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Mon 4th October, 2010

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KAPADO commented on Loadout Is Your Latest Free PS4 Download:

This is kind of fun. All my complaints are irrelevant when I consider the fact I paid zero money for this title.I might as well invest in a loadout slot and clothes to make my guy unique



KAPADO commented on Street Fighter V Punches Its Way onto PS4, PC ...:

Really PS4 console exclusive?
As a fanboy I see that sony saw that tomb raider mive and answered as a gamer this is sad unless its a permanent exclusive which I don't buy, has to be 6 months to a year.
But the fsnboy in me loves it. Keep it coming capcom



KAPADO commented on Review: Driver (PSone):

Dude the hours me and my 3 brothers put into this game were insane. We would get in the car and harrass the police and see who survived the longest.
When you died you'd just pass the controller.
To this day its the only game all 4 of us loved and played together.



KAPADO commented on Review: Grand Theft Auto V (PlayStation 4):

I just love killing innocent people inv the streets so that my girlfriend just loses her mind.
"Who created this game?its so wrong"
Both playing the game and horrifying her are fun to.



KAPADO commented on PS4 Shooter Evolve's DLC Maps Won't Cost You a...:

@get2sammyb Killzone is a series that deserves a larger playerbase. What they have done with post release dlc is just amazing.
Yet somehow I don't play it as much, It's Guerrilla's limited weapons selection and need of better maps design , gameplay modes that hinder its success.