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Mon 6th February, 2012

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eliotgballade commented on Review: The Crew (PlayStation 4):

seriously though , there may be only 64 vehicles available but they all look like actual models and not made up ones such as "galloping horse" (ford mustang) or "a-void contender" (dodge challenger)



eliotgballade commented on Street Fighter's Natural Home Is on PlayStatio...:

here is my list ;
street fighter = SNES
fatal fury = mega drive
samurai shodown = 3DO
killer instinct = n64
virtua fighter = saturn
soul caliber = dreamcast
tekken = playstation

played all of these back in the day on their respective consoles - and was rubbish at all of them , but my most humiliating moment was when playing a two player battle on power stone (dreamcast) "player two" (he shall remain nameless) beat me while reading a book at the same time ! (true story)



eliotgballade commented on Soapbox: Why Sony Should Do Another Run of 20t...:

this whole situation is making my BLOOD BOIL !!!
attention sony - do you think everybody lives in london ?
okay , so lets have a look-see on eBay ... oh look - there's one "buy it now" it's a snip at £5,800 ! what's on auction ? great ! ends next wednesday , there's only 22 bids so far and it's only up to £1,200 !
of course , all these entrepeneurs will give all the staggering profit they make off these to their chosen charity won't they (won't they ?)
grrr... this makes me SO ANGRY !!!