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Mon 6th February, 2012

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eliotgballade commented on Feature: 21 of the Most Awful PlayStation Netw...:

being a "veteron gamer" i don't understand what a psn avatar is , but this is a great article that made me LOL ! I actually like the "mad about video games" one - it's kinda kooky . the hot dog is pretty awful , but not the wurst (get it ?) no , that dubious accolade goes to the "I'm dope" one (grrr...)



eliotgballade commented on Sony Wasn't Allowed to Tell You What the PS4's...:

@mitcHELLspawn : here IS a funny joke related to the article :
Superintendant Chalmers "The Aurora Borealis ? At this time of year ? At this time of day ? In this part of the country ? Localized entirely within your kitchen ?"
Principal Skinner "Yes"
Superintendant Chalmers "May I see it ?"
Principal Skinner "No"