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Fri 23rd Dec 2011

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evildevil97 commented on This May Not Be a Sequel to The Last of Us, Bu...:

~ Come gather round, children,
It's high time ye learned
'Bout a hero named Homer
And a devil named Burns.
We'll march 'till we drop.
The girls and the fellas.
We'll fight 'till the death
Or else fold like umbrellas.
So we'll march day and night
By the big cooling tower.
They have the plant
But we have the power. ~



evildevil97 commented on Weirdness: This Is What The Legend of Zelda Wo...:

My problem with this article is that the title is misleading, even though it sounds like it was changed. It's a box. It's not what the game would look like on a different console. It's a faked box. I guess it shows precedent that there is no proofreader on this site to make sure the contents of an article and the article's title actually match. I expected a fan-made video of a more Sony-stylized Zelda. The article title gives misinformation about the content of the article. It's not much different than putting a "This is What Ratchet and Clank would look like on Wii U!" and having the article be little more than a screenshot of a PS3 game superimposed on the Gamepad. It's clickbait. And part of the reason gaming journalism gets so little respect.



evildevil97 commented on Reaction: Sony Has Outwitted Microsoft at Ever...:

They may have sold me on a PS4. Decent price, no DRM or used game BS. Only downer is the PS+ requirement for online. But honestly, for better servers, it might be worth it in the longrun. Just as long as they don't pull an XBox360 and require it for online interaction with apps like Netflix.



evildevil97 commented on Gaikai's Extensive PS4 Role Comes to Light:

I don't like the idea of streaming for backward compatibility. At least as the only option. Even if disc compatibility isn't an option, I'd prefer having access to downloading the full games. I at least want the option.



evildevil97 commented on Kratos Once Sported a Rather Fetching Blue Tattoo:

I'm new to the GOW games, but this was shown at the museum unlocked after beating the first game (in the Collection, anyway.) Assuming that museum was in the original PS2 version, this has been known shortly after the series' inception.



evildevil97 commented on Talking Point: What Went Wrong with PlayStatio...:

No Crash or Spyro, no buy from me. They almost ignored the PS1 era entirely, and that's the era I care about! There's what, two characters in the game from that? (Three if you count Sweet Tooth, but I hesitate to since he's probably more based on the recent reboot.)