said they'd consider it for a future update.

This kind of thing really should be in games by default now, though.



Paranoimia commented on Yay, PSN's Delayed Scheduled Maintenance Retur...:

Don't see that they've got much choice, to be honest.

It probably needs doing prior to firmware 2.0, they couldn't do it the other day due to the attack, and they'll want to get it done before Destiny hits.

Besides, if it doesn't affect online play, what does it matter? Okay, you need to sign in beforehand, but that's not much of a hardship is it? If you're the sort of person who's online enough to moan about this, you'll be signing in regularly anyway. And how often do you need to access Account Management or the store?

Mountains and molehills, etc.



Paranoimia commented on Review: CounterSpy (PlayStation 4):

I agree with @KomrathDE - I've been really enjoying this on both Vita and PS4, and have had no issues with any of the gameplay. I decided to play one quick game on the day I bought it, on my Vita in bed. Next thing I knew, the battery was dead and it was gone 4:30 in the morning.

Also, for those of you who go nuts for trophies, the PS4 ones appear to be separate from the PS3 and Vita versions, so while they are the same, there are two sets to be earned. Not sure why that is. I bought MouseCraft the other week and that had one set of trophies across all three platforms, but these are popping separately. The trophy lists also appear separately on PSN, one for PS3/Vita, another for PS4.



Paranoimia commented on Sony Executive's Flight Rerouted Following All...:

Well, if it's the same people, you can guarantee one thing... when they catch up with them, they'll get the book thrown at them. Bringing down a corporate network is one thing - bomb threats against aircraft are a whole other level.



Paranoimia commented on Is PSN Offline? Yes, and the Scheduled Mainten...:

The irony of a hacking group saying that Sony should have protection against DDoS attacks while performing a DDoS attack. If tools like these would FOAD, there'd be no need.

They can give all the excuses they want - the only reason for things like this is that some sad little gobshites want their 15 minutes of 'fame'.



Paranoimia commented on Store Update: 20th August 2014 (Europe):

CounterSpy is brilliant. Thought I'd play a quick game on my Vita last night when I went to bed... next thing I know, the battery died and it was 4:38am.

And yes, it is cross-buy. Plus, you can transfer your progress across platforms.



Paranoimia commented on Why Won't Sony Allow You to Subscribe to EA Ac...:

I actually agree with them on this, and I'm surprised more don't - especially when you consider how much fuss many people kicked up about PS+ being required for PS4 online play.

As Yoshida says, if one does it and it's successful, more will take it up, and before you know it, you have a PS+ sub at £40 a year, an EA Access sub at £30 a year, an Activision sub at £30 a year, a Ubi sub at £30 a year, and so on.

They'll get to a point where the sub is required to play their games. Think it won't? You already have to sign in to an Origin or UPlay account now. Then, depending on the scope of games you like to play, you will possibly be paying out the cost of a new console every year in subscription fees, and that's without the price of the actual games themselves.

This strikes me as just a first step in EA & co's solution to "no more online passes", and effectively bringing in Microsoft's hated XBone DRM policies by the back door, in a more subtle manner. You'll be required to be online to sign in and play these games.

As I've said before, this is a similar situation to the televising of the Premier League. Football on TV went from free to requiring a subscription with Sky, but then others wanted a slice of the pie, and for the last several years you've needed two subscriptions. Subscriptions which currently cost more per year than some Premiership season tickets. In future, as the greed increases, you may need three, maybe more.

This is potentially the start of a very slippery slope, and any 'console allegiances' aside, I'm glad Sony have made at least some effort to nip it in the bud early on. Though only time will tell if their decision is effective.

And before anyone trots out the old line about "well, I can afford it" - wind your neck in. So can I. It's not about being able to afford it, it's about being taken for fools - and if you're genuinely okay with this situation, that's exactly what you are.



Paranoimia commented on Is Horror Sequel Silent Hills a PS4 Exclusive?:

@Gamer83 I'm not claiming it's true, but Sony have apparently not paid for outright exclusives for quite some time... at least from the PS3 days.

It's a subject that's come up recently, of course...

...but was also mentioned back in 2007 by Uncle Jack:

It may have happened with the PS1 and PS2, but to be honest, I can't really remember. I know there were lots of third-party exclusives, but they weren't necessarily bought. The PS1 and PS2 were so dominant in their respective generations that developers/publishers may have been perfectly happy to make exclusive games of their own free will, as the revenue from other platforms may have been comparatively insignificant.



Paranoimia commented on Gamescom 2014: Sorry, PS4 Firmware Update 2.00...:

@MoleZandor From what I've read, your progress will be saved locally, allowing you to carry on where you left off if you ever buy the game.

@N711 How are they liars? They told you you would be able to do this, and they will deliver as promised. They did not say it would be unrestricted, and anyone who put a bit of thought into this will have realised that there would be some limits.



Paranoimia commented on Gamescom 2014: Sorry, PS4 Firmware Update 2.00...:

@MadchesterManc Oh, they are. One guy on G+ has said he feels Sony have pulled a 'bait and switch', which is utterly ridiculous.

As I said in my reply to him, some people just had unrealistic expectations.

Of course you were never going to be able to play through a whole game owned by someone else - that would just be madness. They want to sell more copies of games, not less.

You can use this to help someone who's stuck on part of a game, or you can use it to try playing a game you're not sure about buying - both of which are great.

Seems to me the only people disappointed by this limitation are those whose eyes lit up with the thought of yet more "free games". If you want to play the whole game, borrow the disc when your friend has finished with it, or do something really original, like... y'know... buy it.



Paranoimia commented on Gamescom 2014: PS4 Sequel Dead Island 2 Enjoys...:

@adf86 Agreed, Spec Ops was greatly under-rated.

The only problem with it was a lack of replayability. The multiplayer was an afterthought, but that didn't really bother me as I'm not keen on that side of gaming anyway; at least it didn't have a stack of multiplayer trophies to prevent you getting the Platinum. Not that that made it an easy one to get, as the single-player was really tough on FUBAR difficulty.



Paranoimia commented on Gamescom 2014: Pre-Order Call of Duty: Advance...:

So... are huge jumps the new "only 2 guns at a time"?

Titanfall, Destiny, now this.

I like FPS, but fugg me, they do like to imitate. I'm just waiting on "Battlefield 5 - Kangaroo Krack Kommandos" where your soldiers will run around on Poweriser kangaroo stilts, doing forward flips with an LMG to take out a tank and a helicopter at the same time. :-/



Paranoimia commented on You Won't Be Able to Transfer Your Destiny Bet...:

1. Why would they carry over?
2. When have they ever carried over?

I was in the SCEE Beta Tester programme for a few years, and not one game ever carried anything over from the beta to the actual release. A few gave you a small reward in the final game (Uncharted 2 gave some decals for multiplayer, for example), but nothing really meaningful - certainly nothing that gave you any day-one advantage over new players. At least, nothing that I remember.