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Mon 4th October, 2010

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KAPADO commented on Hopefully This Canis Canem Edit Video Will Bul...:

Played it never beat it.
I remember the seasons changing the whole game.
I mean winter came A's the whole town was covered in snow. People only now go nuts for the snow GTAV Christmas update. But it's been in their resume since Bully.



KAPADO commented on Soapbox: Poor Communication Continues to Be PS...:

I don't like how they are not specific on the reasons PSN is down.
Makes me believe what lizard squad said, that they including microsoft are incompetent and have monkeys on keyboards running their security.



KAPADO commented on Sony's Got One Last PS4, PS3, and Vita Sale in...:

I didn't buy shadow of Mordor on bluray when was $27 on amazon. Unfortunately I might add, so I'm deff not buying it for $45 as a download. Some of these sales are laughable compared to the black friday deals. Which wouldn't take all my previous hardrive space.



KAPADO commented on Loadout Is Your Latest Free PS4 Download:

This is kind of fun. All my complaints are irrelevant when I consider the fact I paid zero money for this title.I might as well invest in a loadout slot and clothes to make my guy unique



KAPADO commented on Street Fighter V Punches Its Way onto PS4, PC ...:

Really PS4 console exclusive?
As a fanboy I see that sony saw that tomb raider mive and answered as a gamer this is sad unless its a permanent exclusive which I don't buy, has to be 6 months to a year.
But the fsnboy in me loves it. Keep it coming capcom



KAPADO commented on Review: Driver (PSone):

Dude the hours me and my 3 brothers put into this game were insane. We would get in the car and harrass the police and see who survived the longest.
When you died you'd just pass the controller.
To this day its the only game all 4 of us loved and played together.