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United Kingdom

Mon 6th February, 2012

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eliotgballade commented on Yu Suzuki Still Wants You to Fight Lan Di in S...:

every six months or so we get news like this , but has the opportunity gone for chapter 3 ? 12+ years is a long time ,there must a whole generation that are unaware of shenmue and would probably prefer to shout obscenities at each other through their headsets whilst playing CoD on xbox .
now i feel even more old :(



eliotgballade commented on Review: inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4):

what's with everyone about the score ? i'm sure if pushSquare did decimal point scores this would be closer to a nine than an eight , but they don't , so there you go . review reads it's better than an eight , not quite good enough for a nine .
IDK ,maybe pushSquare should look at how it rates score scales.
seems opinions are strong on this . how about a feature and / or vote about the scoring system on pushSquares ?
(personally I prefered the early system on pushSquare of a four squares scale , from poor to excellent . you start getting into scores "out of 100" and things get blurry)
nice review btw , all apologies for this long post .