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Thu 16th September, 2010

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Paranoimia commented on Don't Get Your Hopes Up for an Uncharted Game ...:

There was speculation that U4 might be the last. These comments throw that into doubt.

Either it's the last, and Drake is the thief who meets his end, or he doesn't and there will be more Uncharted games.

Mind you, I have suspected for a while that the thief who meets his end may well be Drake's brother. Or Sully. Oh I hope it's not Sully. I still remember... oops, better not... spoilers for those yet to play it.



Paranoimia commented on Feature: 7 Improvements That Make Uncharted: T...:

Got them all on PS3, played them many, many times... still got this pre-ordered! These are my gaming equivalent of Star Wars... I will buy them over and over on multiple formats.

Never had any problems with aiming in any Uncharted game... I guess I'm just better than the rest of you!



Paranoimia commented on Here's Why Uncharted: Golden Abyss Isn't in Un...:

I thoroughly enjoyed Golden Abyss, except for the tedium of the random card drops which you needed for the Platinum... that took me weeks after doing everything else.

I'm not sure how well it would have scaled graphically, though... as great as it looks on the Vita, it probably would have taken a heck of a lot of work upgrading the models and textures for 1080p.



Paranoimia commented on First Impressions: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake...:

Got this on pre-order despite still having them on PS3 and having played them numerous times each.

Couldn't care less about the lack of multi-player, as I only ever played that part to get the trophies, then forgot about it. These games are ALL about the single-player adventure. I'd much rather they forget about multi-player for U4 and concentrate on an extended single-player story.



Paranoimia commented on Sony Unlikes Facebook on PS3, Vita, and PlaySt...:

Seems odd to me. I find the Vita FB app is quicker and easier to use than the Android app on my phone.

Still, I guess they have traffic reports and metrics which tell them that it's not being used, and that's why they're giving it up.

Just out of curiosity, is the FB app on Vita actually made by Sony, or by FB themselves?



Paranoimia commented on UK Sales Charts: Tearaway Unfolded Flops Like ...:

I got the Vita game cheap when it was on offer on the store. I found it quite charming, but the novelty wore off quite quickly and I haven't touched it in several months now... hence I was never interested in the PS4 game.



Paranoimia commented on Round Up: PES 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer PS4 R...:

I'm with @themcnoisy - though I haven't bought a footy game for a few years now, and although I was a Pro Evo fan, I'd only buy FIFA these days.

I play every Thursday with a mate, using his copy. It plays well enough, and the official licenses just make it so much more authentic. Sure, you can get option files for PES for kits and text names, but you still have the generic stadiums, and all the other issues which arise from a lack of licenses.



Paranoimia commented on Terrify Yourself and Win a Copy of Unfriended ...:

@Picola I'm not saying one's better than the other - just that I haven't found the PA films scary.

I find that with "horror" films in general these days, though. A decent horror game usually has more of an impact because of the interaction. Can't remember the last time I was truly, genuinely scared by a film... probably when I first saw Aliens, and I was a lot younger then.



Paranoimia commented on Journey's Getting a PS4 Collector's Edition Ne...:

When this was announced for PS3, I had no interest.

Back then, I was a SCEE beta tester, played the beta, liked it, and so bought the game when it was released.

I don't know what I was expecting, but the final game wasn't it. For me, a significantly over-rated title.



Paranoimia commented on PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Gearing Up for a Big Year:

Glad to hear there will be new tracks. Hopefully completely new ones in new locations... I'd like some city circuits.

Love the game, but desperate for new content... I've got every trophy, every star, in every event of every DLC.



Paranoimia commented on It Doesn't Matter That EA Access Isn't on PS4,...:

I think Sony did the right thing. I don't want gaming going the same way as TV football coverage... paying separate subs for Sky, then BT Sport, and maybe others as they come along. I got sick of it, so dropped them all.

I don't think Sony are "running scared", I think they're just doing the consumer-friendly thing and trying to nip it in the bud before it takes hold. Sure, EA Access may be good value for those who enjoy their games, but as you say, what happens if all the others start doing it? Then it becomes very consumer-unfriendly... sub to EA, sub to Ubi, sub to Activision... and all while having to pay a PS+ sub as well. Then it stops being viable.

Much better, much more consumer-friendly, surely, to have one central subscription for anything like this?

That being said, PS+ does need to start upping its game on PS4 now. Approaching 2 years after launch, there's a decent back catalogue of games now... it's time to start offering some bigger titles, at least one every other month.



Paranoimia commented on EA Doesn't Think You'd Play a Star Wars Battle...:

I would, and hence I won't be buying it. Not interested in yet another run-round-like-a-headless-chicken-shooting-everything-that-moves online FPS game - even if it is set in the Star Wars universe.

Still, since no single-player means it's half the game Battlefield is, will it be half the price? No, thought not.



Paranoimia commented on How Long Is Everybody's Gone to the Rapture on...:

I think they've overdone the price a bit. Sub-£10 and I'd have bought instantly.

Is there anything in it which makes it replayable? I enjoyed Ethan Carter, but the short gameplay and lack of replayability did make me wish I'd waited for a price drop or sale.



Paranoimia commented on Review: Submerged (PS4):

Along with the stuff mentioned in the review, it's the pop-up that puts me off. Lots of it in that short trailer alone. No real excuse for that on the new system.

I'm sure this will hit PS+ eventually... maybe then.



Paranoimia commented on Microsoft: Sony's Buying Lots of Third-Party E...:

Sony have said in the past that they don't pay for exclusives.

Maybe that's changed with this new gen, and with the money they're getting from sales and PS+, maybe that's enabled them to start buying stuff.

Either way, to make such a comment when your company has been doing exactly the same thing since they entered the market smacks of sour grapes that the competition has suddenly decided to match you.

But then, historically, Microsoft never have liked a level playing field.



Paranoimia commented on Reaction: Did Xbox Make Its Gamescom 2015 Pres...:

Didn't watch it, and doesn't sound like I missed anything. For me personally, there's still no reason to buy a One. The 3rd-party games are always better on PS4, and they've never really had any exclusives that I've felt I absolutely must play.



Paranoimia commented on Here's Everything You Need to Know About No Ma...:

Can't wait for this... really want a release date.

Glad it's not a traditional MMO game... looking forward to exploring the universe without being dragged into combat every few minutes; you just know there would be groups of idiots who we simply intent on spoiling other people's games. Also don't care about Morpheus functionality as I'm not interested in it.

For me, this should be everything Elite was in my head all those years ago on the C64. The ability to land and properly explore every planet also puts it ahead of Elite Dangerous... for me, anyway.



Paranoimia commented on Sounds Like PS4 Exclusive DriveClub's Getting ...:

Still playing. Music makes no difference to me... in a racing game, I ALWAYS turn the music off if possible.

I'd like to see some new tracks though. Some city/street circuits would be nice. But I guess that's a bit too much work to add this late in the day.



Paranoimia commented on Feature: 10 PS4 Games We Want to Learn More Ab...:

From that list, only Horizon really interests me.

I also really want a launch window (if not a hard date) for No Man's Sky.

Others include Wild, The Witness, Rime, Alienation, and a few others we haven't heard of since E3 2014.



Paranoimia commented on PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Passes Two Million Sal...:

I didn't get it at launch, but picked it up quite cheap (under £20) a few months later. Love it to bits - for me, just the right difficulty... some tough challenges, but nothing that perseverance and practice can't overcome.



Paranoimia commented on Guide: Getting the Most Out of DriveClub: PS P...:

After the Platinum, I have now gained every star for every event, including all currently released DLC. Quite happy about that.

Those saying it doesn't look that good graphically... sorry, no disrespect intended, but you need either your eyes, your TV, or your PS4 tested. Whatever you may think about the style of game or the handling model, it looks absolutely gorgeous.



Paranoimia commented on Guide: Getting the Most Out of DriveClub: PS P...:

I managed to get it months ago, cheap from Amazon - so I bought the Season Pass as well.

I've been loving it, and also managed to squeeze into the PushSquare club, which I've contributed a hefty amount of Fame to. I earned the Platinum today - a nice coincidence with its PS+ release.



Paranoimia commented on Gran Turismo 7 to Park Up on PS4 Prior to 2017:

I've always been a massive GT fan, but I didn't bother with 6, and unless they inject something new and meaningful, I won't bother with the next either.

Visually, GT has always been king, but on the new hardware it's got tough competition. DriveClub, though not a sim, is absolutely stunning - it's hard to imagine it being bettered. Handling in GT is similarly perfect, as several actual race drivers have said over the years.

The structure of GT needs to change, though. I'm not bothered about customisation that much, but more of the same is not really an option. It's too 'sterile'. AI needs huge improvements, sounds need improving, and while it hasn't been an issue for me in the past, I'd have to say now that some form of damage needs to be implemented (even if only cosmetic), otherwise it has no business calling itself "the real driving simulator". There can be no excuses about difficult hardware or hardware limitations any more.