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Mon 4th October, 2010

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KAPADO commented on PS4 Shooter Evolve's DLC Maps Won't Cost You a...:

@get2sammyb Killzone is a series that deserves a larger playerbase. What they have done with post release dlc is just amazing.
Yet somehow I don't play it as much, It's Guerrilla's limited weapons selection and need of better maps design , gameplay modes that hinder its success.



KAPADO commented on Feature: What's the Status of DriveClub on PS4...:

I think the shop will only sail for this game is another racer gets released before it gets fixed.
The demand for a real high end racer should be big on ps4. But timer is running out, and extensive damage had been done to the brand and studio.



KAPADO commented on PSN Down as Sony's Servers Feel PS4 Firmware U...:

I'm heading home from work right now.
I better have no issues.
Our else why am I paying for PS+ anyway?
Its not an universal service that works with every game.
Our else we wouldn't be having so many launch issues.
I won't be switching to xbox anytime soon but this is annoying.



KAPADO commented on These Are the Things You'll Be Able to Do in G...:

I purchased this for my younger brother on ps3.
I skipped it knowing it would come for ps4 at some time. But 5 minutes of messing around with it on ps3 a few months back left me amazed by how good this looks on the last gen hardware.
I might take the plunge on ps4.



KAPADO commented on What's the Latest on PS4 Racer DriveClub's Onl...:

Im less than a week away from losing all interest in this game. Its a shame and an insult to gamers. Our industry needs to annouce games this early into development. Do It like movie industry, annouce it like 7 months prior to release. Although even the film industry is doing this "coming in 2017" crap now.
But they usually keep to their release date.