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Mon 4th October, 2010

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KAPADO commented on UK Sales Charts: The Evil Within Can't Shoo FI...:

I was forced to get Fifa15 because the knuckleheads over at Konami don't understand business & consumer demand.
Why are they waiting to release ProEvo2015 in November?
Giving EA almost a 2 month head start? Stupid



KAPADO commented on Guide: How to Take off Your Training Wheels in...:

I dont even blame Evolution for not releasing the ps+ version yet.
Some of us sre just waiting to play so we can hate it.
So why shoot themselves in the foot*even more*?
Release it when its done.
Im going to go in with a new mind.
These past weeks have been enough to let my rsge out.



KAPADO commented on DriveClub's Servers Appear to Be Still Smoking...:

Where wpuld my mind wander to?
There are no other"real" racing games on ps4 right now.
I'm just stuck waiting,but my anger has decreased and I spend the money on fifa15.
Evolution will get my money when they drop the price...unless the psn free version proved tp be awesome.



KAPADO commented on DisasterClub? Sony Delays DriveClub: PS Plus E...:

I am done. I'm downloading the ps+ version and try it, but I won't buy this game. I've been very patient with this game, hung In there I let it abuse me...but now I'm just done.
Sony likes sending games to die for some reason.



KAPADO commented on Talking Point: Has Watch Dogs Hacked Your PS4'...:

My cousin got this today and Is constantly asking me took buy it.
But I hold grudges I want the game I was shown lady e3 thst guy walking down the street with the windowing everything. I almost got Assassin's Creed-ed again.Ubisoft , EA and Sony keep doing this. Motorstorm reveal anyone.



KAPADO commented on Could You Be Getting Two Free PS4 Titles Next ...:

@dudeware its beyond me how someone Can play Killzone shadow fall and call it a bad game.

But I must say guerilla itself is keeping this game from reaching its true potential with its Stubborn archaic thinking.Just add an XP progretion system and more weapons.