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Mon 4th October, 2010

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KAPADO commented on Talking Point: Are We Starting to Expect Too M...:

We sure are expecting too much. I just took a break from my ps4 to play Devil may cry oh Lord that's a good game. Ninja theory is just cursed with manning good games that don't sell our do it too slow for the industry. PS Plus is the best deal In gamin...g if you have a brain and can form your own opinions. Period.



KAPADO commented on Sony: PS4 Will Remain Difficult to Find Until ...:

I hope Sony is ready to hand that sales early lead over to Microsoft pretty soon then.
how can they not manufacture enough consoles aren't there these poor Asians being worked like modern day slaves making PS4's non stop ?



KAPADO commented on Rumour: Titanfall 2 Takes One Robotic Stride C...:

Not to take anything from TitanFall is looks fun.
But why are people acting like Mechs in an FPS is something new?
If Killzone3 had it then I bet some others did too and nobody hailed those titles as revolutionary. Not to mention how many titles had her packs.



KAPADO commented on PlayStation Home Isn't Coming Out of Beta, But...:

As much flak as Home gets . I must admit I had some fun dancing in groups when it was first introduced. It's just Tomfoolery they just need to make it more fun. That games carnival place was pretty awesome "game or arcade medley?"



KAPADO commented on Sony Expects InFAMOUS: Second Son to be Most S...:

@Madd_Hatter401 Guy... You're a Muppet.
This is like you had been raped twice before by two similar looking electricians.
And now you are willing to get raped again only because this electrician is prettier?
At this point you must be traveling with your own tube of Vaseline. You're just asking for it.