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Mon 4th Oct 2010

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KAPADO commented on Review: EVE: Valkyrie (PS4):

Played the demo but it was over way too quickly.
I need to see some more reviews on this. What I sleeker i liked.
Im gonna start by reading this review first. Lol



KAPADO commented on Review: Headmaster (PS4):

@dirtytoneuk YAS. I played the demo and purchased the game right after. Quickest purchase is my life. Did you get tricked into saying "Yes" to the contract?



KAPADO commented on Review: Rez Infinite (PS4):

Am i doing it wrong or are you realy supposed to be bumping your head to the music as you aim & play?
I'll end up with super neck muscles if I buy the full title.



KAPADO commented on Poll: What Are Your Thoughts on PlayStation VR...:

I only tried out a handfull of demos after I set it up last night. But Thumper and Battlezone so far has been the standout experiences. Dissapointment in DRIVEClubVR. I hope its just the demo that looms subpar. I love VR but so far it seems like a Generation too soon.,but its in its infancy. Excited for the future.



KAPADO commented on Review: DriveClub VR (PS4):

My PSVR arrives tomorrow after work. Are you trying to rain on my parade?
I'm super excited for it and this although a 7 out of 10 review is making me dread my $425 investment.
Bugger that, I believe this is nothing but jaded gamer/reviewer syndrome,and that I'll love it. Least I hope to god that's the reason.



KAPADO commented on PS4 Exclusive Gravity Rush 2 Tumbles into 2017:

It's not even fun to write Delaystation4 more like the PushbackDreamcast.
The Dreamcast was an awesome name now that i think of it. Too bad the PS4 gave them a rude awakening . Budoom Teeeiiish



KAPADO commented on Review: PES 2017: Pro Evolution Soccer (PS4):

Will only get this when the PS4PRO debuts. I'm enjoying PES2016 still took me almost a while year to learn how much fun the AFC tournament was and the different styles of tournament play & presentations throughout these new uncharted worlds. Can't wait for 2017