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Mon 4th October, 2010

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KAPADO commented on Talking Point: Has Watch Dogs Hacked Your PS4'...:

My cousin got this today and Is constantly asking me took buy it.
But I hold grudges I want the game I was shown lady e3 thst guy walking down the street with the windowing everything. I almost got Assassin's Creed-ed again.Ubisoft , EA and Sony keep doing this. Motorstorm reveal anyone.



KAPADO commented on Could You Be Getting Two Free PS4 Titles Next ...:

@dudeware its beyond me how someone Can play Killzone shadow fall and call it a bad game.

But I must say guerilla itself is keeping this game from reaching its true potential with its Stubborn archaic thinking.Just add an XP progretion system and more weapons.



KAPADO commented on Ubisoft Hangs Up Dev Duties as Watch Dogs Goes...:

@Sanquine the situation is not even in the same ballpark. The PS4 is absolutely worth having. But don't get it yet if you don't absolutely have to. I got it at launch but the real next gen experiences are on the horizon. What we got up to now, have been just sweet samples of the future.



KAPADO commented on Feature: In Theory, Could Titanfall Drop a Bot...:

I really dont care about it. But I will buy it just like I bought the first Virtua Fighter for ps3, after the PS2 killed Sega's hardware business. Its like a trophy to remind me of their failed rebellion against the church of Sony.
Tis joyful to be a fanboy, when things go in your favor.