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Mon 4th October, 2010

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KAPADO commented on What's the Latest on PS4 Racer DriveClub's Onl...:

Im less than a week away from losing all interest in this game. Its a shame and an insult to gamers. Our industry needs to annouce games this early into development. Do It like movie industry, annouce it like 7 months prior to release. Although even the film industry is doing this "coming in 2017" crap now.
But they usually keep to their release date.



KAPADO commented on UK Sales Charts: The Evil Within Can't Shoo FI...:

I was forced to get Fifa15 because the knuckleheads over at Konami don't understand business & consumer demand.
Why are they waiting to release ProEvo2015 in November?
Giving EA almost a 2 month head start? Stupid



KAPADO commented on Guide: How to Take off Your Training Wheels in...:

I dont even blame Evolution for not releasing the ps+ version yet.
Some of us sre just waiting to play so we can hate it.
So why shoot themselves in the foot*even more*?
Release it when its done.
Im going to go in with a new mind.
These past weeks have been enough to let my rsge out.



KAPADO commented on DriveClub's Servers Appear to Be Still Smoking...:

Where wpuld my mind wander to?
There are no other"real" racing games on ps4 right now.
I'm just stuck waiting,but my anger has decreased and I spend the money on fifa15.
Evolution will get my money when they drop the price...unless the psn free version proved tp be awesome.



KAPADO commented on DisasterClub? Sony Delays DriveClub: PS Plus E...:

I am done. I'm downloading the ps+ version and try it, but I won't buy this game. I've been very patient with this game, hung In there I let it abuse me...but now I'm just done.
Sony likes sending games to die for some reason.



KAPADO commented on Talking Point: Has Watch Dogs Hacked Your PS4'...:

My cousin got this today and Is constantly asking me took buy it.
But I hold grudges I want the game I was shown lady e3 thst guy walking down the street with the windowing everything. I almost got Assassin's Creed-ed again.Ubisoft , EA and Sony keep doing this. Motorstorm reveal anyone.