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Mon 4th October, 2010

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KAPADO commented on Review: Game of Thrones: Episode 3 - The Sword...:

@get2sammyb No you should not play it if you plan on getting into game thrones, it would spoil major events. My ser @gbanas92 seems to be a little too friendly with his cups of mead today my lord.
Purple wedding, the red wedding, the wardens of the north,the hatchelings,a major spoilers in season 1 ,2 &3. So just rent the first 3 seasons and binge watch. You'll thank us later. Best show on television



KAPADO commented on Review: RIDE (PlayStation 4):

I played this demo and immediately filed a police complaint. It was an assault on my goodwill "and I will show you on the doll where the bad game hurt me, officer.



KAPADO commented on Site News: Fill in Our Reader Survey and We'll...:

Was doing it on the ps4 browser 2nd page almost done, had to go into my digital games library to count the games I purchased that way came back and the sirvey had reset . So im done ,not going through it again.