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Mon 4th October, 2010

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KAPADO commented on Review: RIDE (PlayStation 4):

I played this demo and immediately filed a police complaint. It was an assault on my goodwill "and I will show you on the doll where the bad game hurt me, officer.



KAPADO commented on Site News: Fill in Our Reader Survey and We'll...:

Was doing it on the ps4 browser 2nd page almost done, had to go into my digital games library to count the games I purchased that way came back and the sirvey had reset . So im done ,not going through it again.



KAPADO commented on Feature: What Do You Mean You've Never Played....:

Played the demo. Liked it, but never purchased the game. It was right at the end of the ps2 era and god of war distracted me from this.
Sony should remake this and legend of dragoon and stop playing around.



KAPADO commented on Uh Oh, The Last Guardian's Trademark Has Been ...:

This was one of the reasons I got a ps3 and they are going to do me like this?
I am never believing these developers e3 ,tgs video/trailer hype until these games actually ship.
The game industry is a joke. And how the Japanese developers have fallen!!
You dont see this in movies. 6 years of BS.



KAPADO commented on PS4 Exclusive DriveClub Will Expand Yet Again ...:

@themcnoisy You are wrong, I dont have the DLC and there is a ridiculous amount of content in here.
Any racing or casual fan who doesn't like DriveClub is a sheep following the opinion of most who never played the game. It makes me a little sick.
There is nothing wrong with this game.
Only reasons not to like this game are
1-A medical inability to like beautiful polished things.
2-the weather effects are so real that it causes ptsd from a former car accident.
3- Im a sheep that just doesn't like good games.



KAPADO commented on Soapbox: Why We Need More Grounded Games:

I played the demo of Life Is Strange and I came out very impressed. Id this game had the polish of a Quantic Dreams or TellTales game it would be on tje verge of greatness.
Great ideas ,even the reverse time traveling was fresh. Just the lip synching and minor graphic issues didnt make me buy it right away ill esit for episode 2 then buy it.
Also enjoyed The Wolf Among us episode one,shocking ending.



KAPADO commented on Reaction: Why Sony Online Entertainment's Sale...:

Xbox fanboys are trying to stir up the pot. I could care less this month. My New England Patriots won the Superbowl. Unless its Naughty or Sony Santa Monica or sucker punch I dont care.
But I still want to try Planetside2



KAPADO commented on Can You Relate to Any of These PlayStation Mem...:

Dude the memory card one got me. I beat Resident Evil 2 in a day at my cousins house because he didn't have a memory card.
And also at home,Destruction Derby 2 beat it without memory card.couldn't let all that progress go to waste.



KAPADO commented on Would You Resist a New Resistance Game on PS4?:

Let me have it. But it will be most likely from a new developer.
It's still beyond me why Sony has never added Resistance to the PSplus IGC list?
At least 1 & 2
Maybe because they will hd remaster them...



KAPADO commented on Hopefully This Canis Canem Edit Video Will Bul...:

Played it never beat it.
I remember the seasons changing the whole game.
I mean winter came A's the whole town was covered in snow. People only now go nuts for the snow GTAV Christmas update. But it's been in their resume since Bully.